Whats new in Sage 50c

Sage 50c is a massive small business accounting application that's designed for desktop use. Its early roots predate QuickBooks Online Plus, the Web-based Editors' Choice for small business accounting software, so it's had well over two decades to grow. The most significant change since I last reviewed the app is its new relationship with the cloud—that's what the "c" stands for. You can now share your financial data with your accountant and other users by storing it on the Web-based Sage Drive. Its closest competition in terms of its ability to complete sophisticated accounting tasks is AccountEdge Pro, similarly desktop-bound software that boasts an integrated mobile app and browser-based remote access for transaction entry and data retrieval on the road. Sage 50c lacks those features, but it's a well-rounded small business accounting tool.

What's new with Sage 50c?

Sci-fi isn't Sci-Fi any more, fiction is getting the opportunity to be reality. This mid year we got the chance to display the best of our things and development in the midst of the Sage Summit Tours which happened all through the world including urban territories, for instance, Toronto and London. Sage 50 2018 adjustment is pushing before the complete of October 2017 moreover!

Current Sage 50c Features

Are you subscribed to Sage 50c and contemplating about how Sage One, Sage Drive, SPS and extra things like Office 365 with Sage Intelligence Cloud or possibly EFT all join ? We've been including convenience.

Sage 50c joins and allows the coordination of Sage One (basic accounting, for taking care of sales and portions totally on the cloud), Sage Drive (empowers you to place and offer your database on the cloud and to confer access to a clerk or accomplices, 5 ppl max read-only, 1 singular adjusting at any given minute), SPS (charge card number accumulating secured on the web) and your model Sage 50 Desktop foundation. These things and organizations are joined as a part of the Sage 50C tech support phone number package, extra things consolidate EFT (Electronic Fund Transfers) and back (auto force estimations + e-reporting limits). One year term enrollments that are paid month to month are available. View this blog for more unobtrusive components or possibly contact our business assemble at 1-877-495-9904.

New Sage 50c Add-ons

Sage 50c now similarly allows the coordination of MS Office 365 for the online support of data (using OneDrive ) and audit Sage Contact clearly in Outlook on the web. The Sage Intelligence Cloud Reporting add-on fused with O365 data can be gotten to from the Microsoft Office 365 "My applications" menu.

Adventure O365

Sage has transformed into an Office 365 subsidiary and first-line reinforce provider under the Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP) program. Visit at costs. Contact Sales for more unpretentious components at 1-877-495-9904, Monday to Friday from 8:30AM to 7PM ET. See how Sage 50c now unites the power and productivity of a trusted desktop course of action with secure online access and predictable blend with Microsoft Office 365. We starting late released a movement of chronicles covering the benefits of this fuse.

The principle 5 key favorable circumstances are:

Diminished Risk!

Use on Mobile Devices!

Move the IT weight to Microsoft!

Future confirmation with obvious costs

Astounding O365 programming to help effectiveness!

"Collaborating with Microsoft we are repeating Sage 50, one of the world's best-valued business applications. With the quick improvement of the Office 365 customer base, the open entryway for future headway on the Office 365 phase is impossibly stimulating. We have to put the vitality of Sage and Microsoft behind more than 72 million Small and Medium Businesses around the world to free them from repetitive assignments, and super-charge their effectiveness."

- Speaking live from Sage Summit, Sage CEO Stephen Kelly

Distinctive Features to concentrate on

Said above Sage 50c combines and allows the compromise of Sage One with the Sage 50 desktop application (for more unusual accounting handiness like stock and various zone organization, et cetera). Sage One versus Sage Live versus QuickBooks Online versus Xero versus Financial Force features include:

Watch out for the exceptional consolidations going with AI (as in the Pegg bot) which is NOW AVAILABLE in Canada, US, and UK! Have a run at using it with Facebook, Skype and additionally the #Slack application (to do this setup Sage One associated with Sage 50 first). It's very cool.

Need to influence a cost to report? Just ask for that the bot do it!

Hit a convo with the bot, the bot does each one of the calculations, records the purchase as communicated in the message, or examines a receipt and wellsprings of data it into the backend.

Solicit it what sum from money have I made? What sum have I earned for the present month? Who owes me money?

Sage One turned 6 years old in January 2017. Sage One is a more young piece of programming than contenders, for instance, Xero which is 10 years old. A year back we showed the most shocking year over year advancement at 81%, stretched out to 14 countries in 4 years. In case you starting at now have Sage 50c and haven`t instituted Sage One by then take a gander at it! It's a bit of your participation.

We have sharpened our customer focus. We've similarly based the business on open entryways for our customers' free wander builds, privately owned business wants, and privately owned business dreams!

Make Sage Ideas! Enter and vote on new features

If you have problem regarding sage 50c then call the sage tech support number +1-844-313-4856 or visit the site for more info.

In a nutshell, the Sage 50c family does just about everything a small business would need from an accounting program. If you need more than it offers, you should probably look into solutions that fall into the midrange accounting space, which cost a lot more money. Sage itself offers some more sophisticated applications.

If you're looking for a complete, desktop-based small business accounting solution with a strong feature set and exceptional customizability, especially in terms of inventory management, Sage 50c is a good option. It has some of the most thorough documentation that I've ever seen, and it provides online and phone-based support, as well as real-live professional advisors. Finally, when it's time to move up, you can stay within the Sage family and invest in one of its midrange offerings—something its competitors lack.

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