Team Bonding Activities in Tulsa

While most leaders appreciate the above truth, the hunt for the best teamwork activity is by far one of the most difficult sometimes, so when one is too close to the action, the perspective gets clouded.

Define goals for the team and each team member and plan how to achieve them


Clarify roles and responsibilities of team members and adjust them if overlapping. Develop team member’s knowledge about each other and their relations.


Tulsa is a city with many arts, fine dining, and recreational venues perfect for hosting team-building events, programs, and activities.


Shark Teams          


Based on the hit TV show Tank, now everyone in your groups can try their hands at product development, process improvement, or marketing. The focus of our shark tank-style team bonding program may be on fun, but the lessons in life, teamwork, and business are pretty accurate. What’s next bigger, better and like the television show, shark tank? This team-building activity moves your group towards answering those questions. Teams must put as much thought into their presentation as their invention. To wow the judges, the competition is spirited but friendly.


Teams put their heads or features your company might sell, a new marketing strategy and campaign after developing their big concept, each of the shark teams pitches it to a board of sharks. These can be company excess local charity representatives or your team bonding facilitators.

The ultimate list of team building activities


Battle of the air bands


Move over to karaoke. Split your team into groups of four. Have picked a song, make their best impression of performing it with air instruments, and encourage lip-syncing props and costumes.

Water balloon tossWater balloon toss is a warm summer day; fill up a bunch of water balloons. Split your team into pairs, and have them throw the balloons back and forth to each other, taking a step back with each successful; exchange the last balloon standing wins.


Egg drop

Can any of your employees build a device that can keep a raw intact when it’s dropped from a few stories?


Group juggle

Have your team form a circle. Throw one employee the ball, have them say their name, and then throw the ball to the next person, who says their name, and so on, keep introducing new balls into the mix to make things interesting.


Escape Room Adventure

Trapped in a room with a zombie, this world escape room in Tulsa is one you won not miss. There is a ravenous zombie chained to the wall. Every 5 minutes, a buzzer sounds, and the chain grows a foot from the wall. Find clauses, solve the riddles, or get eaten. Will you survive this hysterical family fun adventure this critically acclaimed smash hit featured on the big bang theory is produced in 22 locations around the world and is one of the top tripadvisor attractions in Chicago. 

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