The legacy of Samsung design

Resistant to water * and dust and available in 4 colors, the Galaxy A 2017 offers all the legacy of Samsung Galaxy design. A new generation camera is available at the back as well as the front for clearer shots. And to make the most of your best moments, you can count on their long battery life and microSD port up to 256GB **.

Front and side view of the Galaxy A3 (2017) to highlight its uniform design and elegance


Four colors, an identity

The 2017 Galaxy A3 is available at launch in four stylish colors: black, gold, pink and blue, for all tastes and for every personality.

13 megapixel camera

The Galaxy A3 2017 gets this year a 13-megapixel main camera for even better shots than the previous generation.

Develop your creativity

Enjoy the many modes of the Galaxy A3 2017 camera to express your creativity. You can also use the different filters to highlight your shots.

Perfect selfies

With its 8-megapixel front camera, the 2017 Galaxy A3 lets you make even more realistic group selfies. Enjoy it with your best friends!

Selfie of a lion cub with the Galaxy A3 camera (2017).

Long-lasting autonomy

The autonomy of Galaxy A is underlined by specialists for several years. Enjoy a smartphone capable of offering you dozens of hours of freedom.


Increased performance thanks to an improved battery of 2350mAh.

Comfortable storage

The 2017 Galaxy A3 is available with 16GB of storage *. Thanks to its microSD port, store up to 256GB extra ** of videos, music or series to enjoy all your content with comfort.

* The storage memory is partly used for the operating system and preloaded contents. ** microSD card sold separately.

Secure your data

Thanks to the Secure Folder, keep your sensitive data (photos, notes, applications ...) in a special folder by password or fingerprint.

Discover Samsung Cloud

With Smart Switch, easily transfer your data from your old smartphone. With Samsung Cloud, you even get 15GB of free storage to store your data if you want.

designed for you

Discover the range of accessories dedicated to the Galaxy A3 2017. 
This range combining protection and elegance will quickly become indispensable to your eyes.


almost a phablette autonomy

The small Galaxy A3 (2017) is a rather responsive smartphone, despite the fact that the system, without further application in the background, monopolizes two-thirds of the RAM. On the storage side, the system takes 6.7 GB out of the 16 GB available. Fortunately, Samsung is no longer as stingy in storage with the A range as with the J range, often with half less. Finally, the last point before coming to pure performance: the Galaxy A3 (2017) offers an autonomy about 10% better than the A3 (2016), which already exceeded the standard day of use. Which was already very good news. But the Galaxy A3 (2017) does better, but with a battery almost identical.

Let's move on to technical performance. The Galaxy A3 (2017) is equipped with the same platform as the Galaxy J7 (2017): an Exynos 7870 accompanied by 2 GB of RAM. An economical and economical chipset that proves to be more efficient than the Exynos 7578 Galaxy A3 (2016), you would have doubted and is even above the Exynos 7580 Galaxy A5 (2016). The Exynos 7870 is an interesting choice because it is comparable in power to a Snapdragon 616. It is even between the MT6753 and the Helio P10 of MediaTek.

In the numbers, here's what it gives: almost 46,000 points on Antutu (V6), 1,000 points on Basemark OS II, 710 points on Geekbench mono-core and 3,550 points in multi-core, 8691 points on 3DMark with Ice Storm Unlimited, 486 points with Slingshot and 311 points with Slingshot Extreme. These are not scores worthy of a Galaxy S7, it's true. 


He does not have only qualities ...


So, of course, applications a little greedy, such as video games, do not make the nuance of the range of the phone: a chipset a little soft is a chipset a little soft, he runs a high-end model or low- cost. Unsurprisingly, Dead Trigger 2, our stallion game, automatically positioned itself on the lowest graphics quality at the launch of the game. However, it agreed to do without the best quality and worked properly during the few games we played. participated. We have obviously noted some slowdowns and a drastic fall in autonomy. The Galaxy A3 (2017) is not a small game console (but it can help).

Video side, the report is better, as with all Galaxy Ax. Because the smartphone works with TouchWiz. And who says Touchwiz, says Samsung Video, one of the best audiovisual playback applications. Broad compatibility Advanced functions. The result is good, even if the screen is not bigger and the definition only slightly exceeds 300 pixels per inch. As with the Galaxy A5 (2017), this mobile enjoys a good position of the speaker, even if listening to the headphones will always be more qualitative.

More talented in photo than expected

Finally, let's talk about photography. Recall the configuration of the Galaxy A3 (2017): 13-megapixel sensor with traditional autofocus and lens opening at f / 1.9. Even if these figures seem to indicate a certain proximity to the Galaxy S7 (12 megapixels, f / 1.7 lenses), we are not at all in the same configuration. The sensor of the S7 is larger (so the pixels are wider). The lens is much brighter. Autofocus is fast. And the sensor is stabilized. Here, this is not the case. Only true common point: the application that controls the whole. However, the Galaxy A3 (2017) does not a demerit.And the photos it produces are, at first glance, good qualities.




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