When Should you See an Knee Replacement Surgeon

Our knee joint is one of the largest joint in our body which makes it complex as well. The joint where our thigh, and leg meet is called knee joint, knee joint allows our leg to extend, and bend with small motion, being one of the largest bone joint in our body its prone to injuries, and diseases. Any disease of knee joint can restrict our daily activities which can be frustrating to many of us, which is why timely medical intervention can get you back the normal functioning of your knee joints. According to best knee replacement surgeon in Delhi nowadays younger people are also having knee joint issues like arthritis.
How Knee Pain Indicates Knee Replacement Surgery
Knee pain is very common condition, many times minor knee pain situation can be resolved with self-care like ice-packs, and resting your knee. In some cases where knee pain is severe, and constant than these self-care methods fail, in such situation it can also be the sign of some serious health issues.
we often hear people complaining about knee pain in our daily lives, but people often ignore chronic knee pain thinking it as normal condition of knee which is not right, if you are feeling pain in your joints even while resting, and swelling which does not go away on its own than you should consult with knee replacement surgeon in Delhi for right diagnosis.
If you are having on-going knee pain, and non-invasive methods fail to provide any relief from the pain than knee replacement surgery can be your last, and best resort. Knee braces, physical therapy, medications are some example of non-medical treatment, for some individual knee pain can lead to disability as well where they need cane, and walker. Knee replacement surgery in Delhi can help you get rid of these assistance, and normal functioning of the joints.
What is Knee Replacement Surgery?
Knee replacement is surgical procedure in which injured part of knee joint is replaced with artificial joint. Best knee replacement surgeon in Delhi NCR Dr Atul Mishra from Asic Clinic offers three major types of knee replacement surgeries.
Total Knee Replacement Surgery: in this method total knee joints are replaced, often suggested in patients with end-stage of arthritis, once you’re recovered from this surgery than you can walk easily without pain
Partial Knee Replacement Surgery: as the name suggested a part of knee replaced with artificial joint made of plastic, metal or ceramic. Best knee replacement surgeon in Delhi performs computerized minimal invasive replacement surgery which helps in faster recovery for the patient.
Revision Knee Replacement Surgery: in some cases one may need revision knee replacement surgery, mostly performed when previous implant failed or deteriorated over the years.

You can consult with Dr. Atul Mishra one of the best knee replacement surgeon in Delhi for above mentioned surgeries, he has great experience in orthopaedic field, and have successfully replaced the knee joints of hundreds of patients. Best knee replacement surgeon in Delhi suggests this surgery to patient living with advance stages of arthritis

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