Baby Boomer Business Ideas

If you are a baby boomer and you are nearing retirement, you might be looking for a new business idea that will help you earn extra income and give you new goals to achieve.

One of the most popular business opportunities today is online marketing. With an internet marketing business, start up costs are low because you can do much of your advertising for free.

There are many choices when it comes to starting an online business. Here are three of the best you can start researching:

#1) Affiliate marketing

This is easily one of the top ways for any beginner to start earning money online. You don’t even need your own product. All you have to do is to send traffic to other people’s websites. You get a commission for each sale.

You don’t have to deal with customers, and in some instances you don’t even need your own website. This can be a slow method, but if you use paid advertising you can start making money very fast. Being a “traffic broker” is one of the top strategies for earning online.

#2) Sell on eBay

EBay selling is one of the most popular small business start-ups for people, and for good reason: it works. However, the vast majority fail to earn money on this site. One of the main reasons is they don’t have a good backend.

Selling to your current customers multiple times is how to be profitable. The backend is not something most eBay sellers focus on, but it offers a lot of income potential. It’s much easier and cheaper to sell to a current customer than to find a new one.

#3) Google Adsense

What is Adsense? It’s a simple concept. All you do is create a webpage about a particular topic, and Google will put ads on it related to your page.

So if you have a page about camping tents (or articles - like this one, the ads that appear will also be about tents. Then you get paid a certain amount every time a visitor clicks on an ad.

This is one of the fastest ways to start earning online, but it takes some time to start seeing serious results. This is because you don’t make that much money from any one click. You need a lot of clicks every day to really see progress, which requires a lot of traffic. The visitor value is relatively low when compared with other methods.

There are lots of opportunities for baby boomers to start an online business. These are three of the best ones to start earning relatively quickly with. However, there are plenty more options out there as well. Hopefully this info will jump-start you to having your own profitable business very shortly.

A Note on Organic Keyword Ranking

What happens if you find your website ranks in the top 10 for one (or more) of the keywords you have identified? In my opinion, you should remove it from your keyword list. Why pay for a keyword in which you already rank in the top 10? Instead, spend your money on keywords in which you do not rank highly. Ultimately, your goal is to improve your on-page criteria so that you start ranking higher organically on some of these keywords.

Ok, ready? We will now start selecting the keywords we want to possibly use for future campaigns. The Google Adwords keyword tool will allow you to select and save various keywords so they can be accessed at a later time. Go through your entire list and select keywords by clicking on the "Add" link which is the last column in the displayed data (see figure below.)

By the way, want to sort the data by a particular column? Just click on the column name and the data will sort itself either "high to low" or "low to high."

As you select various keywords, you will notice that they are moved over to the shaded area to the right of the Google Adwords keyword tool screen. This area is labeled "Selected Keywords" (see figure below.)

Continue to build your library of possible keywords. If you think of a keyword that is not on the list, just click on the link "Add your own keywords" in the shaded area. A box will open up allowing you to add in your keyword(s). Now is a good time for a few more definitions that you should understand.

Additional Definitions for this Section

Broad Match: This is the default option but not the recommend selection if you are new to Google Adwords. If a particular keyword like "tennis shoes" is defined as a broad match, then your ad will come up when a user searches for "tennis shoes," "tennis," or "shoes." The name of the game in Google Adwords is targeting. Keywords that are defined as a broad match allow a little too much leeway. I don't recommend you set any of your keywords to "Broad Match" until you have more experience running your campaigns.

Exact Match: This option will only serve up your ad if this exact keyword (no variations allowed) is typed into the search engine. If you are confident a specific keyword phrase should be attached to your ad (with no variations to that phrase), then you can define that keyword as an "Exact Match."

Phrase Match: This is the option I recommend you start with for all your keywords. It ensures that the phrase typed into Google contains your exact keyword although other words may be included as well. For example, if you define "tennis shoes" as a phrase match keyword, then your ad will come up when someone types in "white tennis shoes." To set your keywords as a phrase match, just select "Phrase Match" from the drop-down menu in the last column of the Google Adwords keyword tool screen. When you do this, you will see that all your keywords are now enclosed in quotes. The quotes simply signify the keyword is now a phrase match keyword.

Negative Match: A keyword may be defined as a "negative keyword." This helps weed out irrelevant searches. In our example of "tennis shoes," we could define "free tennis shoes" as a negative keyword. This would keep our ad from showing when someone typed in "free tennis shoes" but allow the ad to show when someone simply typed in "tennis shoes." If you define a keyword as "negative" and then add it to your list, you will see a "-" sign in front of the keyword. This is to help remind you it is a negative keyword.

So, if you haven't already set your keywords to Phrase Match, go back to the Google Adwords keyword tool now. The last column of data is titled "Match Type." Select "Phrase Match" from the drop-down menu. Leave it on "Phrase Match" for now. You can always come back and change the match category of any particular keyword once your campaign is up and running. However, if your are confident that a certain keyword should be defined as a "negative keyword" or an "exact match" now, by all means, define it as such.

Continue building your library of keywords using the Google Adwords keyword tool by clicking "Add" to transfer them to the shaded area. When you are finished, click "Save to Ad Group" and all of your selected keywords will be saved to the temporary ad you created and paused. Note that this tool also allows you to delete keywords from your list if you change your mind.

Helpful Tip

Now is a good time to tell you that you should feel free to click on all the little questions marks ("?") the Google Adwords keyword tool provides. As you continue researching and selecting keywords, these "?" links will provide valuable insight and be an important part of your education as you build your campaign.

Before we move on to the next step, keep in mind that once you build your initial library of keywords, you aren't done. You will uncover may more keywords as you start using the additional tips given on this site. When you do, simply add them manually. Using the Google Adwords keyword tool, you will always be able to select, sort, and monitor the average click through costs on all your keywords. You will also discover pages that you should build on your website that are focused on these particular keywords. Maybe you need to pay to get traffic for those keywords now but by building a page on your site with content focused on that keyword, you may rank high enough organically in six months that you no longer need to pay for it!

At the risk of being too repetitive, Google Adwords is a traffic supplement - not the main strategy for driving people to your site! Your main strategy is to develop content focused web pages that drive traffic organically. Ultimately, you want to build a business that drives thousands of people to your site free of charge.

Ok, you're now ready to understand the difference between a campaign and an ad group. Understanding these two areas is the key to organizing your campaign.



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