What makes Ketto.Org the Best And Most Trusted Crowdfunding Platform in India?

What makes Ketto.Org the Best And Most Trusted Crowdfunding Platform in India?

Crowdfunding, a popular form of raising finance, is collecting capital through the joint efforts of friends, family, and other acquaintances. This form of raising money is mostly done via online platforms or dedicated websites where users can access the extensive network of donors. Crowdfunding platforms give an edge to business owners, providing them with a space to showcase their talent, pitch their idea, and receive funding in exchange of equity or a first-run product.


What makes crowdfunding sites popular?

There are many ways in which the crowdfunding platforms are beneficial for entrepreneurs than any other traditional form of raising finance. By using the best projects in India to crowdfund, business owners get:


  1. Audience: A crowdfunding platform helps you in connecting with many licensed financial specialists who can see your idea, associate with it, and share your fundraising campaign. 

  2. Opportunity to present: By making a crowdfunding campaign, you experience your idea from a different, but higher, perspective — its history, attraction it will have, what it has to offer, what is its target audience, value proposition, and that's only the tip of the iceberg; all of this to create a polished and effective product. 

  3. Marketing support: From launching to the end, you can share and advance your campaign through online marketing tools, email plugins, and other online promoting strategies. As you and other news sources cover the advancement of your campaign, you can take the opportunity to attract traffic to your site. 

  4. Acceptance: Presenting your idea or business to the audience helps you avoid the cost of organising a magnificent event, only to validate your product. As potential financial experts express intrigue and pose inquiries, you'll quickly know if something is missing in your product or business that would make stop them from making a purchase. 

  5. Efficiency: One of the best things about internet crowdfunding is its capacity to concentrate and smooth out your fundraising campaign endeavours. By building a solitary, extensive profile to which you can channel every one of your possibilities and likely investors, you dispose of the need to seek after every one of them individually. So as opposed to traditional forms of raising finance, you can introduce everything on the web in a considerably more accessible format, leaving you with more time to improve your business as opposed to raising money.

How to know if you should choose to crowdfund?

Only the best projects in India to crowdfund showcase these characteristics:


Prompt action: One of the most remarkable things about crowdfunding is its capacity to share your business' story. So, ensure you have a convincing story to tell—why you developed the product/service, where your team came from, how your startup will one day impact the society. Don't merely ask for investment, instead create a need for your sponsor to invest in your idea.


Have a perfect pitch: Your clients and potential investors are whimsical—many other ideas are competing for their consideration, and they don't have a lot of time to peruse through your company’s history, flip through your product brochures, or navigate your pitch deck. Keen organisers who close the best investors realise that, and they approach their crowdfunding space, keeping that in mind. In other words, focuses on significant parts of your business and do it in an effective manner like short recordings, infographics about market size, or a rundown of key points about the business.


Offer rewards: It may be evident if you are still considering whether to give rewards in exchange for crowdfunding; however, it gives results in its due course of time. Most sponsors won't choose to help your business essentially out of generosity. While a couple of allies may spare cash exclusively to see your business succeed, most will only be influenced by what they receive in return. Rewards come in all shapes and sizes however are frequently a pre-order or limited first-run purchase of the item you're fund-raising to make.


Have dynamic social media following: One of the most remarkable things about crowdfunding is its capacity to take advantage of the social media to spread the idea quickly, more extensively, and make it conceivable. You can make the most of this mode of marketing by using platforms like Facebook or Twitter, as it's a given that your business must be dynamic on the social media and, preferably, have a significant following before even launching your campaign.


Crowdfunding is far less complicated and here’s why can help you fund your next revolutionary idea:

Ketto is a renowned crowdfunding destination in India, having a wide range of sectors under its purview. Ketto offers business visionaries to create campaign across various spectrums, such as for healthcare, education, food & hunger, environment, animal welfare, community development, sports, children, and women & girls’ empowerment. To make it simpler for contributors, Ketto also has specialised corners for urgent fund requirements and even those campaigns that can give tax benefits to the investors.

Ketto primarily offers fundraising campaigns under these three categories:

  •        NGO/Charity,
  •        Medical Treatment
  •        Personal development


Ketto, one of the best projects in India to crowdfund, additionally urges corporates to look for ventures to help in the form of their Corporate Social Responsibility and permit NGOs to utilise Ketto as an online crowdfunding tool. It offers fundraisers an impressive pick-up facility at 0% platform fee. Users can choose from three different subscription plans, depending on their scope, traction, and motive. At the end of the campaign, campaign owners keep all the money that is raised regardless of whether they fall short of the objective they set for their task.

Being India’s most promising platform for fundraising, Ketto makes it easy for entrepreneurs by giving them a dedicated web application for tracking their attraction in the real-time along with 24*7 support via email, call and WhatsApp. The process is simple, where business owners can fill basic details about the campaign, and Ketto prepares a campaign for them to share it with their friends and family. One of the critical features of Ketto is its brilliant marketing tool which makes it easy for the campaign owners to gain all the insights.

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