If you are looking for picker packer jobs or if you wish to work as a loader or unloader at a warehouse near you. Here are five things you must know before you land in your first picker packer job, read on to find out!

What does a picker packer do? 

The first and foremost thing you must do is to understand what picker packers do and the duties they perform. As stated in the word ‘picker packer’, a person who performs the job of picker packer is someone who helps to correctly pick orders, pack them carefully and pack them for shipping. In layman’s terms, it simply means to ensure that the right order is sent to the right person. 

Where are picker packer jobs mostly available? 

It’s important for you to understand where picker packer jobs are available and where you can work. Picker Packers usually work in warehouses and help to pack orders accurately, they usually work under warehouse executives. They are also found in retail stores and outlets that ensure that the inventory is stocked in the right place to ensure that customers shop with ease. If you want to find a picker packer job in proximity to your residence visit Taskmo or download the Taskmo app here. 

What are the qualifications required to take up a picker packer job?

There is no formal education required to take up a picker packer job. However, certain certifications would help boost your resume and are a requirement in certain warehouse settings. Certifications that are related to first aid, CPR and other such safety certifications can be extremely useful and might give you an edge over other candidates. 

What training do I need to get before I become a picker packer?

Well, there’s no training really needed. You can take up a picker packer job with minimal or even zero experience. At most times depending on the industry, you work in as a picker packer the company hiring you or the employer will undertake a training program and run you through the duties you have to perform that meets the needs of the organization. You also have a fair understanding of the company policy, safety regulations and other such essential information. 

What is the salary offered for a picker packer job?

In the majority of situations, a picker packer job is considered to be an entry level position. One must also remember that the nature of a picker packer job is similar to the way a gig job works. You can either be paid based per task performed or on the number of hours, days, weeks, months or even once the contract ceases. On average, a picker packer earns anywhere from $12 to $15 an hour. This is for an entry level position, without any prior experience the numbers are said to increase if you hold prior work experience and is also based on the position or rank held by the individual. 

What is a picker position

Today, shopping has taken a complete turn. Unlike traditional shopping, today we are all oriented towards online shopping and we are driven towards purchasing international goods and services. In order to ensure that the right product is packaged well and safely reaches the right person at the time, pickers packers are employed to take care of the same. In simple words, a person who performs the picker packer job ensures that the right products are picked from the inventory, ensure that they are in good condition, package them safely and ensure that they are shipped to the right person. 

What makes a person a great picker packer? 

Here are some qualities that will make you a good picker packer, read on to find out! 

  • As a picker packer, you must be able and willing to work in a fast paced environment. Usually picker packers are always on the move and picking orders, packing them and getting it ready for transportation. 

  • Must be able to follow the standard packing procedures laid down by the organisation. 

  • Must be highly efficient and effective in maintaining the quality standards and ensure smooth and careful flow of productions.  

  • Must possess the physical strength and stamina to be able to lift goods over 50 pounds and must be able to stand for long periods of time without breaks. 

  • Must be detail oriented and possess the ability to operate machinery. 

What are the typical duties and responsibilities involved in picker packer jobs?

Some of the duties and responsibilities that a person performing a picker packer job ought to follow includes; 

  • They are required to work at different stations based on the production requirements. 

  • He/She must be able to inspect inventory, weight products accurately and package products carefully. 

  • H/She must ensure that the products and the packaging process are in accordance with the quality, safety and production standards laid down by the firm. 

  • In addition to the above responsibilities, the person performing the picker packer job must maintain a clean and safe working environment. 

You must remember that the responsibilities and duties are just a simple framework and are highly dependent on the industry, organisation and other actors involved in the process. 

What safety equipment do picker packers wear? 

Every individual who performs a picker packer job will wear certain safety equipment to avoid hazards. Some of the basic safety equipment worn by a picker packer is s proper warehouse PPE Kit, which includes non-slippery boots,safety glasses, gloves, safety vests and durable hats. 

Are picker packer jobs easy? 

The answer to this question is relative. We have understood that a picker packer job requires adequate physical strength and stamina to work for long hours and ensure that the products are safely moved to the concerned people. 

Want to find a picker packer job near you?

If you want to find a picker packer job near you, visit Taskmo or download the Taskmo App here.


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