Top Ways to Improve Your Online Homeschooling Experience

Online homeschooling is the dream education system for many young students today! However, in order to succeed in an online homeschooling course, the adjustment factor has a vital role to play. While studying in a brick-and-mortar school, you always have a teacher or your peers to poke you and chase you to submit an assignment. However, this is not the case in an online homeschool. There are no “live” teachers or “live” peers as such to remind you of your tasks. You need to self-initiate. For this, you need to show a great deal of adjustment. You need to be responsible for completing all of your work in a timely fashion.

Given that there so many distractions today, especially in the digital form, online homeschooling students need to be strong-willed and highly driven in order to maintain diligence in their studies. You experience wholesome learning in an online learning system only when you give it your first priority! After all, the learning environment should be so healthy for the child that certain setbacks or circumstances do not disrupt the course flow. Of course, it depends on the choice of online homeschool and the curriculum selected; it also depends on the learning habits adopted by the student.

Here are the top ways to improve your online homeschooling experience:

Introduction of a variety of media

Most of the students are bored of monotonous class lectures. This is why the learning mode employed in conventional schools is not as engaging as that adopted by the online homeschools. Excitement gets you motivated by making you take a genuine interest in your studies.

Even being an online learner, you cannot afford to sit in front of the computer all day long. This is clearly not a thriving situation. Try encouraging him to take breaks from time to time in between the hectic online learning schedule. You can use real-life events such as outings or field trips, textbooks, hands-on projects etc. to keep your child engaged and thriving throughout the online course. You might encourage your child to change the learning mediums from time to time, such as switching from video lessons to audio books, from plain text to PowerPoint presentations. This also encourages natural breaks and gives you the required u time to self-assess.

A genuine online homeschooling program employs a variety of media to keep your student engaged and ready to learn, including video lessons, online quizzes and tests, project-based learning, and note-taking guides. Multiple online resources and hands-on or printable learning tools are critical to break up the day and meet various learning styles. Make sure to move on from an online program that does not allow you to work away from a computer.


 Set a smart schedule

Do not go on a general or common schedule. Build a schedule that is meant to you, your lifestyle and your learning style. The internet is available 24-7. Take this and work on your course from anywhere. However, certain programs might not allow you to do that. Certain online programs require you to log in at certain times, log certain hours, and even follow a somewhat rigid school calendar just like a conventional school. So, make your choice wisely while selecting an online homeschool.

Remember that your schedule should be humanly attainable! It should not be loaded or too rigid. Make it breathable so that you can bring changes to it in case some unforeseen circumstances come up to disrupt your coursework. In short, create a flexible schedule.


Keep ahead of your schedule

When you have a well-crafted flexible schedule in hand, your job is only half done. You now need to make sure that you remain ahead of your schedule at any given point of your course flow, at least under normal circumstances. There are quite a few times when certain disruption might arrive and hamper this smooth flow. However, you need to be smart and determined enough to come right back on track soon and make up for the loss of work. In fact, the beauty of an online homeschooling course is that you can resume back your studies whenever you want. So, use this benefit to your every advantage.

Make sure not to lag behind for a considerable amount of time. When you are lagging behind your schedule, you might get those negative vibes that you always dread! When you stay ahead in the game, you are confident and highly driven. This habit might even help you to achieve an early graduation!


Go to a designated Study Room

Make sure to fix a specific place for your online homeschooling curriculum. If your house is pretty spacious, fix a separate room or area that shall be devoted only to studying. The room should be maintained clean and highly organized. It should also be far away from the common distractions such as the TV. The room should not face a busy street. If possible, you can keep a separate TV in the room.


This room should have a comfortable desk-and-chair set-up. It should be essentially quiet with proper lighting facility and fan or A.C. During your study hours, it is a healthy practice to keep your cell phone out of the room. Though it might sound way too harsh, it shall actually help you stay focused on the task for a long time.


Proper time-management

You genuinely need to learn how to manage your homeschooling time. It might be pretty hard at first. However, with time you shall develop this very skill. You may use the online homeschooling planner, timer etc. to enhance this skill.

This is actually a very important skill that stays with you throughout your life, once developed.


Form an Organization System

Staying organized is vital when it comes to succeeding in an online homeschooling course. If you are relying on your notes and some other form of paperwork, make sure to arrange these in their respective folders or files. You certainly do not want to lose these important notes just before your test or assessment. You can set up a calendar with important dates.


Following these tips, you can succeed your online homeschooling course with flying colors.

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