Adventure Travel Plan to Ananthagiri Hills


                   What is your dream vacation about? Does it involve just visiting the beautiful destinations and snapping them in selfies or it’s more about experiencing the locations and feeling a change within yourself? In India, vacations have mostly been about luxury stays and going to beautiful places, but have you ever thought about going to a place where you have no network coverage, less human population, all surrounded with lush greenery and jungles and feeling a change in yourse

Yes! I am talking about a true BREAK from work and socializing with your loved ones who have been feeling ignored from             long because of your super busy work life.

                    Ananthagiri Hills is best place to go for night trekking, night camps and kayaking. It is the best one for the people who are looking for night camping in Hyderabad.

                   Ananthagiri hills is one such destination which pulls you out from the stressful daily life routine into a completely changed environ, where you can not only peacefully interact with your loved ones but also with oneself. Yes! That’s the mystic charm of the Ananthagiri hills. Start your trip early morning and drive from the beautiful routes of Hyderabad to the Ananthagiri hills. The route to Ananthagiri hills covered with undulating terrains and lush greenery on all sides will make you feel you are en-route to paradise.  The wild brooks call out for an amazing weekend destination, welcoming your arrival in Ananthagiri hills.  The place is totally surrounded with dense forests, vast stretch of grasslands and what?? The waterfalls! For a moment you feel you are in a dream! But no, this is in real. The charm of Ananthagiri hills is mesmerizing and is tranquilizing to the mind and soul. The road less travelled, leads to a beautiful destination go Ananthagiri hills.  The place has nearby a small village with a small civilization which works as a rescue in times of heavy rains. You can enjoy camping in the dense forests with other rare species of flora and fauna. What can be more beautiful than a campfire in the starry sky, beside a waterfall, with some mystic and chants of your loved ones? This is the true beauty of Ananthagiri hills- the night camping! Apart from night camping, one can even trek down the terrains, exploring the unexplored, fighting the fears and the unforeseen challenges in life. The place is a paradise of beauty, mystic charm and grace. Adventure activities like kayaking, rappelling and zip lining are parts of the fun spring offerings of Ananthagiri hills.

                Ananthagiri hills over a lot of scope for fun and adventure. Kayaking is an adventure water sport which is most enjoyed by adventure freaks in Anantagiri hills. People travel from far & wide to experience the solace and rejuvenation of Ananthagiri hills. Kayaking is a thrill sport, which helps to relax your body & refreshes you up!

               After a beautiful night camping experience, trekking is another major offering of this pristine destination. The lush greenery along with the scenic beauty of the majestic mountains, trekking up the steep paths can be fun as the little rain drops trickle down from your skin.  Anantagiri hills has a vacation spot has that feel of adventure, thrill and jungle primitive life which only a city dweller can dream of living. As our city lives goes monotonous & hectic, nature is the only rescue we have to self identify and explore our inner selves. Trekking in Anantagiri hills is sure to rush up your adrenaline spirits making you feel enthusiastic & excited about the entire trip. Trekking has its win advantage as the body goes in the exercise mode & makes you feel healthy & light.

                  Another best experience of a weekend getaway vacation at Ananthhagiri hills is the night camping. The night camps is a recreational activity which involves an overnight stay in the jungle with the company of your loved ones with some camaraderie, music & the best of all bonfire! Night camping in Anantagiri hills in the monsoon season has its own pleasing where you can watch the waterfalls and cozy clouds passing by with fresh breeze touching your soul.  This is one of the best feelings of how a vacation should be the campsite is close to a village which can be a rescue hub in case of heavy rain falls and  Also, the camping tents provided in Ananthagiri Hills are safe & fully waterproof.

                    Nagasamudram Lake has its own beauty and pride and offers a holistic view of the charm of Ananthagiri hills. One capturing a sit alongside the Nagasamudram Lake and watch the mighty sunset, capturing the moments in selfies and absorbing the positive aura of the sunrays. Ananthagiri hills is an ecosystem in itself where people can relax, meditate, explore nature or swim with the water waves. Chirping birds and the cracking voices of the dry leaves from the forest, tingles the ears rejuvenating and refreshing them to a fresh beautiful horizon.

                  Plan your trip with Freakouts adventure for hassle free stay and to enjoy the most out of the adventure activities with all safe and trained guides. You can easily choose your travel plan from the planned itineraries and customize the trip as per your requirements. Have a happy stay at Ananthagiri hills this summer! Exploring yourself during the trek, observing the surrounding and appreciating the nature is all that this trip is about. Get your cameras set and keep clicking the beautiful scenic beauty around. Who knows when you camera captures the undiscovered! The cool breezes calm the mind down and refresh all the senses. The valley view is really beautiful, and the calmness of the place with the intervention of nature, flora and fauna along with intoxicating winds…ehh! You would never want to return back to the city life!





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