All You Need to Know about Mobile App Development Process in 2021

All You Need to Know about Mobile App Development Process in 2021

Did you know Statista projected that mobile apps generate $693 billion in revenue via app stores and in-app advertising in 2021, while enterprise mobility is projected to be worth $510.39 billion by 2022?



As online business is getting hype amid the ongoing corona pandemic, mobile app development requirement has spiked. People are looking for a reliable mobile app development agency to build compelling mobile applications for their business niche. 


Today, in this article, we shall discuss the mobile app development process and help you understand how to get a reliable mobile app development company to serve your needs. 


So, let’s explore;


Even though the mobile app development process differs based on the IT firms’ internal policies and the resources they use. However, there is a standard process that every software development agency follows. 


They include;

  1. Strategy

  2. Analysis and Planning

  3. UI / UX Design

  4. App Development

  5. Testing

  6. Deployment & Support



Strategy is the first step for any IT firm to create. It begins when you hand over the project to an agency. The agency has to create strategies, such as building a team for the project, gathering resources, and assigning the task using specific development methods. You can also be a part of the phase as you can decide who (designers, developers, QAs, etc.) should work on your project. 

Analysis and Planning

In this phase, the assigned team starts with gathering resources and initiating research and planning. It involves competitive analysis, industry research and decided to authenticate the project scope. If there are any changes in the scope, they will inform you and change after taking your affirmation. 

UI / UX Design

It’s the first step of project development as the designer will create wireframes and test the model if it can work in the real market. There are various things there will take place in this phase, for example;


Wireframes: the designer will create a wireframe. It’s a conceptual layout that gives the visual structure of the app. It can be on a piece of paper or in digital form. 


Prototype: Prototyping is created to simulate user experience, though many companies choose to go with the final development phase after wireframes. 

App Development

Now comes the development part. In this phase, the company uses different development methods or, as decided by the clients. You can choose project development tools to remain in the loop throughout the development lifecycle.


Besides, in development, if it is a complex app and needs a database, then the company chooses to develop the backend part first and then begin with front-end development. 

You can choose the technologies to build your app upon. More than that, the development method may also differ based on your project requirement; for example, the process will vary if you are looking for specific technology-based development. For example, if you need a solution based on the trending technology, such as the Internet of Things Solution, the entire process will change in the development phase. IoT development can be just a feature integration or can build a complete solution based on it. 


Then comes the testing part. In this phase, QA goes through the various testing phases, including;


  • User Experience Testing

  • Functional Testing

  • Performance Testing

  • Security Testing

These tests are meant for quality and performance. If any bugs are found, the QA has to get them solved by the developers. 

Deployment & Support

Once the project is built and the development and testing part is over, the company will deploy the project and provide you with paid support for a specific period of time. 

Final thought

If you are looking to build a for your business, you need to do some leg work whether you are looking for a complete solution, customization, feature integration, or others. Based on that, you search for an app development agency. 


You can also approach us if you are looking for any support related to app development. We are the top mobile app development company offering a wide range of development searches based on trending technologies such as machine learning development services, AI app development, AR/VR solution, and more. Let’s connect.


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