InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula

Is fulfilled in the Son Tra peninsula, located on the hillside and have stunning views of the bay and private. The villa's seaside resort is nestled between the rocks, the majestic at the foot of the mountain so visitors can enjoy the view of the beautiful ocean from the resort, designed by the “master sorcerer in resort design,” said Bill Bensley, by the harmony between natural landscape and exotic inspiration from history as well as the cultural values and inspiring aesthetic of Vietnamese with the knowledge seriously believe united provides-minded and creative personality of he has created a resort unique. InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort from the airport Was Nang 45-minute drive, and near the local tourist attractions of the city famous: the way 25 – 30 minutes drive from Marble mountain and Cham Museum about Hue citadel, Hoi An Ancient Town and my Son sanctuary is about 45km.

The resort is designed and built with 4 floor coverings, including Heaven (Heaven), Sky (sky), Earth (ground) and Sea (The Sea) with 200 rooms including phhòng suit, penthouse and villas, each average room 70m2, this place will bring to the ideal conditions for your holiday, all the rooms are facing the sea, this place stand out with its unique architecture, all accommodation are luxuriously decorated and have a private balcony and has a private swimming pool, sun terrace with the bathroom amenities luxurious. The rooms are fully equipped with the facilities standards of an international hotel 6 stars: hairdryer, balcony, microwave, safety deposit box, mini bar, free wifi, spa tub, safety deposit boxes, family room, the room service 24h, shuttle service, are non smoking rooms and equipment for disabled people. Here you will also participate in the leisure activities, like to club, Play golf, Montgomerie Links, world famous, or challenge yourself at club to Play golf in Da Nang, cycling, fishing and hiking.

In addition, guests can relax and comfortable with massage services or other treatments at the spa, or to exercise center modern. Here you can enjoy the fresh and delicious dishes of Vietnam at restaurant Citron Restaurant or enjoy dishes from steaks and seafood, delicious combined with cocktails and wine at a restaurant Barefoot is the middle of the quintessential gastronomic culture from many countries around the world and culinary definition Vietnamese. Or you can go to discover the culinary arts top at restaurant La Maison 1888 is designed as a mansion. With a team of chefs and restaurant services class through the hands of chefs from the famed French Pierre Gagnaire will bring you the dish best. Bar Buffalo Bar serves vintage champagne and traditional hand-rolled cigars, delicious. With a luxurious interior as well as the top services Just through the InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort was honored to obtain four awards of "Oscars travel industry the World Travel Awards 2014".

Patriotism, sense of independence, sense of dignity ethnicity: this is shown through the history of thousands of years to the state of our nation, which is traditional struggle, resilient, indomitable anti-giăc foreign invasion, win and keep independence, and unity of the country. traditional community: It is a solidarity support group to help each other in everyday life as well as the difficult moments of affliction. The special definition of traditional community that is the relationship between the individual with the community play a role of paramount importance. This tradition has been expressed in history with the cooperative model in the period of subsidized land is of collective and owned by the collective. Value definition the gas, the more than resources: the people we value the word means more than the word, and the word hospitality is associated with the word meaning. It is expressed first in the family relations, husband and wife not only for love but also the meaning should be the “ mean wife”, or luxury day to day life of the people of vietnam as “drinking water, remember its source”, “eat fruit remember who planted the tree”, traditional respectful attitude is shown means game master. Traditional labor hardworking, smart, creative know receive, transport and use the new one: our people are hardworking, diligent work to timely service, to stay up late, wake up early, the sayings in folk “a sunny two dew”, “top off the dark” is mental labor need tubers of the people. Our nation with civilization, wet rice agriculture is mainly, but in harsh conditions of nature, requires smart creative, to create rice varieties, crops suitable to the climate and soil of each region. In the field of industry, ingenuity, clever creativity has been evident from the Dong Son culture to the products industry today, in the military field with the thought and art unique military through the military genius has lead the people we had defeated all the forces of aggression throughout the length of the state of the nation. Located in the geographic location at the intersection of cultures has created for the Vietnamese people, openness to adaptation and integration, know use achievements, SCIENCE and of foreign and selectively absorbing the culture into his life. This can be seen throughout the moves, the history of the nation from absorbing the achievements SCIENCE of China, such as paper making, enamel, porcelain... early bc, to the art processing of gunpowder and cannon in the X century to TK XV and to this day we still absorb the achievements SCIENCE of the world in production in Vietnam.

Weather in autumn cool, not too hot like summer, not too cold like winter. You took advantage of was pharmacy time this region to experience, explore or visit interesting places characteristic of Vietnam or but special places that only autumn new enjoy is or not??

1. Seasonal flowers triangular circuit in Ha giang is a great choice for you and your friends to experience natural beauty majestic, poetic. with friends immerse yourself in't scenes filled with wonderful fresh flowers, there are trees, wind, cloudy. It is wonderful, it too is an ideal destination to help you break the stress, pressure of work all week, all month.

2. Moc Chau this season headlining the hatch. the highlands this is nature bestowed favors a serene beauty, quiet. After the drapery .. , other to this as be immersed in a paradise with a wide space as far as the eye made light look to thought thousands seethe. not only flowering cabbage, this place is dotted with them a few flowers along with vibration will help to create a real paradise. Sa Pa is always beautiful especially in the fall is the presence of a vibrating peach blossom plum flower floating like white clouds or rice fields teemed. Makes the scene where this them wild and magical. here visitors not only... The wonderful landscape filled with majestic vastness..

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