3 Crucial things to look for in your Web Hosting before buying.

3 Crucial things to look for in your Web Hosting before buying.


3 Crucial things to look for in your Web Hosting before buying.


We SEO professionals have plenty to worry about as we are experts in the field.


The old standbys are links, content creation sitemaps, and robots.txt.


There's also new stuff to get excited about: voice search featured snippets and the mobile-first index.


One issue is often overlooked in the noise. Even though it may affect your site's speed and time, each of these is a crucial component to maintaining positive organic performance.


This is internet hosting. We all know there are many web hosting options available, including Hostinger and Godaddy. Bluehost, Siteground, Bluehost, and many others.


Your web host will determine the consistency of your positioning expertise to organic guests (and all visitors).


You need a reliable internet host to prevent server errors and page timeouts, and to stop users from clicking back to Google.


You want an internet host who supports your SEO efforts rather than hindering them. Let's take a look at five key features that will help you choose an SEO-friendly web hosting company.


1. Guaranteed high uptime


SEO-friendly hosts must consider their time guarantee.


The percentage of time that your website is accessible and online during an uptime refers to how many hours per day it's available. The longer your downtime, the more likely guests will be able to visit your site to see if it's offline. This can cause them to return to search engines and possibly risk your ranking within that method.


Hosts that are more reliable and provide longer time periods of guarantee will be better.


You want to achieve the best results so choose a number that has a minimum of ninety-9.9 p.c guarantee for the time period (or higher, if possible). This equates to approximately one.44 minutes per day and eight.8 hours annually. It's not bad.


Hostinger is one of the web hosts that guarantee 99 percent uptime. Check out Alphasumo’s Hostinger India Review for a breakdown of uptime in real-time.


Be cautious with hosts that claim to have a 100 pc connection time period. It's always possible to reach some time period. It's important to keep it short. It won't affect your SEO performance.


2.  Server location 


Your website's time period is the time it takes for your content to be accessible to users. However, depending on where you are located, this might impact how quickly they can access your website content.


If you have a shared, VPS, or dedicated server hosting arrangement, your website is located on a physical server at an information center (as opposed to cloud hosting, where your information is stored within the cloud).


You want the information center to be as close as possible to your website visitors. Your website will take longer to load if it is farther from your server.


Your SEO can be affected by server location. You could be using a number in one country but not another, which could lead to one thing evil.


While it is not clear that servers should be fast, it is important that the host also boosts performance by using a Content Delivery Network.


3. Multiple options


We all love choices. You should enjoy them as well as your web hosting. Many hosting companies offer ex-gratia value-adds that can help you improve your website. These are some of the SEO-friendly options you will need to know:


Automated backups: In the event of an unfortunate incident, you want a website backup that you can quickly restore. for complimentary or for one more cost.|Check to see if your host offers automated backups for free|for no charge|for free or at an additional cost.}


SSL: HTTPS is a top-ranking issue for many years. You should consider converting to a secure site if you have not done so already. Your host should be able to confirm that SSL is supported. They are often included free of charge in your hosting package.


Multiple hosting plans: Your hosting needs will change as your website grows. This could be a good thing. Your traffic may grow to the point where you need to move to a dedicated server. If you don't need to change hosting providers at the same time, this transition will be much easier and cheaper.


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