Simple Steps to Promote Clothing Line on Facebook with Live Videos and 360 Degree Videos

Wow! Is this really going to happen? Shall we really get to see our favorite products from every angle on Facebook? It will be an amazing experience for customers.

Facebook has recently introduced Live Video, Live Audio and 360 Degree Videos features. The introduction these features have indicated businesses and the social media marketing service providers to revise their social media marketing strategy.

AWWWW! But there arises a question! How will you promote your clothing line even if you revise your social media marketing strategy to be able make the most of Live videos and 360 degree videos on Facebook?  

Hmmm! Got you thinking! Right? Scratching your head? Do not worry we know what you should do to be able to promote your fashion brand using Facebook live videos and 360 degree videos.  See the steps you need to execute below…

Plan Live Marketing Events

Facebook is a place where you can depend on live marketing to get your clothing line of to a good start. You can sit live with your target audience and answer their queries. You can even post a video about your products or brand on Facebook. But live marketing is something that can really take your clothing line to the next level of success.

Are you going to conduct a live event to promote your clothing line? Great! Live marketing/video marketing your clothing line on Facebook is one of the best thing you can give a shot to! Do you not know how to market live on Facebook?

Don’t worry! Just follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Bring you smartphone out of your pocket and open the Facebook app.
  • Now you are advised to click on the status bar of your profile to open it. This is like as if you are going to write a new status on your Facebook page.
  • See the picture below carefully. You will see an icon that is somewhat similar to a human silhouette. Tap on this “Live” icon.
  • Now you should let Facebook access your smartphone’s camera and press the continue button.
  • Do not forget you will need to check your privacy settings prior to starting your live video. This will help you know how your live video will look like to people. Therefore, just scroll down and you will see an option called “More”. Click on it and you will find “Only ME” privacy option.  See the photo below:


  • The next step is to write a compelling description which is going to appear on the timeline of your clothing line’s followers. It is a kind of status that help people understand the objective of your live video and inspires them to join you.
  • Remember to adjust your camera’s angle to make sure that the camera of your smartphone sees exactly what you want to show to people watching your live video. If you want to show your own face to people watching your live video, click on the two rotating arrow you see in the upper right-hand corner of your screen as shown in a photo below:


  • If you want people to see something else, just click “Go Live” option and being your interaction with all viewers and commenters.  You can also take their name during the live video and reply to their comments with their name in comments box. This tactics will keep them encouraged to see your live video or live event coverage about your clothing line. You can also answer their questions about your brand or product. Do not forget to make use of reactions and like button while interacting with your viewers to make them feel they are the part of your brand.


Finally, you should end your live broadcast and remember to save the video for rolling your camera. This will help you save your video/live event’s video for later use as shown in the picture below:


Now your live video is over. It is posted on your clothing line’s timeline. You can go to your clothing line’s timeline and change its privacy settings and descriptions any time.

Boost Your Clothing Line With 360 Videos:

360 degree videos are somewhat like experiencing the very best of Virtual reality. Viewers have the ability to tap on their smartphone’s screen or drag their mouse on their desktop screen here and there to see your product from different angles. 360 degree videos allow your visitors to see everything happening in your live events too.  Follow the steps mentioned below to add a 360 degree video to boost your post or clothing line’s presence on Facebook:

  • First of all, you should login to your clothing line’s Facebook page and navigate to Photo/Video option. Now click on Photo/Option.
  • Click at the Advanced Tab and also remember to check the box next to This video was recorded in 360° format. Checking this option is way to make sure that all 360 degree video control options appear on page.
  • Now set the initial camera orientation and field of view for your 360 degree video to be published by clicking the 360 Controls Tab.
  • Now your 360 degree video is ready to get published. Therefore, click on Publish Option.
  • Now you are all set to boost your 360 degree videos using Power Editor and ad Creation.


Remember, your 360 degree video should not exceed the time length of more than 30 minutes and its file size must be less than 5 GB.

You can make your target audience as well as current customer interact with your clothing line and its products just like you did it in a live video.

Final Words:

At Last, you are advised to keep some room available for Facebook live events/ videos and 360 degree videos in your social media marketing strategy. In this way, the brand presence of your clothing line will reach the next level and you will have more number of leads and sales via Facebook.

So, thinking about hiring the best social media marketing company to carry out the task of engaging users with your emerging clothing line? Get in touch!

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