Key PPC Strategies, Reporting and Analytics in 2021 and Beyond

In a hyper-digital world, one of the main reasons why many organizations and businesses globally are able to do so well is because of digital advertising. There is absolutely no doubt about this. New technologies, companies moving to digital platforms, and ease of internet access are just some of the many factors driving consumers to transact more online. Add to this the impact of COVID-19, and you get a mass migration of consumers to digital networks. E-commerce has grown sharply over the past one year or so. The spikes in ad revenues for both Google and Microsoft are testament to this. 

Even though the pandemic seems to be easing up, it looks like the digital consumer trends are here to stay as consumers get used to the new way of doing things. This changes things for digital marketing. PPC strategies need to change to adapt to the new normal. Read on to find out what you need to lay more attention on. 

The need to be proactive is greater than ever before 

If there is one thing the current pandemic has shown us, it is that consumer demand and behaviour can change instantly. Consumers adapt to external stimuli and demand that the market does so as well. Many marketers were not able to see this change happening at a rapid pace. They hesitated to spend more on digital platforms at first. Most small and local businesses were forced to offer their services and products online to ensure their survival. Marketers had to assess new PPC trends and set up strategies accordingly. All this was a reactive rather than a proactive approach. 

Now that we know that consumers have adjusted to the “new normal”, their digital transaction behaviour is here to stay. This means your PPC strategies need to change as well. Taking a proactive approach regarding your competition analysis, ad marketing strategy, market research, keyword research, and other parameters will help you focus on avenues that bring you more revenue. 

Proactively communicate with your stakeholders

Your clients or bosses need to know what is going on in the market at all times. The worst thing that can happen is for them to find out from outside sources before you tell them. Robust PPC reporting capabilities can help you identify and communicate how the marketing landscape is changing with time. Correctly done, this can help ease fears of the unknown, especially during times like the present. Schedule for communication to be sent out at regular intervals, appraising stakeholders of the market changes and how you are planning on adapting to them. 

Digital marketing flywheel

The growth in consumers moving to online platforms for buying and selling is here to stay. Even after the vaccines take effect and the pandemic blows past us, e-commerce will continue to grow. But as consumer engagement continues to evolve, behavioural changes will be more difficult to predict. Outsourcing PPC services can help take you through typical consumer journeys, helping you better understand how they interact with various channels and ads, create touchpoints, and decide to make a purchase. Reporting on this flywheel will help you communicate better to stakeholders on how they can serve consumers more efficiently in every persona category. 

Invest in automation

Automation is designed to do things you cannot do or do whatever you can do, faster. Automation tools in the past have not really yielded the expected results, wasting time and money, leading marketers to abandon faith in them. But ad campaign tools have evolved since. Today, PPC strategies make use of AI, machine learning, and other advanced technology to make digital marketing increasingly consumer centric. Applications such as automated marketing and intelligent chatbots help consumers along their journey, leading to increased purchases. The key to utilizing automation in marketing is testing. Testing allows you to iterate and find out what’s working and what’s not, helping you find the right solution. Automation can also be used to streamline PPC reporting. 

Privacy is important 

Privacy is no longer an option; it is a necessity today. Cookies that were used to track user searches and preferences are giving way to a new method of consumer targeting. Rather than appealing to individual preferences, Google now targets groups with similar interests. Apple gives consumers the choice to refuse tracking as well. Google says that its method is about 95% as effective as cookies. Google now uses data from both website access and mobile apps to determine how consumers access digital platforms and what their actions are online. Implementing the latest technology in digital marketing is vital to business survival and growth today. Look at outsourcing PPC services to capitalize on new market opportunities.   

Digital marketing as we know it has changed drastically over the past year or so. Keeping up with the evolution of platforms and integrating technology and automation in your campaigns can help keep up with changing consumer trends.

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