The 3 in one Snapper Slapper Lure can make fishing much easier!

Tired of returning back home from your fishing trips without a catch? Snapper Slapper Lures is a combination of 3 lures in one. It has been made using years of combined resources, bringing you an all in one jig, casting bait and troll that ensures a great catch every time. It has now become the most effective way to catch fish. Tuna, snapper or any other type of fish can be easily caught with the Snapper Slapper Lure.


All our lures are created to stand the test of time which is why you can depend upon them everytime you go fishing. As one of the top producers of high quality baits for snapper fishing, Snapper Slapper Lures bring you the most versatile offshore fishing lures and a full line of fishing hooks for every fishing type, all from one source. When you take a look at the wide range of products we have to offer, it may even feel like there’s too much to choose from! Each and every product is made combining research and innovation.


You can also choose Snapper Slapper Lures in various sizes, shapes and colors to lure different kinds of fish. The magic of the lure has caught the attention of fishermen from far and wide. You’ll be amazed at how well it can fish in all kinds of water! The jig will flutter down and stay in the target lane for a long time. All you have to do is slide it into the water to see the magic in motion.


You can troll with the bait attached without the lure spinning and the first time you use it, you’ll understand why it's a must use accessory in fishing. Our 3 in one lures have a much higher chance of success than with any other fishing accessory. It’s a deadly fish attractor that can make fishing a much easier and enjoyable activity. The original Snapper Slapper Lures can be used as a jig or a casting bait or troll also. It's a deadly fish attractor that can give you a catch every time.


There are many different kinds of cedar plugs, baits for snapper fishing and cedar plug daisy chains available for cedar plug fishing but the Snapper Slapper Lures can make a great difference in how you fish. If you want to experience ultimate action when you’re fishing, choose our 3 in one lures! Our lures are made in a symmetrical shape, just like a real fish. While there are other lures that are much slimmer but picking the ones that have more girth is an optimum choice.


Snapper Slapper Lures created its 3 in 1 lure to ensure 3 different functions in one product so it is a lot compact, useful and innovative than other lures. The reason why fish get caught in our lures so easily is that they flutter down and stay in the target range.  When the fish plugs onto the lure, you’ll have to reel it in slowly. A lure that is properly balanced and can quickly troll is favoured in fishing.




The keel side must be down and you need to align the other point upside in the water. You can also use this as a bait for snapper fishing. Cedar plug fishing with a cedar plug daisy chain is great because fishes find plugs almost irresistible and come towards them quickly.


As opposed to any other lure that does not stay balanced and is prone to damage, the Snapper Slapper lure does a much better job. The lure can be used as a fast troll with up to 10 knots. A cheap quality lure will quickly spin out of control whereas a quality product stays in the target range longer. These are just some reasons why the Snapper Slapper Lures is the optimum choice for anyone that loves fishing. For more information, visit us-


Email- [email protected]


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