How to Live a Long lasting life

Life is the precious of gifts yet we will give up our last breath someday. No one can certainly predict this last day of ours because life is full of lots of unpredictable situations. Although we are not able to predict this day, we are able to take on a healthy lifestyle in order to increase our chances of living long.

It is possible to live up to 100 years which is today’s longest life expectancy. One can as well live even more than a 100 years. It’s not magic! For we still have living proofs; my uncle is over 110 years today. There are several people around the world who have surpassed the longest life expectancy.

Although we cannot fully and willing increase our years to our desired number, we at least have the possibility of increasing our chances of living longer thus enjoying a long lasting life. There are several reasons for which you can invest in order to live a long lasting life.

Under normal circumstances, everyone will enjoy having a very long life yet as days go by we notice that instead of life expectancy to move ahead, it is instead regressing due to the stress and other unhealthy conditions the modern society has subjected to us. It’s not strange today to hear parents wishing they could live a long life in order to see their great grandchildren. Yet at the end several parents are unable to see even their grandchildren.

Our modern society has subjected us to unwanted living conditions that is hard work and stress yet no time to enjoy the fruits of our labor. Everyone is always busy trying to make a living, trying to gather wealth, and trying to reach money freedom by working hard day and night. Some end up dyeing without reaching their goals while others reach and are unable to fully enjoy their wealth due to poor health and/or death.

The world has become one where youths involve themselves in reckless activities like irresponsible drinking, smoking, and drugging. Such activities lead to irreparable sicknesses and then to dead. At such a point they can’t enjoy the joyful future ahead of them, such immature death leads to more suffering of the family.

After looking at all these points we can finally conclude that taking steps for a healthy lifestyle can increase our chances of living longer. If you desire living up to the longest life expectancy then you are at the right place. Sit back and relax while we present to you the different positive activities and ways to achieve this. It might be challenging to incorporate most of these things in your already existing life style but with determination and fixed goals, you’ll end up finding them interesting as they become part of you.

Find joy in all activities and milieu that you find yourself

Happiness is one of the secrets to long life. The question now is how can you be happy? It’s very simple, by doing those things that you enjoy doing as long as they won’t hurt you and those around you. If there are things that you hate doing, it is wise to stay away from them as the possibility that they keep irritating you remains very high. Find joy in carrying out your daily obligations and job. If you hate a job, then it is better to quit and move to that which you like if you want to reach the longest life expectancy. You do yourself much harm by forcing yourself with things that are not ok with you. It should also be noted that you have the power to create happiness through a positive mindset. It is true that negative situations might suddenly turn up and change your mood. Its natural but do not carry a sad mood for long periods as this is stressful to your wellbeing. It is advisable to learn how to generate happiness from your activities and surrounding. Let your happiness not be a determined by those surrounding you for they are bound to fail you and wrong you in one way or the other. It is here that comes the power of having a hobby, that is something you love doing and sharing with others. That particular thing that strengthens you to continue living even when other things fail you. That is an activity you are willing to do even without pay rather because you find joy doing it. Always create time for this activity. Never allow yourself too busy with your professional job that you can’t even figure time to relax and free all your muscles. Some level of joy can be expressed by laughter which lowers blood pressure thus preventing a future heart attack which is deadly.

Laugher reduces stress hormones. Joy brings positive thinking and touches your soul. Thus choosing to express love instead of hurting yourself with negative thoughts and feelings is the choice of a person who wants to leave and reach the longest life expectancy. It should be noted that we have the choice to make between happiness and sadness. It takes up to 43 muscles to frown and it takes only 17 to smile. Thus, he who seeks a long life should choose not to stress his muscles. If they are continuously stressed and weakened, they will end up failing.

Eating a healthy diet

It is not surprising that we are a result of what we eat daily. This is why greater care should be paid at what we take in for it can destroy our life as well as nourish it. With this we can conclude that eating a healthy diet at all times is one of the secrets to long life. This in turn gives an element of answer to the question how to live longer often askedby youths and the old. The next thing to better understand is what types of foods are highly recommended for those aiming for a long lasting life. Plenty of vegetables and fruits are to represent the greatest portion of your meals at all times. By so doing, you will increase your chances of reaching the longest life expectancy. One of the reasons why people of old times were able to live longer lives was because they were consuming more of vegetables and fruits which is not the case today. We prefer to purchase canned foods and other food substances that turn to be detrital to our system.

Take physical exercises serious

Physical exercises have been one of the pillars or secrets to long life. However, in our society of today, physical exercises are gradually making their way out. It’s only in few places where they are being practiced like schools. This however is even because they are being credited for in the overall score of the pupil or student. In most cases, graduation marks the end of serious physical exercises in the lives of so many. Still in schools, several youths come forth with complains and medical reports in order to avoid those physical activities. Today, very few business men and professionals find time for physical workouts. Thus their health is greatly compromise as they spend time in vehicles and offices. It should be noted that there is just no way to answer the question of how long will I live without making mention of physical exercises. Physical exercises do not only benefit physical health but go up to the extent of bringing ameliorations/benefits to mental health. Your balance and coordination is greatly influenced by physical exercises. Physical exercises assist in a great way in bringing your weight on to your personal control. In exercising, it worth taking both aerobic and strength training workouts. It should also be noted that being obese can reduce your lifespan to almost 4 years. Physical activities can reduce your weight and increase your chances of living to meet the longest life expectancy age.There are certain physical workouts that can build and increase your bone density and muscles as well. Being physical active greatly reduce your risk of mortal illnesses like heart attacks whereas those who are not engaged into physical exercises are twice in danger of picking a heart attack at any moment. Physical workouts prevent the coagulation of cholesterol and other fats around your joints and heart that often lead to detrital heath conditions. Physical exercises increase the rate of blood flow in your body thereby feeding all organs and supplying them with necessary amount of oxygen needed for their functioning. This can only push us to conclude that physical exercises make part of a healthy lifestyle and that everyone should figure out 4 days a week for serious physical workouts in order to increase their chances of living longer otherwise they adopt a different approach which is spending a few minutes on physical activities every morning.

Free yourself from tobacco, nicotine, and tar

These are elements of destruction to long life. The first thing that came in my mind when I asked myself the question of how long will I live and what are the secrets to long live was to avoid nicotine, tar, and tobacco. They are unarguably remarkable silent killers in the world. There are world campaigns fighting against these elements because they are aware of its irreparable damages. They replace the oxygen in the blood with monoxide which is harmful to the system. The body muscles and organs start experiencing a shortage in oxygen and nutrition which is required for their proper functioning. This leads to the death of half of all long term smokers as they end up freely picking smoke-related diseases. These diseases include lung cancer, chronic bronchitis, and heart disease.Studies have shown that your risk of heart disease and stroke beginning to decrease as soon as you put an end to smoking. If you remain determined for the next upcoming 15 years, your risk of picking these diseases move down near to that of non-smokers.

Adopt preventive care

As the saying goes ‘’prevention is better than cure’’, I am almost certain that this saying is not strange to any person. We’ve been hearing this on daily basis yet we do not pay greater attention to it. However it should be noted that it is one of the secrets to long life and attaining the longest life expectancy. For any person who wishes to leave a healthy lifestyle, he must not wait until things are at the worst before they rush to the doctor. Such a person must adopt preventive care all through their lifetime. Even when you are not ill, it is just normal to schedule a program of regular visit after a period of time with your doctor for checkups and advice. This will help in maintaining you in sound health as days go by. In addition, it is advisable to study your family history. This information will help the doctor in properly picking out the best methods to apply for your preventive care. If you are constantly under the doctor’s supervision and care, the likelihood for you to become ill is very limited.With such form of treatment, your doctor can better anticipate the different health issues that can affect you in a nearby future. Thus proper measures will be taken in time to avoid them.

Stay away from all forms of risk

Here features one of the secrets to long life which is perfectly respond to the question of how long will I live. Exposing yourself to a particular danger is what we refer to as a risk. And for certain, anyone who keeps on exposing self to risks ponders on the question of‘how long will I live’.It should be noted here that risk is broad and covers all domains of life. At your job site there are dangers that you are expected not to expose yourself to them. This is same in your school, home and even when walking on the streets. It is for a reason that they often say that security is the affair of all and not that of the security master. When at your job site, before working, the first thing to do is to start by identifying all the dangers around be it hanging objects, poisonous gases, high voltage current areas, and slippery areas etc. Even when you are with friends, you should be very careful not to inhale the smoke of cigarette that they send out for that can tamper with your chances of reaching the longest life expectancy. For each milieu, it is advisable to wear the safety equipment that are designed for the milieu. Remember to be focus on one particular activity at a time. As this will prevent you from being carried away or distracted thereby leading to an accident.

Kindly control your alcohol level intake

Drinking is very common in our society such that some people have taken it as a must-to-do. It is bad when a person actually becomes dependent on alcohol. Alcohol has done more good than harm. No wander the alcohol level is being checked in the body of highly regarded professionals like petroleum engineers and doctors before they execute their delicate duties. Unarguably, the best thing to do is to completely avoid alcohol. Should in case people must drink, women should not go above one bottle per day and men should not go above two bottles a day. For little amounts will do you much good than consume in huge quantities. In addition, it should be noted that high quantities of alcohol in the body can likely lead to serious health issues like intestinal cancer, heart attack, high blood pressure, diabetics, and stroke. All these sicknesses can easily lead to immediate death. It should also be noted that heavy alcohol consumers often suffer from wounds during accidents as these wounds have a higher tendency of not quickly drying up. For security purposes, never drink and drive. Never associate medications with alcohol.

Avoid street drugs

For several years, the governments of the various countries still emerging from poverty are seriously fighting the purchase and use of street drugs. Out of poverty so many people take out on selling medications along the road sides. Since many lack the means to visit a proper pharmacy, several people keep on purchasing and using medications not coming from medical persons. In most cases, these drugs are expired or are not properly madethus may result in serious health issues. This is why it is highly advisable that everyone purchase medications from the right places. Medications which were created to ameliorate our health can also turn to deteriorate this health if they are abused or taken wrongly due to wrong prescription or composition.

Sleep well and avoid stress

Still on answering the question on how to live longer, it is advisable to sleep 7 to 8 hours. Sleep is just as important to the body as food and water are important. Thus taking enough time to sleep is very important as the body needs rest in order to function well. It should be noted that a healthy lifestyle moves along with good and sound sleep. Another great point among secrets to long life is avoiding stress. Stress is another silent killer. It greatly reduces your chances of reaching the longest life expectancy as it can likely lead to severe illnesses that will hurt your body until you finally breathe your last on Earth. Stress is highly experienced during these days due to the charges that the modern society has laid upon us. One is fighting to manage his family at simultaneously with professional and business life. In some cases, such people have very little time to think of themselves as they are always faced with problems and challenges to resolve. This often make them very tense and highly stressed up. However, there exist ways of preventing and dealing with stress properly. The first point has to do with setting time aside for your relaxation. It is very important to do this. Simply keep aside business issues, family issues, and other life issues and think about nothing but the present. Such moments can better be enjoyed at the beach or while listening to some cool relaxation during meditation. Simple meditation is very effective, whereby you focus fully on your breathing. The society also provide massage houses were you can pay a trip to one in order to have full and complete relation before taking on your daily duties.

Manage diabetes

If you are not suffering from diabetes, then do all never to pick it. But if you happen to find yourself already in the situation, there is still hope for you. There is just no need to cry and grind your teeth for there are special ways of properly managing diabetes in order to prevent premature dead. Simply discuss with your doctor and follow your treatment on the line. Respect your diets and all the doctors’ recommendations. Incase of any doubts or issue make sure you reach your medical health care provider in time. It is well known that diabetes increase the risk of having a heart attack but when it is properly managed with the assistance of your medical health care provider, you will be able to enjoy a long life as well.

Sexual wisdom

This is one of the secrets to long life that is classed first by so many wise people who are aiming to reach the longest life expectancy. In ancient china, emperors and other wise men believed that there is just no medication, or food that can lengthen life if one fails to understand sexual wisdom. They believed that the fluids being passed out during sexual activities were very vital and represented the life essence. They believed as this fluid is being loosed from the body, one’s life is being reduced. And when it is preserved jealously one’s life is extended. They believed that these life essence fluids should be sent out of the body only when need arises, that is for reproduction purposes. However, the results were clear as most of them lived extra-long lives.

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