Key Benefits Of Performance Testing Ahead In The Application lifecycle

Website crashes and performance problems have been disturbing the online space. The latest crash was the very dramatic when the HBO website struck the famed fantasy show GOT Season 7 went LIVE.

On July 15, 2017, as this most popular show went LIVE, the streaming service of the HBO site crashed which led to negative tweets from the fan of GOT.

Earlier in the last year, the Nordstrom website got crashed on a big shopping day, where the cardholders were not able to get direct access to its Anniversary Sale. These and many more cases are out there which need Performance Testing.

Performance testing companies helps you out to control the performance of an application across various conditions. A system can work efficiently with a specific number of concurrent users but might get dysfunctional with additional thousands during peak traffic.

Cloud-based testing:

Cloud gives high scalability and can instantly simulate as multiple users as needed without additional hardware.

Most e-retailers shy away from adequate and repeated performance testing due to the high prices associated.

Cloud makes performance testing affordable and also makes it possible to test from geographically diverse locations with minimum setup.

Here are some alarming statistics – 67% consumers abandon a website if it takes more than 4 seconds to load and a 2-second delay can cause an 8% reduction in conversions.

What does this mean for e-commerce retailers? To retain consumer favour, e-retailers require ensuring their websites are always tested and ready to meet a surge in traffic.

Performance testing for mobile secures sites perform as wanted and apps do not fall under peak loads. Using load generation software can help you put in simulate peak loads.

The greatest challenge in mobile testing is the large variety of devices, platforms, and networks. Testing requires addressing performance problems arising as a result of these variations.

Performance testing automation framework:

Selecting the right Performance Automation Testing tool helps you out to empower your project and make the Automation Framework easy for you.

Performance Testing tools fall across different sections, but it is necessary to know about all the testing tools.

Some key factors to think while selecting a test automation framework are – Planning, Test Execution, Bug capture, Data Comparison, Software Performance, and different software development requirements.

While a combination of Performance testing tools can also help you out to understand performance problems, they can even run independently to correct problems with a specific module/process. On similar lines, it is crucial to know what the Automation framework/tool will do for you:

  • With error Tracking tools, it helps you out to track functionalities and correct problems even while the software runs.
  • With Database Testing tools, you can examine problems within the interlinked database of a program.
  • It will also tell the interconnected software to recognize integration problems within an Embedded Software.
  • It will help you out to identify the glitches in the functionalities at every stage.
  • The tool is expected to check the source code for bugs, defects, typos, or format errors.

Another main aspect that an automation framework brings for you is Up gradation and Reusability of the code. This is so far the biggest rationale behind implementing Test Automation Framework for Performance Testing.

Enhance Scalability

With the difficulties in the digital space, enterprises require building applications that are scalable and can get updated in real time.

Performance testing companies shows the possible vulnerabilities within an application and knows where it has to be strengthened to accept upgrades and changes to get more scalable.

Analysing the statistics from test executions can help teams to recognize any possible problems and capabilities of an application.

Performance testing is carried out to measure the performance of the components of a system at a particular load. It also validates dependability, scalability, and resource usage of the product. The main objective of performing this testing is to eliminate all kinds of blockages that are affecting performance. It is important to check for scalability, speed, and stability of the application under test (AUT) while conducting performance testing

• Speed determines whether the application is able to respond quickly
• Scalability determines the amount of user load the application is capable of handling
• Stability determines whether the application will remain stable under varying loads or not

The Purpose of Embracing Performance Testing Services

Performance testing verifies the reliability of a product and the aspects that need to be worked upon before introducing it into the market. It is a significant procedure, without which the software may be exposed to issues such as slowing down, poor functioning, and inconsistent performance across different operating systems.

Types of Performance Testing:

• Load Testing – It helps to determine the maximum user load the application is capable of undertaking. The purpose is to strike-off any holdups connected to to the application’s performance before it goes live.

• Stress Testing – It helps to expose the application’s extreme workload to check how well it can handle data processing or extreme traffic. This helps in recognizing the breaking-point of the application.

• Endurance Testing – It helps to determine if the software application is able to handle a particular amount of load over a period of time.

• Spike Testing – It helps in identifying how the software reacts in the presence of unexpected spikes in the load that is caused by multiple usages.

• Volume Testing – It helps in checking the performance of the software when it comes in contact with a large volume of data in its database. It also monitors the functionality of the software system under different volumes of data.

• Scalability Testing – It helps in determining how well the software can manage to ‘scale-up’ when subjected to extreme user load. It also helps in planning capacity addition for the application.

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