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Electronic Prescribing system or in short e-prescribing systems has started gaining great acceptance in India. E-prescription refers to computer-based electronic system of generation, transmission and filling of a medical prescription that very closely associates various components, such as the Prescriber (usually the Physician), the Transaction Hub, and the Pharmacy.
E-prescription in India is not a new thing. Quality medical prescribing software, such as ‘Prescription Pad’ have already left their presence felt in the India market making the job of numerous physicians easy, quick, and more systematic. Prescription Pad has emerged as an industry leader in the Indian subcontinent as a trusted and tried medical prescription writing software that has completely taken the place of paper and faxed prescriptions.
Physicians, physician assistants or even nurse practitioners find it easy and user-friendly. They are able to fill patient’s records digitally that will hardly ever be lost or misplaced as the hard copied usually do. Transmitting these digital prescription across the levels is a matter of fraction of time, that to without involving a single penny, literally.

The software is a complete repository of the symptoms of numerous diseases, drug information, disease information, patent records, drug reaction information, drug safety details, and many more. In addition, it records the details of the patients, such as patients' history, surgery details, physical examinations, investigation results, pregnancy details, and many more. There are various checks, in terms of ‘Drug Security Checks’ for patients’ conditions with critical conditions so that drug usage can be controlled beyond the level that may harm the patient’s condition.

For Pharmacies, the software is also proved to be helpful, as it systematically maintains and disseminates the details of the various drug name, manufacturers' details, dosage name, group name, Contra-Indications, and any other information.
Prescription Pad can be called a complete end-to-end medical software solution as there are provisions to arrange right from the Outdoor (OPD) card to, doctor’s visit, diagnosis, hospitalization, medication, revisits, surgeries, and every other details involved. Meeting or appointment can be scheduled online with this software. To do away with the fear of losing sensitive and critical medical records, Prescription Pad also facilitates data backup features.

Many hospitals in all over India are using Prescription Pad and reaping the benefits of online medical prescription writing software. This is the ultimate tool that the modern age physicians, patients, pharmacies, transaction hubs need to make their work and life much smoother and streamlined.

  • Especially, in a country like India, where there is a lot more to be done in the field of medicine and healthcare; e-prescription system can be proved to a miracle. Here are some of the functions that an e-prescription system can accomplish for the doctors.

    Complete automation of manual and time-intensive method of prescription writing.

    Selecting the right medication, transmitting prescriptions electronically, printing prescriptions.

    Conducting all safety checks, which includes - information on the various drug to be prescribed, drug-drug interactions, concerns related to potential inappropriate dose or route of administration, various allergy concerns, cautions, and warnings.

    Electronic facilitating of information, such as formulary (or tiered formulary) medications, authorization requirements, and patient eligibility.

    Providing all information about availability of therapeutically appropriate and low-cost medical alternatives.

    Creating & Updating The list of complete active medication based on the data received from applicable pharmacy drug plan.

  • Why E-Prescription is a Need of the Hour in India

    Well, if we look at the functions of e-prescription system, they seem to be impressive. However, the challenge lies in the practice. In India, the appropriate time has come to embrace the technology of e-prescription. Have a look at the following points that will make you think how useful it is to adapt to the technology of e-prescription system.

This system will certainly turn the course of medical practice in India. Starting from reducing medication errors and resultant adverse drug effect, it will enhance legibility. The most important aspect is avoiding any slight confusion that might arise in verbal communications.


E-prescription or Electronic Prescription, also sometimes called as e-Rx is the smart new way of managing and maintaining the manual process of writing prescription. This is the latest trend in the field of medical technology that is going to revolutionize completely the way doctors, hospitals, medical shops, and pharmaceutical companies are working. It includes computer & Telecommunication technology, Internet and smart mobile devices and transmits the medical data across the various recipients. For doctors, e-prescription system is a great helping hand.


Writing prescriptions for the patients is one of the most inherent and crucial aspects of a doctor’s job. On daily basis, you must be writing different prescriptions for different patients. The prescriptions are the repository of all the medical history of the patients. It is essential for both the patients and the doctors to go through the prescription. However, being human, it is our tendency to forget things in due course. Many patients just miss to bring the prescriptions with them. However, medical writing software, like ‘Prescription Pad’ has made the job easy for the patients as well as the doctors.


  • Prescription Pad is a medical marvel. This is a completely indigenous prescription writing software that is capable of doing a whole range of tasks for the doctors. Prescription Pad makes the life of doctors really easy. It has revolutionized process of prescription writing completely by eradicating the traditional or manual way of paper-based prescription management system. Let us see what all Prescription Pad can do for you.

  • It gives complete medical history of the patients in one interface. All the details pertaining to diseases, surgeries done, medications used, physical examination done, etc. are distinctively mentioned.

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