History of Shirts: How and Why They Were Made

history of shirts

The shirt is clothing that every man has in his closet. Usually, men wear this outfit for daily purposes or especially when they want to dress up. However, although many people buy Men’s Shirts, they are still unaware of the fact that shirts are one of the oldest outfits of men. Let’s discuss the evolution of shirts to understand when, how, and why they were made!

Shirts of Early Ages

Sometimes, the clothing was made out of cotton, linen, and often silk. The shirt was no more worn as just underwear in the 18th Century. The collar developed into huge proportions and was designed with lace and embroidery. And ultimately, the collar became smaller sizes again.

The Golden Ages of Tailoring

The fixed collar disappeared and this garment began to show up in more vibrant designs particularly as labor and sports shirts. Until the end of the 19th Century, the white shirt was pondered to be a crucial feature of success.

Shirts of Modern Ages

The design and styling variations of modern shirts are countless. The collar comes in several sizes and cuts and is extremely sensitive to fashion freaks. The cotton fabric used comes in different constructions and qualities. That’s the way the shirt has always been. You can find Men’s Cotton Shirts in several qualities.

Final Thoughts

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