How to Boost Business with Effective Sales Management Skills

The success of our society is determined by the success of entrepreneurs. For entrepreneurs to be successful they have as companions sales managers with great productive skills. Several businesses which rose to the top did so thanks to the great skills of the sales manager. Our writing will be based on the different vital sales manager skills needed to achieve superior success in your business. Before we look at the skills you long to see, let us reflect on the responsibilities of a sales manager.

Responsibilities of the Sales Manager

Every sale manager has as responsibility/goal to find new and effective ways to increase sales. They also have as responsibility, the supervision of sales associates alongside the other employees. In several cases, they work alone on carrying these activities. Nevertheless, in certain large business arenas, they work with assistants in meeting the requirements that are expected of them. In order to meet or exceed already established sales projections, they effectively implement their company’s sales activities and sales program.

The sales manager is responsible for the monitoring of sales. In the case of a decrease in sales, he is required to take immediate measures to adjust the situation. The sales manager works in collaboration with the purchase manager to keep shelves’ stock.

Sales managers are offered the good fortune of earning an average annual salary of 53,514 dollars. It is worth noting that experience also has a moderate effect on your personal salary. Thus, it is an interesting job to pick out among many for its benefits.

Sales managers are liable to work in both retail and non-retail settings.

Other duties of sales managers include the coordination of inventory control, direct sales, sales performance analysis, and sales reporting. Either via video conferences or face-to-face, sales managers must conduct regular meetings with their regional or national sales managers. They are also responsible for developing and achieving sales objectives and executing sales strategies as well as conducting advertisements and other promotional programs.

Sales and marketing managers must have managerial and leadership skills. Employers often require sales managers to have a bachelor’s Sales and marketing managers excellent customer services and interpersonal skills. In addition, they must be in possession of good written and oral communication skills. Sales managers are also responsible for evaluating and providing analyses for international market opportunities and new products. They are also fully responsible for maintaining contact and visiting key markets in order to investigate the operations and local conditions.

Presently, let’s get into what you are more interested about that is the different sales skills, and sales techniques used in retail.


Most often the minimum certification needed in order to occupy the post of a sales manager is a bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, finance, or some other relevant field.Few employers recommend their employees to have a master’s degree. Nevertheless, some companies often accept candidates with several years of experience in place of the bachelor’s degree. Thus, if you have plans of making it a career someday, it is worth taking economics, business, finance, and statistics related subjects serious. After your college studies, enroll into one of the highly accredited business and finance institutions reputed to provide quality education. Most often in such schools, there are clubs and seminars which you can attend to gain extra knowledge on how to boost a business with sales manager skills. So you should search your dream company and pick out their recommendations for the post, if you find need to continue after your first degree then move on.

Lead by example

Sales and marketing managers must have managerial and leadership skills. Leading people with different egos and motivations is not easy yet the sales manager is expected to assist everyone in the company to move in the same direction for the benefit of the company. The approach of leading by example is much better than trying to lead by words and commands. As a sales and marketing manager, after your degree in a reputable institution, you will move out for a position in your dream company. Leading by example creates an environment that facilitates confidence, cohesion, and success.

Welcome new ideas

This sale technique used in retail turns to be highly effective. In almost all activities, one has to adjust in order to suit our profits. Thus being flexible as a sales manager is very vital since you can easily adjust, welcome new ideas and make new efficient decisions which will boost the performance of the company. Out of experience, in sales management, the best sales managers often create an open and receptive environment for new ideas. As a sales manager always on phone daily trying to put things working, you might not be able to see certain little things that can be of great interest. Thus, giving the permission to your sales team to make propositions for adjustments is very vital for the success of the company. Always encourage creativity and brainstorm so that those under you can feel free to bring suggestions on table.

Identify your weaknesses

This is one of the most important sales management skill which so many managers have neglected and it has turned to cause a lot of downfall to their respective companies. There is an interesting adage that is worth throwing more light on; people don’t quit companies rather they quit managers. In August 2016, about 3 million employees voluntarily left their positions. Reason for their quitting was attributed to the weaknesses of their respective managers. Thus it is highly important for managers to identify their weaknesses and properly manage them. This is just the first sales skill needed by a sales manager who wants to boost the profit of the company.

Eliminate nasty competition

We have healthy and positive competition which when encouraged in the company will boost sales thus greater profit. However, the other way round negative competition will bring the downfall of the company; that is hidden competition where each member is trying to reach the highest point all alone. It is now left for the sales manager to apply appropriate skills to encourage the team to work well, friendly, and transparent. In proper sales management, it is very important to create an environment of healthy and productive competition.

Put down in writing goals and expectations for a period of time

It is very difficult to talk about success without goals. It has been believed for centuries that success in whatever we do goes alongside with goals. In order for us to achieve this, there must be set principles to respect. It is same for success in sales management. The sales manager is recommended to set goals which he and their team members must achieve after a given period of time. In case they fail to do so, then they have to readjust their sales techniques. As a sales manager, make sure everyone in the sales team knows their responsibilities and what they are to be held accountable for. Make sure that every team member is aware of all the rewards reserved for those who meet set objectives and the consequences of not meeting them. Effective goals are easily attainable. Such goals are those that are;

  • Realistic;
  • Measurable;
  • Timely; and
  • Specific.

If a sales manager should conceive goals that meet all the above characteristics for a period of time, the chances succeeding is high.

Admit your mistakes

In management, accept errors you make. At times you can go wrong as a sales manager and one of your sales team agents should be able to respectfully disagree with you without discomfort or fear. You do not need to worry much for there is no human being with the monopoly of know-how. So you should be able to accept the correction and take things simple. It has been noticed that the best leaders were all ok with failure and saw it as something not to repeat. An error for the first time is not bad but having to repeat thesame error is a problem. He who is always afraid of errors will not try new was or methods which could be better than the traditional ways already being used. There are several risk that pay off quite well. As a sales manager, it is very important to be comfortable with your mistakes and simply learn from them.

Teach your sales team reps

By properly teaching your team agents, they end up like you. A good sales manager will keep on working hard to improve the skills of the team members. As a sales manager, always offer the chance to all the team agents to learn new sales skills and sales techniques used in retail. Make sure that constant learning and improvement is part of your teams program. Allow your team members to be free to move up to you whenever they face difficulties in accomplishing their task. This will prevent low output yield and mistakes in the field. By doing this, you’ll find out sooner than planned that their sale skills have greatly improved.

Be in possession of effective written and oral communication skills

As a sales manager, it is very important to have a mastery of oral and written communication skills. This is because you will have to convince both your working team as well as customers about the quality and importance of the goods or services that you are selling out. A sales manager should be able to speak openly on public grounds without fear or resistance. He has to be able to make a speech which was not prepared previously. Those who are aspiring to become sales managers can take their language courses serious and those who are already working and think they need some adjustments in their communication skills; can take on online communication courses. Those facing difficulties in expressing themselves in the public can as well join public speaking groups.

Avoid orders from the ivory tower

As a good sales manager, you are recommended to lend out a helping hand whenever need arises. This is one of the sales techniques which turn to encourage members of the team to put in their best. As a sales manager you should never be afraid to model out what is expected of sellers. Nevertheless, the quality of a sales manager can be measured by the success of the team.

Pay attention to strengths and not weaknesses

For every one weakness of a team member raised, three positive feedbacks should follow. This is because in cases where sales managers spend their days throwing more light on the weaknesses of the team members, there is less productivity as they turn to be discouraged than encouraged. One of the sales techniques used by sales managers is keeping a close attention and look at each member of the team thus complimenting them for all their contributions for the  of the advancement of the company. For proper sales management to be achieved, all sales tasks should be personalized as well as feedbacks. In this way, each member becomes more conscious of the task to be accomplished. As long as there is enough room for flexibility, personalization of duties is important. But pouring out more light on the importance of each personnel in the sales department as a sales manager, the workers are encouraged to go ahead.

Carefully choose the sales members

Finding the best sellers in the market is not only time eating, it is also costly and challenging. Nevertheless, it’s worth carrying out the process. This is because the best results can only be obtained from the best employees. Also take enough time to pick out sellers who have goals that align with the objectives of the company. Making a mistake during the hiring process can turn to be very costly and difficult to fix. Improved team performance and sales results will be greatly influenced by a sales manager who is able to identify and select top sales talent.

Create fun in the sales team

Several great sales managers tend to obtain the best from their sales reps when they eventually care about the happiness of each individual in their team. Such managers understand the importance of showing appreciation and celebrating advancements. It is not strange that making fun ends up boosting productivity. Fun at work also helps to alleviate the pressures that move along with sales.

Know when to reproach a team member

It is very important to know when to reproach a team member. A sales manager must not raise up every little mistake. There are certain mistakes which the employee realizes them all alone without attention. For sure they will work hard to stay away from such mistakes in future so it is not worth reminding them of what they have already realized and classed as wrong. A good sales manager does not reproach team members as if he was waiting for them to fail in their duty so that he can yell out loud. He knows the right time to speak and when not to speak. A highly skilled sales manager is tolerant and understandable thus knowing when to send out words of reproach and those of appreciation. He/she seeks to find balance between reproaches and appreciations even for employees which are hard to deal with. By so doing he/she can better manage the sales process in order to produce the highest profit.

Avoid complicated processes

A good sales manager will establish simple and effective processes which he shall explain to the team members. Making the process simply will help to prevent and also eliminate unnecessary mistakes. Apart from goals, every team needs a methodology to drive sales team performance to maximum. It should be noted that complex sales methodologies can confuse sales reps. If the process really needs to be complex, let it be complex just as it really needs to be. Nevertheless, an effective sales manager knows how to better explain and support the sales process in order to render it easier for all sales reps to make a full meaning out of it.

Make expectations clear to everyone

One can only move forward when he knows where he is going to. It is the same with the sales reps, they will be more productive and fruitful if the sales manager makes clear all what is expected from them at regular intervals of time.


It is extremely difficult for employees to respect a boss they don’t trust. The sales reps play a vital role in the company’s advancement and if they are not satisfied there is a great tendency that the sales process won’t be appreciable. This is why it is very important for the sales manager to be fully transparent to the people who report to him. This can be done by providing feedbacks and by directly addressing all employee worries appropriately. As a sales manager, once you are able to resolve the challenges faced by the employees, they’ll learn to be loyal and respectful to you as they perceive you with great esteem.

Taking the Diplomatic approach serious

It is very easy to talk of avoiding conflicts than it is really done. Conflicts are bound to arise at the work site as long as people perceive things differently. To be able to peacefully and satisfactorily resolve them diplomatically reflects the competency of a sales manager. When such situations arise, it is wise to play a mediating role avoiding to take the side of one person; that can raise anger in the other. Being diplomatic in resolving issues is not always very easy but the more you are able to resolve issues, the more you are better. This skill can boost effective communication among the sales reps thereby optimizing the company’s profit rate.

Being precise

Precision has always been a great tool to success in business used by sales and marketing managers. It can greatly minimize expenditures and boost profit. When sale managers fail to be precised, the sales reps would likely spend greater time trying to unravel his mistakes.

Keep on learning

Although you have reached a leadership position in the company, it is still worth refining your skills as time passes. You have to keep up with the learning process informing yourself of the new sales skills and modifications brought on the existing ones. This is because research is being made continuously in order to ameliorate the business domain.

Refine your people skills

Sales managers are expected to engage with their teams and different types of sales that are making their reps successful and those that are not of great use. Research and experience has proven that sales reps that receive ongoing coaching and training from their sales managers often turn to be 50% more likely to come up with new sales than sales reps not refined through ongoing training by their sales managers. It is left to the sales manager to figure out the best coaching style that will lead to preferred results.

Take a scientific approach

Data analysis tools permeate us to better understand how past sales activities generated specific results. Thus a wise sales manager will implement a sale strategy based on the types of activities that have proven to be effective in boosting the business’s success. This necessitates proper data collection and storage.


Emotion plays constitutes one of the sales skills according to the saying that ‘’features tell while benefits sell. Benefits are the emotional connotations of your products or services while features are their facts. Thus a sales manager with effective sales skills is able to make his/her prospect feel how great it will be to own their product and the improvements that the product will bring in their lives. In this way, the tendency of selling is almost 100%.

Set the expectation

There exist several other sales techniques used in retail but setting expectations is even more special because it allows you to carry out a proper expectation check. It is important to visualize your day before it unfolds. Check out if your customers will be happy with the goods you’ll be presenting them or not; from here you can know the best approach to take.

Take care in your look

It should be noted that you simply get back what you dress for so let’s dress properly. Sales techniques such as dressing should be paid greater attention as it reflects your personality and how serious you are in what you are doing.

Don’t judge

This might turn to be difficult but do not judge a customer from his/her look. If we should do this, it will just be like judging a book from its cover. So many people do this thereby figuring which customer is worth their attention and time but they turn to loose.

If you properly manage your job as a sales manager, you’ll find much fun in carrying out your duties. It pays pretty well but requires much attention and effort. You will have to constantly monitor the performance of your company and develop new strategies to take it from where it is to some other advanced place in terms of profitability. Although doing this can be challenging, it’s possible thanks to our guide to boosting the sales profit of your company. Even if you are not the best of sales managers, simply follow our sale skills and apply them for a better change in your company. In lesser time than you planned, you’ll start observing improvements in the company.

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