How to become a financial giant; uncommon tips and principles

Having adequate finances to live comfortably and take good care of your family may not be a big issue for you, but if you are thinking of becoming a financial giant, there are certain principles you have to consciously practice aside from knowing how to manage finances. Those who are really rich actually have some specific principles common to them. Of course they would not always share the inside information with everyone when they talk about making wealth in summits and conferences or when they give financial advice. That is why I have compiled some important money management tips which will serve as keys to financial success. If you are truly willing and ready to take the ride to that place where all you have ever wanted to be financially comes to realization, read on.

Take responsibility for where you are

Denial could hold you back from becoming a financial success or even getting financial advice you may need. You must start by accepting responsibility for where you are. Your choices and actions have brought you to this present financial situation. You may have gone through a lot of financial challenges and disappointments but you have to actually take responsibility for where you are if you are going to move forward. You cannot make progress financially if you are not keen with money management tips and responsibility is the first place to start. Though the following may not all apply to you, you can develop personal finance tips from them and build your finances on those.

Increase your worth before increasing your wealth

Wealth gravitates towards men of worth, men of value. No matter how excited you are about getting rich and increasing wealth, you have to take some time to build yourself. If you decide to get into a business or invest in something, don’t put your money or efforts into something you don’t understand. Build yourself by acquiring as much knowledge as you can. The less you know, the less valuable you are and the more you know, the more valuable you are.

Pursuing excellence in everything you do is an outstanding key to financial success. If you are into business or any other area of life, you have to sell services and goods. People are always willing to buy the best. You will always have competitors but you can make up your mind to keep your business or services ahead of your competitors. Stay ahead by knowing more. Be proactive. Getting into things you don’t know for the sake of making money is a mistake you don’t want to make.

Think like it

This particular point has been spoken on so many times by motivational speakers and financial advisors but it still remains one of the most important keys to financial success. And there is a tendency for something to be under looked when it is frequently talked about. But let me crave your indulgence. It is scientifically proven that people can have what they can think of in their mind. Think rich, think big and you will definitely begin to gravitate towards it. Thinking rich is an important step towards becoming rich. If you can think it, you can definitely have it.

Great lives have been formed from great thoughts. There are bigger plans and even bigger achievements waiting for you on the other side, but you begin by thinking better. No one can be better, even financial until they have made a practice of thinking bigger. The bigger you can dream, the more you can achieve. The statement “aim for the moon, if you miss it, you will fall amongst the stars is true.

The Principle of Saving

No one rises above their current financial status without a keen understanding of this principle. In the United Stated for example, many people are barely paying their bills and taking care of other expenses. Some of these people actually have some money management tips they follow, but it’s barely to keep them on the positive side financially. To such a person, the idea of saving may sound crazy. What is the essence of trying to save when you have just a few dollars left after your monthly expenses? Well, to answer that maybe I should ask this question; when do you plan to start saving? Seriously, you have to start with what you have. That is why it is a “principle”. Start now, no matter how little you are earning or you will never start at all. Saving from the little you are getting is very important as far as knowing how to manage finances is concerned. It is one of the most important keys to financial success and should be amongst your personal finance tips.  

Decide a specific percentage you are going to save of what is left after you have paid all your monthly bills and settle some expenses. You will realize that if you make a practice of saving and being faithful even with the little you are getting, you will not only become more comfortable doing it, but will be willing to save even more from the same amount you initially thought was too small.

When you are able to save more, you have better financial security and you can actually make more investments and take advantage of the opportunities that may come your way. Let’s consider the importance of saving in this light. Imagine that someone walked up to you and said they wanted to sell their villa for as little as $2500, and you did not have the money to pay. The first thing you will probably regret is the fact that you have not been saving or have not been saving enough. That golden opportunity could practically slip through your fingers simply because you did not make a habit of saving.

The Principle of Spending

If you think what you are saving is insignificant and you don’t see the need to, check your spending habits instead of resolving not to save. Your spending habits constitutes the second principle of becoming a financial giant. It is financial suicide to make a habit of spending more that you are earning. Check your monthly income and expenditure. If you realize that for the past few months you have been on the red, you need to consider cutting down expenses. Aside from paying bills and some important household expenditures, there are some things you buy regularly which you do not really need. There is a difference between needs and wants and understanding that difference will help you take your first steps towards financial success. Every financial giant in the world today will tell you spending wisely is one of the most important of all the financial advice you can ever get.

So many people spend so much on dresses they don’t wear and things they don’t need. This generation is obsessed with getting more of everything NOW! Many actually know nothing about how to manage finances, neither are they versed with the keys to financial success. Several others do not even have personal finance tips. The young people especially are very much interested in looking rich rather than actually being rich. If you are spending too much on clothes, shoes and other such things when you already have so many of them in your closet you are not wearing, then you are heading the wrong way. Categorize your expenses between needs and wants. Necessities and simple cravings. Increase your savings by channeling those finances to your savings accounts.

The Daring Spirit

You must possess a daring Spirit to achieve anything big in life. You must be willing to run where others dread to walk. You have to be courageous, especially as far as making financial progress is concerned. There are some big business ideas you cannot accept or get into without courage. Everything takes courage but bigger dreams demand even more courage to achieve.

You have to be daring to meet people who are able to encourage and take you forward. You must have the winning attitude and resolve to put whatever effort and resources are necessary to make advancements financially. The challenge is great but if you are courageous enough, you can get to the heights you desire.

Make plans

You are not going to get rich or attain that financial height you want simply because you desire it and intend to work towards it. No great achievement is realized without plans. Aside from other personal finance tips, it is important that you settle down and make some financial plans. Think about where you want to be financially and the particular time in future you desire to be there. Consult a few people who are making it in the field you want to invest in for financial advice. Then develop a blue print that will guide you through it. Failing to plan is planning to fail, they say, and that is definitely true. Making financial plans will help you figure out how to manage finances and make progress in your financial journey. It is in itself one of the most important money management tips.

One remarkable thing about making plans and setting goals for yourself is that even if you fail to get to the place you envisioned and marked out for yourself, you will certainly not be on the same spot you were when you made the plan to start.

Consider how much you have and probably how you intend to use the money and make it develop more cash over time. What kind of businesses and investments you are going to get into as well as how or when you intend getting into them. How small or how large you are going to start, when and where. These do not only serve as blueprints but they also actually motivate you to move on and make progress. All your dreams and aspirations will amount to little or nothing if you cannot make plans. It is a vital step towards the success you desire.

Invest, Invest and Reinvest

Just like the principle of saving, investments are very important. On its own, investments are both a way of saving money and multiplying it at the same time. So there is a double effect or importance to investments. When you begin to consider all financial giants around there world, you will realize that one thing is common amongst them all. Their wealth is calculated in assets, rather than cash or bank account value like most people think. It is the worth of their investments that actually determine how rich they are.

Amassing wealth and finances is directly related to a person’s investment power and their knowledge on how to manage finances. If you decide to run a company or business, don’t put everything into one business and try to get as much as you can from it. Investing wisely is part of money management tips. The potentials of any business increases as it spreads. The more places and people you can reach and serve, the more money you will be able to make. You may not have the necessary resources to open different business at the moment, but make sure it is part of your plan and a personal finance tip you are upholding. Look for thriving and promising companies to invest in. Stake some money in them and increase your chances of earning more.

Even if you are only an employee under someone, you can still be determined to start something of your own. The trouble with many people who only dream of wealth is that they detest starting small and going through the struggles of it. However, there are certain financial principles you will not learn any other way. You must be willing to start small and honor little beginnings. Walk your way to the top with faithfulness and commitment to these principles. You are going to get more financial advice along the way but some things you can only learn by experience.

Look like it

Though you don’t have to go over the edge to look good and impress people, you have to make some investment on your ward rope. This is even more important for people who often have to represent their businesses and companies. You cannot afford to make people turn you off simply because you could not dress appropriately. You shouldn’t dress to impress. Just dress the way you will like to be addressed. Look serious. Get some suits, good belts and pairs of shoes for men. They speak volumes of you at first sight, and I need not remind you how important first impressions are.

Business deals, closing sales as well as winning the hearts of sponsors and clients for a business are things which are affected by the way you dress.

Remember hard work is still “a key”

Don’t be fooled. There is no man or woman who rises to the top of the financial ladder without putting in hard work. No one makes money to easily give it away to other people for nothing. You must be able to solve problems and deliver worth. You cannot get rich for nothing. One can get money through dubious means, but even at that, hard work and effort is required. So do yourself a favor, stop dreaming and come to terms with the fact that you have to work hard to earn what you desire. Hard work itself is a principle of success. While you consider implementing your own personal financial tips, do not neglect the aspect of hard work.

Make up your mind to do away with every form of laziness and daydreaming. Stop wasting time. Make every second of your life count. Put hard work to your passion and you will surely turn out to be one of the most famous financial giants around.

Patience and persistence

Becoming successful in any area of life demands patience and persistence and so does financial success. Remember you are not going to practice the tips to financial success mentioned herein just for a few days or months. You will have to save, invest and work hard patiently and persistently. It will take a while before you can see any real progress but every good thing takes time. Patience and persistence too are amongst the keys to financial success. Keep your eyes on the goal and be persistent in what you do.

Forget the easy “Get rich quick schemes”

We are living in the internet age and there has never been a time when people were more interested in get rich quick schemes as is the case today. Online and offline, one does not even need to look hard to find someone proposing the idea of an easy way to make money and in the shortest time possible. Every get rich quick scheme is a sure scam that will only waste your time and leave you with less money than you had. No one gets actual, genuine wealth quick, much less easily. Wealth and riches have to be earned. And thinking you can go around this principle is just another form of self-deception. Put together some personal finance tips that will enable you walk your way to being a financial giant.

Avoiding Scams

If you are reading this, you most probably have a desire to become a financial giant. This also means that you are passionate about it, willing to make the effort and do what it takes. Now these make you even more vulnerable to scams. Many of such scams usually come through those get rich quick schemes we just got through mentioning. They are most prevalent on the internet. It is important that we discuss some of such schemes so that you don’t become a victim in your desire to be rich.

There are a few tips you can use to easily identify scams. The internet world has so many people claiming they have an opportunity to help you make a lot of money within a few days with little or no effort on your part. The truth is many people have fallen into such traps and suffered loss of money and time.

Don’t pay attention to anyone or any website that seems to be more interested in helping you make money than you are in making it yourself. Scammers are usually very pushy and will get to you every chance they have to remind you of what they call a golden opportunity.

If the money or deal sounds too good to be true, you should cross check and get more details to judge from. Remember there are actually genuine ways to make money online, but it is never as easy as some people try to present it.

Now talking about opportunities to genuinely make money, let’s look at two of them and how you can take advantage of these opportunities.

The Stock Exchange market. Though there is indeed high risk involved, the stock exchange market remains one of the most interesting places to make some financial gains for those who can play safe and wise. You could get some substantial amount of money trading in stocks just like you could lose a lot. Consequently, you should take out some time to go over value changes in stock as well as get some professional advice before you get engaged.

Investing in cryptocurrencies is another area you may want to consider. There is so much talk about cryptocurrencies and especially Bitcoin these days. From past records and the increase in its value since its creation, you could be a millionaire in the next few years if you can invest a reasonable amount into Bitcoin today. The value seems to be increasing by the day and there are many more people joining the cryptocurrency train now more than ever. Though there is a risk of loss, that risk is very minimal and quite unlikely, so as you consider the tips and principles presented here, consider these investment options too and checkup for others which are genuine.

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