10 Interview Questions Asked To Fresh Graduates at MNC's

Every year a large number of students graduate and enter the job market with a hope to kick start their careers. To fulfill their dream, they do internships. The thirst to prove oneself and stand on one's own feet is so high that the ambitions are pushed in the front gear while all other activities take a backseat. All fresh graduates have huge dreams and fire in the belly to be successful in life. They keep their eyes open to know about the vacancies, mail the resumes to a hundred plus companies and even push their seniors for help. In short, they resort to every action that would help them to secure an interview – either with a start up or an MNC.

Many multinational corporations visit the campus and pick up candidates who sail through the interview process. Isn't it obvious that with a degree in hand, the next thing on your mind should be applying for a job? Facing an interview with no prior experience of the industry makes this process even more critical for a fresher. Many big organizations conduct pool campus interviews for bulk hiring and also to weed out candidates. The role of recruiters is to ask an applicant a range of important questions to evaluate his or her potential for the industry. Some questions might be related to your field of expertise, some commonly asked ones while some to check your attitude in extreme situations.

A fresher always has to be choosy with words while answering questions. And when it is a first interview, that too with an MNC, whose CEO you have always admired, those overwhelming emotions are justified. At the same time, you might have a plethora of feelings from nervousness to excitement as the date comes near. For some graduates, it might be a matter of pride while for others, it can be a make or break scenario, all are keen to perform well in the interview. Even if the type and number of questions asked can be unpredictable and varies from the type of industry you would be applying to,

Here are a few common questions along with ways to tackle them to score big in an interview :

1. Tell us about yourself?  

A simple, common yet tricky question, you should not repeat things already mentioned in resume. Talk about qualifications, additional certification courses and things that are relevant to the post. The recruiter is trying to guess whether you have done sufficient research or have just come with an empty mind. Have a 3-5 sentence answer prepared, but don't make it look like well-rehearsed.

2. What are your strengths? 

The interviewer wants to know how much confident you are about your skills and abilities. Supporting positive traits with an example shows you have a great self-belief. This question is actually a trap as the recruiter is searching the perfect loopholes to counter question your abilities or put the next one that deals with weaknesses or blind spots. Convert your weaknesses into strengths by telling what you are doing to improve them. This could also be the eliminator question to shorten the number of candidates.

3. Why do you want to work with us? 

You cannot just sit there and smile. You need to come with a real answer or state how the firm's mission is in sync with your vision. This can also be framed as 'Why we should hire you?' Researching the organization and knowing their current needs can assist in coming up with an articulate answer.

4. Where do you see yourself 10, 20, 30 … years down the line?

The recruiters want to know how ambitious you are, whether you know your worth and potential and are trying to judge how well you know the industry. Reply to such questions with clarity, or talk about your dreams. For instance, if you are being interviewed for a role in a creative team, you can state the desire to become the managing director of the advertising department.

5. Would you retire now if you had a trillion dollars?

Another tough one! This is asked to determine what you value more – money or work. Of course, money is necessary and is essential for a living, but the trick is to weigh both things equally or rather showing greater importance to work. Try illustrating how passionate you are towards work and how it keeps you going. So retirement is out of question as long as work fulfills you. This shows your dedication level and attitude towards money.

6. Tell how you managed multiple projects when deadlines were closely placed?

A recent graduate hones time management skills while completing multiple assignments at the last minute to avoid missing the submission deadline. You can illustrate how group coordination helped you complete projects in time as well as a score the top grades for them. It displays you are a team player and can work under pressure to complete projects on time.

7. How did you work out with a team member in your final year project who constantly disagreed on opinions accepted by others?

Such question is asked to determine your conflict-resolution abilities and how you coordinate with a partner who has a drastically different opinion about the success/failure of a project. You can answer this question by quoting an example of a situation where you and the concerned team member had different solutions for a problem. In addition to this, also tell how with the help of others you overcame the conflict and reached an amicable solution which resulted in examiner giving top grades for the efforts. Being able to deal with conflicts at a workplace is a key quality an employer would look for.

8. What work done by you was above average and below average? What is the difference between the two?

This might be asked to test your integrity and sincereness towards the task. As a student, you might have scored a top grade for an assignment or even got below par score in other. No human can give a 110 percent. Compare these situations and give an honest answer to this question. The recruiter will appreciate it.

9. How much salary do you expect and why?

This can be quite a confusing question as you are just starting in the industry. Try asking the range that is currently prevalent in the industry before directly quoting a number. In most cases, an interviewer would give you a range. Depending on this, you can form a comprehensive answer.

10. Do you have any questions?

Always do a background research on the company you have applied for and come up with real intelligent questions about work culture, how fast designations are promoted or the type of qualities expected in an ideal employee.

Apart from these, an interview might include some personal questions about hobbies, interests outside work or questions about internship. Some recruiters might go a step ahead to assess your knowledge and ask the current trends in the industry or whether you are willing to work at a compensated salary. The interview which had started with a 'Did you face in difficulty in locating the office' could end with a 'Comment on the present state of company's stocks'. While you never know what would be asked, doing proper research and preparing well can translate an interview into a job offer that you have always dreamed of.

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Harmion Morris is a career adviser by profession. She is always eager to share her knowledge and experiences on various topics related to myriads of professions through her blog ECG: Expert Career Guidance and also contributor to BSR : Resume Samples.

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