Things Contractors Should Never Do During An Estimate:

Learn what Contractors Should Never Do should never do during an estimate, BUT these things that are very common with some contractors, and it makes them lose the sale.

The First thing contractor you should never do when talking to a potential customer is to badmouth the competition. It’s amazing how upset customers will get when you start talking bad about other companies.

So definitely don’t say anything about other companies that they may be looking at, just sell yourself and believe in what you do.

Always smile during your appointments and keep an upbeat attitude because people buy from people they like, it’s not just about the price.


Lose Your Cool and Lose the Sale:

As a contractor, you need to learn how to communicate with your new clients effectively, and unfortunately contractors say things that the potential client doesn’t like. They do it all the time and they wonder why they can’t close any sales.

Always Be Professional, It Sells

During the estimate remember you are being interviewed for a job, but also, you’re giving them a quote to have the work completed. This is where you learn that people do business with people they like every time, it’s not about the price!

Thank you again from all of us at Contractor OS and we look forward to helping you succeed, and give you the necessary tools to achieve your goals.

Roof Inspection Software For Contractors:

It’s hard to keep track of all the documents when using the filing system that does not eat everything in a digital format. When roofers are doing roof inspections they will go to the property and take photos and do an inspection of the damage that occurred during the storm, and this is where you need to have a customer management system white Contractor OS to format your estimate to give to your client.

Roof Inspections Get You More Business:

Insurance companies want a professionally written inspection that includes a detailed breakdown for each one of your charges so they know what’s included in your estimate. If you have never used a software program to organize your business, or if you have been doing it the old-fashioned way then today is the day you launch your business into the 21st-century.

Being able to do a roof inspection quickly, create a professional looking for Paul’s old, and then email it to your client or the insurance company in a matter of minutes is an incredible way to handle your time management, and it also gives you time to make more sales.


Roof Inspections.

Roof inspections a great way to generate more sales for your business. And in some states, it’s the only way that you’ll get any roof replacement orders


Professional Roof Inspection Software:

If you want to be successful as a roofing contractor then you need to have the right tool for the job, and contractors know that if you use the right tool for the job it gets done quickly, and they make more money.

We Contractor OS understand that and we want to give you the tools you need to besuccessful, and generate more income.

1).Create a name for your business that means quality and has long lasting results. When you create the name of your business make sure it’s something powerful and use power words in the name.


2).You must know how to market your business and do it the right way… When you market your

business you are always building your brand. Branding is something that will pay dividends for



3).You must create a slogan for your business that rhymes with your product service in your

local state. A slogan will be used in all your marketing as well and people will remember that when

they’re looking for your product and service. You have to create a hook so you will hook them when

they when the people here your slogan they remember you’re businesses name.


4).You must have Social media presence because it is critical for your business today. Upload

photos and videos of your active and current jobs daily if possible. Create a Facebook page, a

Twitter account, and a YouTube channel can use them whenever you can. Create Facebook post

and post them and post them to get local views.


5).Your business should have a jingle with your company name and slogan included. This is

powerful and when you run radio spots you will use this over and over again with your music and the jingle built-in.


6).You must become a sales person or hire a sales personto do the sales. Create a sales

presentation that you can use it for all of your sales calls. Take a sales training course or watch

training videos and become a strong closer because you need to close the sale. Your business

depends on you making sales and if you don’t make sales you’ll be out of business.


7).You must learn how to hire installation crews, whether it’s employees or subcontractors.If

you are hiring employees you must learn all about OSHA and local requirements for your city or

state. If you’re hire an independent contractors you want to find out what the requirements are in the

local city in the states. Then have a place where you can store all of these documents in a secured



8).A business owner must have a good accountant and a good lawyer.Have a meeting with

your accountant to find out how you should set up your business as a Corporation or a LLC. Then

set up a meeting with your lawyer to have him set up your cooperation and also to look over all of

your documents that you’ll be using for your business.


9).You must have a professional looking website for your customers to find you, and also visit

your website so they can schedule their appointment online automatically, and look over your

company before your estimate. This is a critical phase because this is going to be the first buying

decision they will make which is feeling comfortable about you with the contractor.


10).You must have a web-based contractor software system that will keep track of all the leads

that go through your company, also that provides an estimating platform for your business to make

sales. Also a software that provides digital signatures sent out automatically via email, and

automatically uploads a signed copy to your customer file. Also a software system that keeps track

of all the jobs, calendar scheduling and all your subcontractor files. Today is your lucky day because

Contractor OS will help you with some of the most important thing you need for your contracting


Start your a seven day trial offer below for only $1 and see how this incredible system will help your

contracting business.

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