The Most In-Demand Cisco Certifications

By Jennifer Balsom

According to reports, 85% of CIOs predict that technological hiring shall remain persistent as ever even though the in-demand jobs and skills in IT companies might change rapidly. Let us have a look at some Cisco networking certification courses and the job market that is about to unfold for the coming year.

With cyber-attacks, phishing and other looming threats over the internet, cybersecurity experts are going to remain in pursuit. Along with them, network administrators are also supposed to be in high demand next year. Most importantly, both security and networking fields are Cisco's alley.

Here in we shall discuss five Cisco tracks that will help you scale better heights in 2017. Each of these comes in three levels, namely CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE, but herein we shall discuss solely CCNA. CCNA is the entry-level certification of all three. It is categorized as CCNA, CCNP. CCIE. Let us understand these for security.


The need: Security is going to be a big topic in 2018 and for the years to come. If you consider looking at the past statistics for the last quarter, or the month, you’re likely to see a variety of cybersecurity topics and attack news. These might vary from Russian hacks of the US political system to Yahoo leaks of account credentials (in billions), or many of the Fortune 500 companies already hacked. Security professionals are thus going to be in great demand for the foreseeable future.

CCNA Cyber Ops

The need: Cyber Ops is an entry-level security certification and focuses on working in security operations centers. This certification helps learn about how to effectively maintain firewall(s), antivirus software, and how to effectively respond to any persisting cybersecurity threat. This certification is considered as the first step into beginning a career with cybersecurity.


The need: The data center certifications of Cisco helps in designing, implementing, and maintaining networks. Each level of the certification adds more complexity and greater understanding of Cisco networks, allowing holders to further advance their careers.

CCNA/CCNP/CCIE Routing and Switching

The need: The Cisco CCNA switching and routing training focuses on Cisco’s core network engineering skills and is suitable for professionals who wish to begin a career in network engineering, support engineering, systems engineering; or as a network technician. Network administrators are also responsible for the maintenance of enterprise infrastructure. Along with it, network engineers are also needed to understand and implement the newest technologies in the market.

CCNA/CCNP/CCIE Collaboration

The need: The Collaboration certifications from Cisco focus on voice, video, and other collaboration software and hardware learning. These are useful for network administrators, and help them understand how to manage enterprise-level collaboration equipment.

Begin your learning

You can begin your learning of Cisco networking certifications and enhance your learning on Cisco technologies. Cisco is a reputed name to bank upon for networking and security courses and training.

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