How to Deal With BMW X3 Transmission Failure from Experts in Los Angeles, CA

Whenever it comes to owning a luxury car there are a few that are preferred over the other vehicles. One such luxury car is the BMW that is known for its powerful performance and aerodynamic design. BMW is one of the most popular luxury cars among the Millennial.

Among the various models of BMW that are manufactured by the German company, the BMW X3 is one of the most sought-after luxury cars. The popularity of the BMW X3 can be gauged from the number of these cars that one gets to see on the road of Los Angeles, CA.

Your BMW X3 comes equipped with many advanced features that help in the smooth running and better performance of the car. One such important part of your car is the automatic transmission system that helps in the transmission of power from the engine to the wheels of your BMW.

However, of late, drivers have been complaining about the malfunctioning of the transmission system in their BMW X3. Whenever there is an issue with the transmission system of your car, then it will become very difficult for you to drive your car.

Here in this article, we will discuss the ways to deal with BMW X3 transmission failures.

Grinding or shaking

The automatic transmission of your BMW X3 is known to function smoothly without any hesitation or trouble. The shifting of gears in your transmission is so smooth that you won’t feel anything while driving. This includes not feeling any grinding, shaking, or slipping sensation as your BMW X3 switches gears.

At the beginning of the problems, these symptoms can seem insignificant. Nevertheless, it is crucial to pay attention at this point because in due course of time it will become worse with use. If you are already facing some kind of sensations while shifting of gears, then it is a sign of issues in the transmission.

Grinding, slipping, or shaking is serious signs of trouble with the automatic transmission and you must not take these lightly. Get in touch with your local mechanic immediately for diagnosing and fixing the problem.

Car won’t engage or respond

You need to observe that when you put your BMW X3 into drive or reverse does it respond immediately or there is a delay. Moreover, you might find that the transmission is not at all engaging when you put it in drive or reverse. These are both issues that signal a problem.

Most of the time issue lies with the transmission fluid used in your car. The transmission fluid is one of the most important fluids as it helps in lubricating the various components of the transmission system that in turn prevents friction and excessive heat.

If there is inadequate fluid in your transmission system or you haven’t flushed the transmission fluid in the last few months, then the transmission fluid loses its protective properties. However, at times this problem might be caused due to computer malfunction.

The best way to deal with this problem is to check your transmission fluid and if the fluid needs a change, then replace the transmission fluid.

Abnormal sounds

While driving your BMW X3 if you suddenly start to hear a whining, humming, or clunking noise under your car that you have never heard before, then you may have transmission trouble. The problem might be a minor one but it can signal something worse.

Some of the noises that are coming from the automatic transmission of your car can be caused by your automatic transmission fluid breaks down. In addition to this, if you are hearing a clunking noise and suspect it is coming from the transmission, then your transmission may already have an internal part malfunctioning.

Inspect your automatic transmission fluid for any leakage and if you find that the transmission fluid is in perfect condition, then contact a trusted mechanic to address the problem.


The transmission system in your BMW X3 is one of the most important systems after the engine and you must always pay attention to any abnormal behavior from the system. Most of the time it is seen that people tend to neglect the initial signs of trouble from the transmission system, however, if you observe the above-discussed signs, then takes your BMW X3 to a certified auto repair shop for diagnosing and fixing the issues.

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