AWS- Its Risks And Benefits

AWS- Its Risks And Benefits

What is AWS?

 AWS or Amazon Web Services is a cloud service provider that offers various IT services that can be accessed over the public Internet.

AWS and other public cloud providers such as Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Microsoft Azure manage and maintain hardware and infrastructure, helping organizations and individuals save on the cost and complexity of the process. These features are available for free or depending on usage.


AWS Security Risks

AWS security is not resilient and is based on a shared security accountability model. That means Amazon protects your infrastructure while you have your security controls over the data and applications you deploy and store in the cloud.

In contrast to its on-premises systems, which have a hierarchical structure and a state-of-the-art network that cleans and analyzes transmitted data, AWS allows each instance to communicate with the Internet. The structure of the exposed applications requires you to tighten existing security controls. This includes continually updating your security settings with sufficient patches, strong firewall settings, and proper network security implementations.

In addition, you need to constantly manage your users, including third-party providers and providers, and restrict permissions. Be sure to delete unused accounts with old credentials as they can be easily breached.


AWS Benefits

There are many advantages to Amazon Web Services (AWS), let's explore a few at a time:


1. AWS Price

Whether you're a small start-up or a fully-fledged company, Amazon Web Services has it all when it comes to pricing. First, it offers a “pay as you go” model, which means you pay for features in terms of volume and time of use. You will be billed by the minute. This means that if a resource is used for 30 minutes, you will only be charged for that 30 minutes and nothing else. It also provides a calculator that you can use to track your expenses.


2. Zero commitment

If you need to host a website or even a busy hosting content delivery network. Amazon Web Services provides protection. You create a virtual machine, a database service, or a data warehouse. It happens when you don't need to make an initial commitment. This is because Amazon Web Services charges you minute and hour for certain features. This means that you are not bound by any annual, quarterly, or even monthly obligations.


3. Scalability and Deployment

If your applications are on-premises, servers can take a long time to provision. It can range from a few hours to 1 week. This applies to your software licenses. When it comes to sourcing, Amazon Web Services paints a completely different picture. You can start new virtual machines or instances in minutes and save a lot of time and effort.

When it comes to scalability, AWS ensures you can scale up and down instantly to handle any spikes in your infrastructure. This can be difficult to achieve in your on-premises infrastructure.


4. Security

Amazon Web Services takes cloud security to the next level. It ensures that your infrastructure is secure both physically and on the network that consumers use to access it.

  • It supports a common security model. This means that the consumer can control security on the consumer side and AWS in the data center.
  • The physical security of the data center can be ensured by the fact that all Amazon Web Services data centers have physical security around the cloud.
  • Its global infrastructure ensures that your data is well distributed and accessible around the world and is highly resilient, available, and disaster-proof.
  • AWS provides firewalls to manage your data at network entry points and also provides encryption for moving data across the network for end-to-end security.
  • Amazon IAM is a service that allows you to identify who can access your resources and control who can access what and when.


5. Flexible

There's not much to say about flexibility when a platform offers over 200 services in 245 countries. However, to highlight some key points, Amazon Web Services offers flexibility in pricing, security and even automating the scaling of your devices. This means that, from setting up from scratch to using a platform directly, everything is flexible for the consumer. So much so that a user can simply leave their code in a serverless IT department and the department takes care of everything else.


6. PaaS offers

AWS offers a scalable infrastructure and also covers key areas such as computer storage, databases, and networks. He takes care of the configuration and management of platforms. Therefore, it offers good options when it comes to providing PaaS services to people. That means people don't have to worry about setting up the infrastructure.


7. Customizable

They say Amazon Web Services is everybody and that's true. Because there are so many options when you want to set up your cloud business. Whether you're starting from scratch with the cloud or even have an infrastructure that needs to be migrated to the cloud, AWS supports both. Amazon Web Services provides most types of migrations and licensing support for a smooth transition to the AWS cloud

Your concerns about growth and decline are also negated as AWS allows us to manage data and applications at different volumes. Visit AWS Training in Pune for more information


8. API

The API gives us programmatic control over the resources we use. It's about doing backups or even launching instances, it can all be done with APIs and in short, it gives us more power compared to the AWS management console.


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