Why genealogy tree is important in the network marketing business?

      Why genealogy tree is important in the network marketing business?

A quite interesting section of Network marketing especially MLM oriented concept is the Genealogy Tree. The concept completely relies on the structure of members of the system. If you are the one who is planning to initiate a network marketing business then you need a good understanding of the genealogy tree. Here we are gonna know better about the importance of Genealogy tree!

What is network marketing?

A person to person sales business model that uses independent representatives is stated as a network marketing business. This business needs a strong network of business people to make it successful.

What is a Genealogy Tree?

A tree like structure that holds important information of the members will be termed a Genealogy tree. It always depicts the origin of any user and helps to identify the predecossor and succeeder. The tree is shown as parent-children concept. This easy to understand graphical representation helps for a better understanding of the system. The sponsor, upline, downline members will be arranged in a tree like structure. The genealogy tree makes the user placement different as per the MLM backend plan that we choose. As per the MLM plan width, depth will be structured in a tree.

Key Features

There are some inbuilt feature of the genealogy tree that make it adequate support for MLM business, some of them are

  • Graphical representation of members
  • Selecting the place to add new members in the structure
  • Searching a particular user will be much easier in the users loaded MLM plans
  • Level wise, as well as downline wise member and distributor identification, will be done
  • Up to date member data with detailed information will be shown.

If any new member joining the network and invites more referrals, he will be the sponsor of those referrals and he will earn profit for that too. The genealogy tree shows the details as

  • Parent User Details: Under whom the user got placed.
  • Sponsor User Details: Using whose referral link, the new user signed up
  • Direct Downlines: Details of the user who uses the member referral link and signed up in the system.
  • Referral Downlines: Number of downlines that he earned from his own downlines, more like indirect referrals.
  • Rank of the members: This detail will change as per the backend MLM plan.

No need to stress more to get the details, hovering over the genealogy avatar shows these details in detail. This helps to accelerate the working efforts of every distributor and member. Network Marketing is one of the biggest evolution in today's market, genealogy tree is one of the main features that help for the business roll on of the MLM business model. Whatever the business plan we are using, the Genealogy tree is the important terminology that is irreplaceable. When choosing software for your MLM business, it’s key to choose genealogy MLM software that shows different user levels in order to get success in this fast moving MLM market.

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