5 Things nobody told you about Rapid Web Application Development

By Kay

You’re a company that needs an app because let’s face it, you cannot really get anywhere in a digital marketplace or workspace without a customer-centric app. Moreover, creating an app from scratch is a time consuming and resource-draining endeavor, especially without the right tools. 

The traditional ‘waterfall’ model of software development does no favors when it comes to saving time, money or labor. Developers have to grapple with manually writing code which takes months, and drains coders immensely of their energy. Once the app is finished, any changes to it would entail rewriting an already laboriously accomplished framework of code. The immense amount of time involved can be quite demanding on financial and human resources, especially in the case of small or medium-sized organizations. 

The answer?Rapid web application development tools. Rapid web application development has become one of the most powerful and evolved agile development practices in existence. Tools leveraging this technology allow for the creation of apps that are qualitatively satisfying within incredibly short periods of time. 

If you need more convincing, try the following five facts about rapid web application development frameworks that no one probably told you: 

  • User involvement: Waterfall development models do not provide for the easy procurement of user feedback. Receiving useful and actionable feedback has usually been costly, complicated and time-consuming. Long meetings, phone calls, and general tediousness was a staple in the processes that determined even the most basic planning for app creation. The first feedback came months after the process begun, often after the lion’s share of planning and development had finished.

The results of this were predictably unpleasant. Fundamental features that users needed were often missed, which made the product less than worthy. Making changes led to pointless expenditure and labor, which made everyone involved unhappy. 

With rapid web application development tools, however, this predicament has no chance of occurrence. Planning begins with input from technical as well as commercial executives. Every stage is substantiated by the ability to easily receive feedback from users testing prototypes throughout the process. The UI/UX components leverage this advantage most readily, but the fastest web development frameworks focus on an iterative design which keeps user feedback as its predominant concern.

  • Prototyping: Without exception, all rapid web application development tools make intensive use of prototyping. Functional prototypes are delivered to actual (control group) of users and stakeholder at every stage of the app development process. Non-RADP methods usually have to navigate through vague, unspecific design documents to get started on an app. Rapid web application development tools get feedback on actual models of the app and are able to get more concrete ideas regarding what the apps need and do not need. Changes are immediately made to the app in accordance with the feedback in the midst of the process. Thus, the app does not come out with any major flaws which have to be worked over in exhausting work cycles. 

  • Feasibility: In traditional software development life cycles (SDLC), the feasibility of a particular component can only be gauged after the app is completely programmed, assembled and used. Rapid web application development tools make things easier by deploying testable prototypes which establish the feasibility of a certain element. For example, if you are wondering if your app benefits from accessing a user’s phonebook, you can make better decisions when users and stakeholders can actually take a look at how it works on a prototype.

    This prevents wastage of time, labor, and money that might have been wasted on finalizing an element that adds no real value to the app. It is much cheaper and effective to use the prototyping capability of rapid web application development framework than making changes to a completed app which causes nothing but financial and productivity concerns.

  • Automated coding: What is the most challenging part of creating a cutting-edge app that will serve customers and/or employees? Time. 

No one can afford to take a year to make an app. Within six months, your competitors will have apps released into the markets, and if they are doing a good job, your customers will have no reason to shift to your app. Constant connectivity means that there are options to everything, and the fastest option usually takes the cake.

The most time-consuming section of the waterfall model of software development is manual coding. Writing code by hand is not just laborious and mundane for the developers, but it takes them enormous amounts of time. This is the time a company does not have if they intend their app to make any real mark in the marketplace.

Rapid web application development tools eliminate this disadvantage by using automated coding tools. The basic aspects of the app can be coded into existence by the platform, which leaves developers with time to innovate and focus giving the app features that will differentiate it from all its competitors.

Automated coding also contributes to serious cost-effectiveness in terms of business. Since much of the code does not have to be handwritten,
rapid web application development tools can be operated by individuals without excessive technical expertise. Not only does this mean that you don’t have to pay exorbitantly high wages to hire scarce, expensive talent, but also that stakeholders and business executives can have a more active, hands-on role in app development. Simply put, this results in better, more usable, more responsive apps.

  • Malleability: The success of rapid web application development tools lies in the fact that they tap the inherent quality of software: malleability. Unlike a bridge or a house, you can start building software and change it halfway through, if you have the right rapid web application development tools. 

The best and fastest web development frameworks are built to treat software development like molding clay instead of like chiseling stone. It initiates a process that is characterized by an ability to change the app’s structure at any point. Even after official deployment, upgrades and modifications can be made, as necessary (often due to suggestions by a wider pool of users). This makes rapid web application development ideal for making apps suited to a market and customer-base used to getting what they want within progressively shorter periods of time. 

HokuApps Rapid Web Application Development

HokuApps is a rapid web app development company which creates apps, web and mobile, at 10x speed. HokuApps does this with the help of pre-built templates and modules which help developers create apps in days or week and not months. Our platform helps empower organizations to adapt to cutting-edge technology solutions which include instant system integration solutions to usher in digital transformation at rapid speeds.  

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