Digital vs. Industrial Meters - How to Pick

Digital vs. Industrial Meters - How to Pick

Flow meters are, as the name implies, tools that regulate flow in a piped system. Flow meters can clamp onto a pipe and hold flow with a kind of sensor set in the pipe or act as an all-in-one element, allowing liquid or gas to pass by their bodies as they hold. Depending on the use, the flow rate is measured as either mass or quantity. When buying flow meters, many people debate digital flow meters vs. industrial meters. What is the difference? In this post, we will see what changes flow meters, holding operation, and shows.

Comparing Flow Meter Types

The first thing you require to know about flow meters is how they operate. There are almost as many types of flow meters as there are uses for them, so we cannot likely cover them all. Below are listed some of the most famous kinds of flow meters.

Differential Pressure Flow Meters

This kind of flow meter, meaning about 20% of all the world's flow meters, holds differential pressure over an orifice where flow is directly linked to the square root of the differential pressure analysis. These meters use initial and secondary aspects. The primary factor gives a variation in kinetic energy, while the second part holds differential pressure.

Positive Displacement Flow Meters

Positive displacement (PD) flowmeters hold a fluid volume in a closed space, give it forward, and then fill that space again and repeat the method. This measures the amount of fluid delivered. While all other kinds of digital flow meters measure some other variable and turn it into flow rate, PD meters hold the actual flow of liquid or gas. These flow meters are famous due to their efficiency.

Velocity Flow Meters

Velocity meters hold, as their name implies, the speed of a stream. By doing this, they can measure the volumetric flow rate. These are less severe when the flow is unstable or violent.

Mass Flow Meters

These industrial meters hold the power that effects by the expedition of volume in a system. Instead of mass or time, these flowmeters have mass or time. Mass flow meters are usually used in chemical and gas use.

Digital vs. Mechanical Flow Meters

Whether you should get a digital flow meter or an industrial meter, you see it at the show or readout. The show is what you see to see what the flow rate is. This value is displayed on a digital display or mechanically shown by some non-electric means.


The most basic kind of mechanical meter is the ideal rotameter. Rotameters are flow meters that hold the volumetric flow rate of fluid in a closed plastic or glass tube. They are a kind of variable area meter and display flow rate using a floater that lines up with an analysis printed on the tube.


In conclusion, the mechanical meter is excellent for low-precision uses on a budget and will give precise readings with specific liquids at different temperatures. Not every user requires high accuracy, but it is supreme for some, so do your analysis before buying. Digital flow meters will give more constant flow rate analyses at a higher cost.


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