Can Volunteering Help You Get A Job?

Did you know that volunteering can actually help you get employed? You might be surprised to hear that, yes it is helpful when searching for a job. Moreover, it will make you even a better candidate than the others. It might be weird for you to do something for free if you have never been volunteering, but you need to think of it from the other side then.

More than 2 million people become volunteers each year and this number keeps increasing. And it's not a secret that volunteer work might actually help you get a job. So how can you use an volunteering experience to find your dream work?

Why Volunteering Is Good for Your Career

There is a strong correlation between well-being and volunteering; it is associated with better mental health. Even without considering other reasons why volunteering benefits you, this single fact already shows how great this is for you. But it's not the only great thing about volunteering: it can also help your career develop quicker and better.

Volunteering gives you an opportunity to explore the specific field without becoming an actual worker. You never know what expects you behind the curtains, so getting a chance to learn more before starting doing something is a priceless possibility.

Also, remember: the more experience you have, the better your image will look in the eyes of employers. You will also have more skills than other workers who did not volunteer much. Volunteering lets you gain new skills and learn new things, which is definitely going to help your career.

Should You Include Volunteer Work on Your Resume?

The answer is simple: yes, you should include it on your resume! Probably, the biggest advantage of the volunteering for you would be the ability to fill those gaps on your resume.

You can always find a rating of resume writing service reviews to make your life easier and to simply let them do the job for you, but if you are on your own do not forget that big gaps on your resumes will cause the questions from the interviewers. And if you cannot explain what you have been doing for a year despite looking for a job it will get you in a trouble. Therefore, consider joining some kind of a volunteering movements to fill in those gaps.

 It will also make your resume look better than others. Just imagine how the interviewers are going to view somebody with 5 years of experience even though they have just dropped out of school a couple years ago. So, remember that interviewers will count those volunteering hours as the full-time hours, making it from ‘just helping others’ into a powerful instrument to attract the recruits.

Training and Practicing

You have probably seen some kind of a volunteering offer out there that involved knowing staff that you know. And you thought ‘if it is not paid, it is not worth my time’. That is where you are wrong because any experience is useful.

The interviewers are going to see that you have been volunteering for some time at some exact field and that will give them an impression of somebody who has to be a professional at what they are doing. Because no work can go past you, without you taking some useful tips for the future working. Those things will also save some company’s money, making you a great choice. It is because of not having to send you to all of those training so that you can get in a better shape to start with some fresh ideas. After volunteering, you will be ready for everything.

The Network

Do you know the easiest way to get a job at a big company? It is an employee that you know. If you have recommended yourself as a good catch they will be able to tell their boss about you when he is looking for a new person. That is how you might get a job even though a senior employee is still there and he is meant to be replaced by you. Yes, that is because they know that you will work right away, and he will just be notified as soon as you appear.

On different volunteering events, you can meet the high-end people. Those who rule the big companies or just people with a great influence. They are your chance to find yourself working in a big company with a high salary. Try to somehow attract them. Tell them about yourself, use mostly the good sides, but do not make yourself perfect. By having a lot of these friends you will create a network around you, and who knows, maybe, one day you will get a call offering you a new job.

Volunteering and Students

For students, volunteering is not only a way to gain more skills while in the university, but also a chance to look at the world from another perspective and find their own spot in this huge universe. Students who volunteer a lot become more responsible, punctual and altruistic than others. There's is a simple explanation for this: while volunteering, there's a great responsibility that lies on your shoulders, and in order to let anybody down, you have to make a wise decision every second and take an action first.

Volunteering makes other people's lives better and it's something that is always appreciated. If you make an impact on a community, no matter if it's big or small, you will be noticed and you will stand out from the crowd.

How to Write about Volunteering Experience on Resume

Writing about volunteering experience is not always that easy as it seems. You should know how to do it right. In a section "Work experience/Related experience", you can put not only your previous jobs but also volunteering experience you've had in the same field that the job you're applying for is. Everything else you should put in a section called "Volunteer work" or "Community service".

And don't forget to mention where, when and how you've volunteered in details — your future employer needs to have enough information about you. 

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