6 Aquarium Filter Maintenance Tips

By Michael

An aquarium filter is a vital part of any aquarium, from huge installations to medium-sized displays and home aquariums. Without it, you cannot develop and maintain a wholesome environment for your plants and fish. An aquarium filter serves three main purposes:

1. The apparatus automatically removes detritus from the water and filters waste plant material. Muck and dirt will develop with time and the filter makes certain the ecosystem is not overwhelmed with the imbalance caused.

2. The filter pops the water's surface, ensuring oxygen supply. Oxygen enters through the surface and without it, no life will be sustained within the aquarium.

3. Most importantly and finally, the filter is home to the majority of the bacteria in your tank. The byproducts of fish waste are decomposed by the bacteria. Additionally, it has the advantage of prolonging their life, supplying nourishment for aquarium plants and enhancing aquarium conditions.

While there are lots of varieties of aquarium filters, each designed to match a specific environment, a particular requirement or even the kind of fish, they may be divided up into three forms: chemical, mechanical, and biological. All filters need regular upkeep, but every type differs in the frequency of cleaning as well as the techniques.

Aquarium filter and pump maintenance might seem daunting to a lot of folks, but with these tips and tricks, you could be on your way to becoming an accountable and a well-prepared aquarium owner.

Listed below are seven tips for keeping your aquarium filter:

1. Don't clean too often

Never clean your tank filter in tap water. An aquarium that is too clean isn't good. The chlorine in tap water will kill the bacteria in the filter. Every week, swapping out a quarter of those aquarium water should be sufficient.

2. Check the filter once in a while

Many aquarium owners forget or put off cleaning the filter, even though filter cleaning should be a no-brainer for many. Without routine maintenance, muck and gunk will begin to accumulate,  making it more difficult for the filter to perform its job.

As the detritus from the filter begins to decompose, algae will begin to grow. Your fish can be killed by too many algae in your tank, as both compete for the oxygen from the water.

If your filter is just one of these HOB (Hang On Back) kinds, aside from monthly check-ups and cleaning, then you just have to wash out the filter when the water flow slows down or the water is backing up to the tank through the overflow outlet.

3. Throw out the carbon

For filters with activated carbon, you can just throw it out after a few weeks as it is no longer useful to the aquarium. Freeing up the carbon in the filter can lead to enhancing flow.

You do not have to replace the carbon. However, in case you need to filter out chemicals or medication, maintain a bag or two for an emergency. Do recall that chemicals might be released by the carbon after absorption so do remove it after use.

4. Maintain the canister filters

Canister filters have to be maintained at least twice a month, or when the water flow speed is beginning to slow down, whichever occurs first. Don't use tap or hot water to wash out the sponge because you might kill off the bacteria.

5. Dual filter systems

In case you've got two filter systems in your aquarium, alternate filter upkeep between the two filters since the other filter continues to be completely cycled.

6. Dilute

The easiest and best way to keep an aquarium filter in good shape is to frequently replace the aquarium water with clean water. If your tap water isn't good enough, check with local pet stores for alternate sources. Tap water in certain areas is full of fluorine and chlorine which may be injurious to the health of your fish.

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