Protect Web Content: Top 10 WordPress Plugins To Help You Secure Your Website Content

There is no doubt that WordPress has become the most popular platform for creating an online blog. WordPress with the help of Best WordPress plugins supports all kinds of websites from simple blogs to business websites. The records show that 26% of top rated websites use WordPress. The popularity of WordPress is due to the features and the Best WordPress plugins it uses. The popularity has attracted many users and along with this, it has also attracted many threats. The hackers and spammers take a keen interest in breaking these websites and are a major threat to the security. The onus of thus protecting the website content lies on the owners and developers who can make use of the Best WordPress plugins to keep it protected. The security plug-in protects the website from being hacked. The plug-ins protect the WordPress based web spaces from much vulnerability. There are many steps where these protections are needed- login security, access control, content theft, backup protection, email protection, file monitoring and many more.

5 top-rated and useful plug-ins to protect the site from any malicious activity:-

1) Ithemes security:- Different WordPress plug-in are created for the various different layer of protection. The Best WordPress plugins that keep the site safe includes ITHEMES Security which claims to have more than 30 ways to protect the WordPress website. It strengthens the website by fixing common vulnerabilities and attacks. The plug-in is available in free and premium versions. There is two-factor authentication, protection from brute force, logging protection, secure password protection etc. Logging attempts can also be limited and incorrect attempts can lead to alert to the website owners.

2) SUCURI security:- The Best WordPress plugins include SUCURI that is a free plug-in. There are a lot of features offered by this plug-in. there is malware scanning, security auditing, security hardening, blacklist monitoring, firewall protection and file integrity scanning. This plug-in is compatible with existing security postures. There is a tracking option which keeps an eye on all activities and alerts when changes are being made. The owners can check the log to see all the activities and identify any breach.

3) The WordPress Security and Firewall: - The Best WordPress plugins definitely has fireball on the list. This one has a user-friendly interface which helps the users who are not equipped with advanced settings. This plug-in use latest technology and security measures to keep the site protected from vulnerabilities. The highly useful feature of this plug-in is the meter that is displayed on the dashboard which shows a score of how secure the site is. The score can be increased with the additional use of plug-ins for security.

4) Wordfence security: - This plug-in is highly popular and works even on the speed of the website. The plug-in works by scanning the codes of the website and comparing the information with the WordPress themes repository to ensure safety as the high priority. The website owners who are specifically looking for speeding up the website should choose this over anyone else. It is recorded that the speed of the website becomes 50 times faster for the websites that use WordFence Security.

5) 6scan Security: - This one provides high-level security protection to the websites. Undertaking frequent security scans it makes detection of the security issues easier. It works by alerting the owner at the very first time when there is a threat. The 6scan security also prepares for backup of the content on a regular basis. This avoids any loss of data from the site.

6) All in One WP Security

The name is no exaggeration. When you want all-in-one security protection for your site, you can trust in this plugin to deliver that. It will cover:

  • Standard security scanning
  • User account (and password) security
  • IP address blacklisting/whitelisting
  • Automated database backups
  • One-click restore
  • File security
  • Firewall enabling
  • Brute-force attack security
  • Spam-blocker

7) Shield Security

Perhaps my favorite thing about this plugin is the developer’s commitment to automating the security monitoring and protection process. When you look at how easy this plugin is to use and how many points it ticks off on your security audit checklist, you can see that they really take this mission to heart.

Here are some of the things Shield Security will do:

  • Off-site security key included
  • Activity auditing
  • Firewall protection
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Brute force protection
  • Spam-blocker
  • Automatic core, plugin, and theme updates
  • IP address blocking

8) Akismet

Part of the Automattic family of plugins, Akismet handles all that nasty comment spam that always comes through on blogs. It’s a brilliant easy plugin that takes all the thinking and actual compute of alleviatory comments or links from malicious entities you would like to spare your readers from clicking on.

9) Anti-spam
This is another easy anti-spam plugin that works to kick out malicious comments from your journal. This one is a lot of set-it-and-forget-it, thus if you wish the concept of not having to hassle with settings or observance the spammy traffic that comes through, this could be an honest alternative.

10) WPBruiser

This anti-spam plugin works very much like the others do: it blocks spammers from stepping into through comment fields additionally as contact forms. This one, however, takes it one step additional and defends against brute force attacks. So, if you’re probing for a one-two punch, you’ll savvy here.

Keeping the website safe is the responsibility of the owner and the plug-ins are developed to support them in their quest.


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