Three Reasons You Should Consider A Career in Microblading

Three Reasons You Should Consider A Career in Microblading


Have you heard about the newest beauty enhancement procedure for eyebrows called microblading?  Whether you have heard about this cutting-edge field or not you should consider learning this exciting new skill if you are interested in a career in the beauty industry.  Microblading is an exciting new technique of eyebrow enhancement.  Microblading incorporates a type of semi-tattooing in which very fine blades are used to deposit ink under the skin.  Microblading isn’t a permanent tattoo however, it does last on average between a year or two before Three Reasons You Should Consider A Career in Microblading

e needing refreshing.  As this new technique has taken the beauty industry by storm it has created a need for microblading practitioners.  

Here at World Microblading we offer our Microblading Academy where you can learn the most advanced techniques in microblading.  This is one of the fastest growing career paths in the beauty industry.  Here are three reasons you should consider our microblading training to learn this exciting new skill.


  • A career in microblading is lucrative.  Here at our Microblading Academy, we teach you a skill that can offer you financial freedom.  On average practitioners charge around $800 for one procedure with the ability to perform on average two procedures a day.  With very little overhead combined with no shortage of clients wanting this done, it can lead to a very lucrative career path.  If you only did one client per day for five days a week you could be looking at around $16,000 a month in gross income.  That’s really good money.


  • A career in microblading helps improve women’s self-esteem.  When you undertake microblading training at our Microblading Academy, you learn a skill that you can use to help women build up their self-esteem.  Many women are self-conscious about their eyebrows.  In some cases, the hair is thin and doesn’t grow in well.  In others, their eyebrows are misshapen.  Whatever the reason may be, microblading can be a major confidence booster for many women.  What’s better than a good-paying career that allows you to help others?


  • You will learn the most advanced techniques of microblading.  Through our microblading training, you will learn from the very best trainers in the industry.  Our trainers have been specifically trained themselves in the double-bladed technique.  World renown microblading pioneer Irena Chen developed the double-bladed technique which is considered the most cutting-edge technology in the world.  Our trainers led by Irena Chen, have perfected this method.  You will be learning the most advanced method of microblading that exists and you will be learning it from the very best trainers.

So, if you are looking for a career in the beauty industry, you love helping people feel better about themselves and want to make a lot of money doing it, microblading is the perfect career option for you.  If this sounds like something you would like to pursue we can help you achieve all your career goals and set you up for great success.


What Are Microblading Tools?


Every cosmetic procedure, including microblading, uses unique tools and equipment.  There are a large number of microblading tools available for you to choose from.  


Pigments, Saline Paste, and Latex Sheets


Because microblading is essentially a tattooing procedure, pigments are used.  Microblading pigments are available in light brown, light blonde, dark brown, dark blonde, and everything in between.  There are also universal shades that are suitable for a broad range of hair colors.  The saline paste is the key to erasing the mistakes that happen during your microblading adventures.  Of course, there is nothing like practice to prevent mistakes from happening in the first place.   For practicing, microblading technicians use latex sheets.  There are several varieties of latex practice sheets available on the market.


Other Tools of the Trade


Like other tattoo work, needles are required for microblading.  There are two styles of needles specific to microblading, round and flat.  Each will create a different sort of stroke on your client's eyebrows.  These needles come in packages of three or more and are available as flexible or hard types for different styling needs.  There are also several different measuring tools and drawing pencils specific to microblading.  There are a variety of containers in which to mix your pigments.  One is a cute little ring that is worn while you work.  There is also the First Step Tool, which produces very fine detail lines in microblading work.  There are also blending sticks, brushes, and practice templates to perfect your techniques.


Safety Equipment


Safety equipment is necessary to avoid exposure to both microblading chemicals and bodily fluids such as blood.  Both the technician and the client need proper safety equipment.  For the technician, full-length aprons protect skin and clothes.  Gloves, respiration masks, and safety goggles are also necessary.  Your clients will need numbing cream (microblading is somewhat painful) and barrier cream to help protect your client's skin from scarring and infection after the procedure.  Finally, there are special plastic masks that cover the lower part of your client's face and smocks to help protect your client's clothing.



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