Benefits of Using SEO & PPC Together

Benefits of Using SEO & PPC Together

Even though SEO and PPC are completely different marketing strategies they both fall into the section of search marketing. Many different ways make them complement each other in order to improve the results, use data effectively and provide leanings. In this blog, let's look at the different benefits of using SEO and PPC together. This method would open up different opportunities to improve the search strategies. So, let's take advantage of both SEO and PPC through the help of SEO companies in Dubai.

  1. Better Visibility and Exposure on SERP

The main benefit of combining SEO and PPC is that it provides added exposure to the results page. It is always known that the top 2-3 results form the paid ads. This means, even though you rank first for a keyword organically, the competitors might still be in the top position on the results page with an Ad. By using PPC and SEO together, you could dominate the paid and organic results, thus leading to an increased form of traffic, which means a better online presence. Even though your ad doesn't get clicked, its presence shows that you are a trusted company. Thus use SEO and PPC together as suggested by the SEO agencies in Dubai and make competitors seen less on the space.

  1. PPC ads Bring the Organic Visitors Back

By creating PPC campaigns that target the users who visited your website organically can encourage more visits. Developing a remarketing campaign, allows the consumers to start from where they left off. Try creating a tailored ad copy in order to remind the purchase they didn't complete or offer a discount. Thus, you are trying to bring the traffic back through the PPC ads.

  1. Learn from PPC Ad Copy to Inform Organic Strategy

Taking learnings from the best PPC ad copy informs about your SEO strategy from the top SEO Company in Dubai. By utilizing the data from the PPC campaigns determines what type of messaging sticks to the users and drives out more traffic to the site thus resulting in better conversions. Also, you get an idea about what to use for meta descriptions, on-page content, title tags through your organic search efforts. Testing the titles and meta descriptions using the PPC copy ad benefit by bringing immediate results into practice.

  1. Sharing and Testing Keyword Data

Bringing up the PPC ads is best to test, inform and refine the organic keyword strategy. By targeting the keywords that you want to rank for organically with the campaign helps you to put the SEO efforts too. One could gather immediate results from the PPC ads by click-through and conversion rates delivered. Then, make use of it and come up with keywords that will be effective while being optimized organically.

Make use of the PPC to target the competitive form of organic keywords. If you are struggling to rank your keyword organically try putting the keyword through a PPC campaign. When you wait for the organic form of rankings to come up, PPC brings out immediate results thus achieving better visibility and more traffic.

In the same way, SEO could target PPC keywords as said by the best SEO Company in Dubai. Since PPC advertising is expensive and targeting the keywords is not at all cost-effective, SEO could help you here. Bring up SEO efforts and optimize your site in order to rank the terms.

If the PPC campaign works well, you should start optimizing your site. While, on the other way if it goes flat, you must avoid SEO for this keyword.

  1. Brand SERP Dominance

By bidding upon the brand terms help to protect your brand name and gives you better control over the results page. Thus, you take up more space and push the competitors who try to bid on your brand. Thus you get dominated over the search results.


There are many advantages to taking a better approach to your search marketing. PPC and SEO together bring success to your goals even though they are different. Better planning and experience are required from the SEO consultant Dubai and PPC experts for better results. So, on implementing better search marketing strategies come up with better PPC and SEO plans. This will help you in your long way of digital marketing and you could achieve the desired success. Finally, SEP plus PPC makes search marketing successful.


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