New Egyptian Government Announced
Egyptian officials have announced a new Government Tuesday which influential Islamic parties in the country, including the Muslim Brotherhood, and seemed to give a greater role to the powerful military leader of the country.

The new cabinet, led by one of the most prominent economists of Egypt, replaces the Government of president Mohamed Morsi, who was overthrown by the army it is nearly two weeks after the mass protests against his regime. The formation of the Government is part of a military-led transition plan that is supposed to lead to elections within six months.

Analysts have praised the diversity of the new cabinet, which includes three women, and said it was well placed to tackle the growing crisis of Egypt, whose economy is in freefall. At the same time, they said, any Government which owes its existence to the army, rather than voters, and excluded Islamists, the most successful electoral force of Egypt, face immediate questions about its legitimacy.

A spokesman for acting president of Egypt denied that anyone had been "excluded" and said that the post had been offered to members of the fraternity as well as the ultra-conservative party Nour.

But Gehad el-Haddad, a spokesman for the brotherhood, which calls for the reinstatement of Mr. Morsi as president after what he said was a military coup, said that the party has never offered posts.

"The whole is illegitimate", he said.

The head of the army, general Abdul-Fattah El - Sisi, which already serves as Defence Minister, has added the title of first Assistant to the Acting Prime Minister, although its specific powers remain vague. General Sisi appeared to serve as de facto leader of the Government since it overthrew Mr. Morsi and has appointed an interim president, Adli Mansour.

Several of Mr. Morsi Ministers retained their posts, including the Interior Minister, who presides over a police force widely criticized for brutality and lack of reform since the fall of president Hosni Moubarak in 2011.

The new Government was immediately faced with the tense and sometimes violent confrontation between authorities and supporters of Mr. Morsi, who hold sit-ins and demonstrations since the ouster of the president. After days without major violence, at least seven people were killed and more than 200 were injured in clashes during the night between Islamists and Egyptian riot police, health authorities reported Tuesday.

Wrapped clashes Cairo monuments known tear gas and smoke from burning tires, including Ramses train station downtown and a place near Cairo University. The fighting seem to indicate an escalation by the Islamists, which had largely confined their protest to a central camp since June 8, when soldiers and police opened fire on a rally pro-Morsi, killing more than 50 people.

Monday evening, thousands of Islamists have left the camp, blocking a bridge that is a central artery for traffic in the city. They bombed the arrival of policemen with stones and officers, supported by civilians wearing helmets, responded with tear gas and rubber bullets. Clashes were also reported in other cities across the country.

Police arrested more than 400 people in the violence by Monday night, the official media reported. It was a contrast with their inability to stop almost anyone for decades of nights of street in the course of two years and a half fighting since the fall of Mr. Moubarak, and he emphasized the re-engagement of the security forces in a new battle against the Islamists, their old enemy.
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