Finding a good, reliable and efficient masonry contractor Brooklyn will take a little extra work than just making a few phone calls but if you want the best for your project, the extra time is worth the effort.  In this article, we are going to share with you 9 amazing tips to finding a good contractor.

  1. Take some time to do some research. Ask your family and friends for good recommendations. The best way to find good contractors is by word of mouth. Check in online contractor directories and the local yellow pages. Typing in masonry contractors and your city in the search engines will bring up lists of the top contractors in your environs.
  2. Do not hire the very first contractor you talk to. You should set up appointments with at the very least four contractor's to look at your project and bid on the job.
  3. Ask each of the masonry contractors for a well written price quote that itemizes the cost of materials needed and labor. Be very clear on the type of work that you would want done. Some masonry contractors specialize in a specific type of work. You want a concrete counter top, thus it would be inappropriate to hire someone that specializes in poured foundations
  4. Do not forget to always ask for references and make an effort of contacting them. Enquire if the customers were satisfied with the work done and was the whole job completed on the time agreed on. You need to do a little more research because it is not in the best interest of any contractor to include dissatisfied customers in their references.
  5. Check information on the contractor from the Better Business Bureau so as to see if there any complaints that have been filed. It’s common for any business with a very large number of customers to have a few complaints. This few complaints should not stop you from considering awarding the contractor the job.  What’s important to look at is the nature of the complaint and what the contractor did about it.
  6. Ask for some proof of licensing. Every masonry contractor, must be licensed by the country or state in which they are working. This provides assurance to you that the contractor you are hiring is knowledgeable at their trade. It also illegal for a masonry contractor to work without a license
  7. Make sure that the masonry contractor is insured. Insurance should include workers compensation to cover all the employees in case of injuries and general liability.  Get the name of the insurance company and make sure that you verify the policy is adequate and in effect.
  8. Make sure to check if the masonry contractor you are considering to hire is bonded. Bonds provide the customer with financial protection should the hired contractor fail to fulfill the contract
  9. Get the contract in writing. Once you have found a good masonry contractor that you feel is perfect for your project, make sure that  all the details are well spelled out in the contract.


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