Five Reasons why American Ginseng is good for your Health

People seldom fall ill, and not everyone believes in popping pills to heal. If you are someone who believes in staying healthy and maintaining your well-being naturally, you would well be aware of the effects of different herbs and their derivatives on your body. One such product that is extremely popular for its multiple health benefits is the American ginseng. This perennial plant grows up to 75 cm in height and has aromatic roots that are fleshy with stringy shoots. These roots are typically used in medicinal products only after the plant is five years old. The roots and sometimes the leaves of American ginseng too are used for multiple healing purposes and therapeutic needs. Out of the myriad of benefits that this herb offers, here are five important ones.

•  Improve energy

American Ginseng is considered to be an effective remedy for people who feel weak and tired. Studies conducted show that this root stimulates physical and mental activity, and shows good results in helping cancer patients face fatigue. Ginseng is also known for its ability to influence metabolism, and its effectiveness in helping muscles work longer before they become fatigued. The plant is also known for its calming action, which in turn contributes to better energy.

•  Increase brain function and reduce stress

American ginseng is known to regulate the production of stress hormones in a favorable way, which in turn contributes to reduced stress levels. This herb is believed to prevent memory loss, and loss of cognitive abilities in people who suffer from psychological disorders. Some studies also indicate that this root can help improve concentration.

•  Boost immunity

Many clinical studies have found that American ginseng boosts the immune system, and helps the body fight diseases and resist infections. This explains why the herb is used popularly to treat illnesses like cold, flu, come and soon.

•  Lower blood sugar levels

Researches indicate that American ginseng can be beneficial to people with type 2 diabetes. The herb is believed to lower blood glucose levels and boost carbohydrate tolerance in diabetics. It is believed that ginsenosides present in this herbaceous root can affect insulin production in the pancreas, and improve insulin resistance in diabetic patients. American ginseng is shown to effectively protect against spikes in blood glucose levels immediately after the injection of a carbohydrate-rich meal. Hence, scientists see it as a possible alternative to conventional treatment of type 2 diabetes.

•  Improve digestion and solve digestive system troubles

The ginseng herb has long been used to improve digestion and treat loss of appetite. American ginseng is also popularly used for treating vomiting, inflammation of the colon and that of the stomach lining. The root is also commonly used to stimulate appetite in patients who have trouble with the same.

The wild and cultivated varieties of American ginseng also have a number of other benefits in treating insomnia, impotence, dizziness, and so on. When taken in recommended and moderated quantities, this herbaceous root is a great way to improve your health and well-being naturally.


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