Spiritual Need’s Assessment Tool

The process of becoming the healthcare provider will affect the attention offered for the technical and clinical skills which are essential for healthcare assessment. The concept of holistic care provides the high reasoning for treating the whole people who are essential for healthcare requirements, (Brown, 2012).  The provision of being ill can affect the moods and beliefs of other people. The belief and hope of the patient in religion will affect the recuperation motivation for the individuals.  The understanding of the individuality and sensitivity of the patient help in the management of the different tasks for the management.  The proximity of the healthcare provider requires the logical appreciation and presentation of the person’s views.  The comfort of addressing the issues allows the bridging of the areas of deep concerns to the family and the patient. The spiritual needs assessment tool offers the holistic treatment.

             A brief summary of the spiritual needs assessment was as followed. The spiritual needs assessment tool was placed to an old lady. Her age was 93 years, (Terrence, 2012). The grandmother had four old children. She was married and divorced after thirty-six years of marriage. The spiritual knowledge is based on the assessment of the faith for God, who hopes on the better tomorrow. The resident of the interviewed lady was Stones River Manor, (Brown, 2012). Her religion was Christianity. She often went to fellowship for the Methodist church.  A source of strength and hope for the lady was Jesus Christ. She believed God is good, and men will reap what they sow, in life. The patient had the life experienced for the assessment of the desperate teaching of the young children with the importance of the Lord.

             The significant discoveries which were identified from the assessment were on the relationship of hope, faith, friendship, family and God.  The hope of seeing God and living in paradise was the largest motivator for the belief of hope. The faith helped to provide the strength of the hope. The lady was able to hold on to the belief of God being the controller of her life. The friends for the patient helped to bring warmth and smile or laughter for the woman. The friends tended to be closer than the family members. The family members offered the patient finances and family bonding.  The God was observed by the patient to be the provider of relationships and other things in the world.  The other significant discovery was on the choice of the doctors, (Brown, 2012). The doctor was seen to assess the outlook which shaped the care for Christian doctors.  The provision of the Christian doctor allowed the provision of support for the religious belief and support. The patient boosted of the numerous fellowships of people coming to their houses. The women attended the home congregations for the child when the time is possible.  The patient recounted of her experience on an ear surgery of 1980. She expressed that she felt a person holding her hand.

             The assessment forced me to assess the issues that can be questioned. This helped in the management of the assessment.  The research of the questions helped in assessing the approaches to phrase the sensitive subjects for the spiritual assessment, (Terrence, 2012).  The taking of short notes during the assessment helped in the recounting of the different issues for the research. The thing that went well was on the questioning of what the patient loved. The patient expressed her love to travelling and singing. The expression of the passion for going for travelling and singing in the choir allowed the lighting up of her face. Her old age made her vulnerable to seek for people to share. This offered the best approaches for communication. The patient recounted that she had travelled to more than 14 churches in playing, (Brown, 2012). I took the time and went to the visiting of the Gill Methodist church. A visit to the church of the patient helped to identify the provided acceptance between the social classes and ethnic groups.  The recording of the feedback and through books allowed the identification of the book of church.

             The issues which can be done differently will be the following. I will seek to find out the times of day for the patients who want or need to set aside the reflection or prayer. The minimization of the interruption will be the other issue, (Hunter, 2009).  The choice of the venue was in the hospital. The movement of the nurses and the friends of the patient swayed her mind. The other issue was on the reduction of anxiety for the patient.  The anxiety will be reduced for the provision of the activities assuring the success of the organization.  The patient will feel free to share with the healthcare provision for asking the health care provider. The assessment had numerous interferences from the people of the organization. This affected the overall strength of performing activities for the organization.  The interview of the religious leaders should be placed in the assessment of the beliefs which the patient is affected. 

             The barriers and challenges identified for the spiritual needs assessment will be assessed.  The first challenge was in the preparation. The lack of acknowledgement of the issues for testing forced the assessment of the different procedures for the organization.  The good matching of the positions will offer the making of the difference for the departments, (Hunter, 2009).  The challenge of the communication was the overall issue affecting the addressing of the age of the organization.  The management will focus on listening careful on the finding of the rambling of the interviews expressed for the paths of discussion.  The search of the relatives and friends of the patient was a real challenge.   The elimination of the vague expressions was seen to affect the provision of evidence for the spiritual need’s assessment.

            In conclusion, the spiritual need’s assessment tool offers the holistic treatment. The assessment tool offers the understanding of the impact for the spiritual beliefs and patient’s health. the assessment will allow the understanding of the personal beliefs for the medical students who are impacted with the care. The development of the skills will assure the completion of the religious and spiritual assessment. The assessment of the people surrounding the patient offered the acknowledgement of the issues affecting the patient.  The incorporation of the other people’s view helped in understanding the religious beliefs of the patient. The assessment focuses on the value judgment for understanding the function of spirituality and religion of the everyday life for the patient and the family.  The identification of the barriers for the spiritual assessment tool help in the determination of traits of religion.


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