The advantages and disadvantages of artificial grass for your pets

Like those we love, our pets deserve the best. And when it comes to their needs to "play", it's high time that you upgrade your garden to a more decent playground for them. Add artificial grass. Yes, it may seem too much, but trust me, when you have already installed and you constantly play on it, I think you will be grateful that you have read this piece.

On a more serious note, installing artificial grass in your yard is a difficult decision with so many factors to consider-cost, maintenance, appearance, durability, impact on the environment and "my dog ​​will be comfortable playing about it? Question. Before activating your weight back, first of all this advantages and disadvantages why artificial grass will be good for you and your pets.

It is never worn small-animals, especially dogs, can get a little noisy sometimes and sometimes eat parts of your garden. But with synthetic grass, they will just ignore it because its plastic. In addition, synthetic grass, speaking of weather does not get in places in summer or muddy in winter. No matter how you see it, synthetic grass is here to stay in your yard no matter what.

"Luxury" for your pet-because you want the best for your pet, you also want them to feel "luxury" (to say the least) with the richness of the grass. With synthetic grass, they will not only feel comfortable playing on it but they will also feel their assets.

It is low maintenance after installing your artificial grass, there is virtually nothing you need to do apart from playing with your pet or admiring the greenery of your garden. It does not need watering, fertilizer or even mowing.

Very Durable - Your pets can run and play as they see fit in a synthetic grass without a mark left on its surface because it is made of a very durable material and even designed to withstand company activities.

This is the longest synthetic grass, regardless of its end time up to a decade or more, so you will definitely have your money.

Initial cost may be too high-as mentioned above, installing synthetic grass for your pets is a big decision and it's true, it does not come cheap. The first cost of installing synthetic grass can be significant sums in a go so if you are just a couple new, it's not for you ... yet.

Time setup - just like Rome, synthetic grass installation can only be done in a day. Yes, it is possible, but it will not be a topnotch quality. Good artificial lawn is built from 5 days to two weeks, making your yard useless and messy.

Risks to health - not just for your pets, but to your children as well. Remember, it's made of plastic, so it can get very hot on summers, but it can also get slippery if it's raining causing skates and falls to your family and pets. Here if you want to know about various health product reviews, than you need to visit for latest top product reviews and buyers guide.

How to install it down and maintain it

Not easy to grow lawn on a balcony or terrace to walk barefoot. Fortunately, there are some artificial grass, some models look like real grass! Pose, interview, we tell you everything!

You have a balcony or terrace, it's already great to enjoy the sun and relax outdoors. But you dream of being able to walk barefoot, to sit in the grass, to organize a picnic and above all, to create a comfortable and green mini-garden . It is quite possible to create the illusion of a fresh grass thanks to a synthetic grass . To beautify your balcony or your terrace, all you have to do is choose the right artificial lawn , discover how to put it without wrong note and take care of it. You lemonade on a terrace looking like a garden. And the advantage is that you will never need to switch the mower!

Choose your artificial grass

There are multiple models of synthetic grass, for all tastes and at all prices. The temptation is great to set your sights on the first prize, but beware, not all have the same quality and the same behavior over time. The goal is to create a mini-garden on your balcony or terrace, but not to change every year. To choose your artificial grass, here are some indications to take into account.

We seek above all a natural aspect. Admittedly, a first prize artificial grass may have a natural huebut very short strands, which will be less resistant to repeated passages. The solution is to climb - even slightly, in range and opt for a synthetic grass color bluffing but strands a little longer. The ideal length is between 20 and 42 mm, so that the strand goes down with the wind. We put on models where the strands are cut more or less long, without uniformity, for a more natural rendering. Above all, we leap green grass, which, if they are popular among caterers for various events, will really superficial on your balcony or terrace. There are some models mixing four shades, and the rendering is striking of realism!

Depending on where you want to install your artificial grass, you will opt for more or less large rollers. For small balconies , there are rolls 4 meters long and 1 meter wide, easier to install on small surfaces. If you want to put artificial grass on a small terrace, to build a roof terrace or on a balcony, you can opt for a model without filling. If on the contrary, you want to cover a very busy area or exposed to rain - a house terrace, a pool edge - prefer a synthetic grass with a sand filling. The latter makes it possible to keep the fibers straight and vertical and is more resistant to intensive trampling. The filling also has a draining function, it is more suitable for rainy areas.

Finally, the quality of synthetic grass will depend on the material of its frame, but also its fiber. Latex weft is the most common, but a polyurethane weft will better withstand temperature differences and humidity. As for the fiber, if it is polyurethane, it has good resistance to abrasion but is sensitive to crushing. It is also more economical. The other option is polyethylene fiber. This soft and flexible material is resistant to oxidants, cold and crushing. And if you have toddlers who like tearing a few blades of grass, bet on a good resistance to tearing, which is measured in Newton: below 45, it is low, above 80, it is ideal.

The right actions to put your artificial grass on a balcony or terrace

The laying of synthetic grass is relatively simple, cutting is easily done with a good cutter. The important thing is to provide a flat and clean surface on which to roll out your artificial grass roll . Be sure to seal any holes and smooth the rough edges of your support. You can instead put your artificial grass directly on concrete or tiling. It is also possible to put artificial grass on earth, sand, wood ... In these cases, it is advisable to fix the roller on the periphery with nails every 20 to 40 centimeters. On a concrete slab or stone, a good double-sided adhesive is enough to guarantee good stability.

Be sure however to provide a drainage area. To avoid humidity, you can also install a raised wooden floor on your balcony to let the whole thing breathe. So that the different rollers - if you install your lawn on a large terrace, for example - hold together well, you can stick the edges together with a special glue. Finally, to straighten the strands coated by the packaging of the roll, a good brush stroke hard enough.

Maintain your artificial grass

Rest assured, synthetic grass is thought to simplify your life. No need for watering , it resists very well to heat and most even contain UV protection. There is no need to mow, this artificial lawn has the advantage of not growing. On the other hand, if you spill a product staining on it, you can easily clean it by passing a jet of water . And if it is very dirty, a little soapy water that you will rinse carefully will restore all your greenery to your lawn.

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