The Things to Know Before Buying Turquoise Jewelry

The Things to Know Before Buying Turquoise Jewelry


The gemstone is known for its bluish-green hues and is the muse of the ancient. The turquoise is a gemstone dearly loved and cherished around the world. It is the true relic of the past, making its bold presence even in modern times. They are the bringer of protection and hope and dispels the negative energies.

Turquoise was a prized gemstone for thousands of years, making them the semi-precious gemstone with extensive coverage. In addition, it was the first gemstone that was ever mined, which tells that it has an interesting story to look at. 

There is so much to explore about these gemstones but Let's first discover turquoise and the things you need to look at before buying these lovely pieces of jewels making the most loved turquoise jewelry.


What is turquoise?


Turquoise, the opaque color gemstones with the perfect hues of green and blue, has derived its name from the French word "turquois," which means "Turkish." (Here is a fact - that turquoise is a name of the color) the turquoise was excavated from the mines in Asia and were brought from Turkey to Europe, which is why they are known as the Turkish stone. 

Turquoise takes millions of years to form, although the exact time is still not verified, it is believed that they were formed when the water from the rock seeped and got mixed with the minerals like copper and aluminum, leading to the creation of turquoise. The distinctive feature and the turquoise's highlight were created by the chemical reaction which made the stunning patterns on the turquoise.


History and symbolism 


From the ancient civilizations like the Persians, the Native Americans, and the ancient Egyptians, turquoise had the highest regard in the gemstone group. The striking color and stunning veins-like patterns have caught its admirers' eye for a very long time. Turquoise has been used as the talisman and the stone of protection and believed that were the bringer of good health. They were also regarded as the antiquity of rare kind. In fact, in Tibet, turquoise is gifted to the children for their long life in modern times.




The first-ever gemstone to be mined, turquoise, has been found in the Sinai and mainly in the United States. The southwest region in America like Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, Oklahoma, and Texas are known for the wide, rich varieties of turquoise. The deposits of Mexico and California have been mined by the early Native Americans, making them the oldest mines of turquoise.


Things to consider before buying turquoise


Turquoise is a fascinating gemstone with gorgeous colors and remarkable healing properties, but multiple fake counterparts are available in the market in recent times. So one should have an in-depth idea about these beautiful gemstones before making the purchase. 


The color 


The colors of the turquoise are mainly determined by the place where they have been found. The different regions have different varieties and colors that determine the value of these gemstones. Some turquoise has broad lines of a matrix, and some have closely-knit spider-like patterns, and the colors also range from light blue to deeper blue to the greenish-blue to the lighter shades of yellow mixed with it. 

But the most valued turquoise has the saturated form of blue. This stunning shade of turquoise is distinctive. It makes awe-inspiring turquoise jewelry like turquoise bracelets, turquoise necklaces, and many more loved by admirers.


The Cut 


What sets the turquoise apart is the shape and the cut. Turquoise is usually cut in the big cabochons, highlighting the stone's texture, shape, and patterns. The designer in the industry working with the turquoise usually prefers the turquoise, which highlights the details; they choose the small ones with little or no components with the simple vermeils like silver and rose gold that makes beautiful turquoise jewelry.


The Clarity


The turquoise comes in semi-translucent to opaque shades. They usually have the matrix patterns in the spider web shape that create beautiful inclusions in the jewelry. They are generally opaque, but you can even find them translucent in rare occurrences.


Turquoise in jewelry


Turquoise is a very popular gemstone that has been used in jewelry since ancient times. They make exquisite gemstone jewelry that is one of a kind and sets the mood straight. They are the enchanting beauty that alleviates the shine and amp up the style. Turquoise makes the most stunning turquoise rings and turquoise necklace that sets the stage and highlights the wearer's features.


Where to buy it?


If you are wondering where to buy these perplexing beauties, then you can check out rananjay exports. They are the most trusted wholesale gemstone jewelry manufacturer and resellers with a wide selection of Wholesale Turquoise Jewelry and gemstone silver jewelry that fits your requirements.

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