Best Treatment Options to Deal With Chronic Sinusitis

Sinuses are empty spaces present under your facial skin, around your airway passages of your nose. These empty pockets generate mucus. The function of the mucus is to clean the air that we breathe from bacteria and other harmful particles. However, if mucus gets contaminated with bacteria itself, it inflames these hollow nasal portions (sinuses) causing a burning sensation in such areas.. Such an abnormal condition is called as sinusitis.


Burning sensation around your sinuses can also be due to other medical anomalies like allergies, fungus, viruses, infections, etc. However, sinusitis can cause short term or long term problems. Duration of sinusitis can be more or less; however, some patients experience the symptoms of sinusitis to a greater extent. Depending on the these points sinusitis is divided into two types – acute sinusitis and chronic sinusitis.


Symptoms of Sinusitis


  • Facial Stiffness
  • Fever
  • Soring of throat
  • Swelling of the facial muscle
  • Nasal discharge
  • Intense headache
  • Pain around your sinus areas
  • Aching of ears and teeth
  • Pressure around your facial section
  • Discolored and cloudy nasal drainage
  • Cough
  • Cold
  • Nasal tenderness
  • Pain in the facial muscles
  • Congestion
  • Burning sensation around the facial areas (especially on both sides of your nose)


Types of Sinusitis


 1. Acute Sinusitis


If the above mentioned symptoms lasts for around three to four weeks of duration, the sinus condition is called as acute sinusitis. Acute sinusitis usually begins with a cold. Symptoms of such sinus condition fade away within 10-12 days. However, these symptoms can reoccur if bacteria affects the mucus present in the hollow spaces around your nasal passage.


 2. Chronic Sinusitis


You are suffering from chronic sinusitis if the mentioned symptoms last for more than three weeks and you are unable to deal with it using normal treatment measures. Chronic sinusitis is also called as chronic rhinosinusitis.


Patients who have allergic rhinitis are prone to suffer from sinus disease. The bacterias that cause allergic reaction at the inside of your nose causes an inflammatory situation around the nasal cavities. This affects the mucus, hence, leading to sinusitis.


Apart from the above mentioned signs and symptoms, sinusitis can also occur due to an abnormal structure of the nasal cavities or other parts of your nose. A deviated septum can also be a cause of sinusitis in many individuals. Other abnormal nasal conditions include congenital nasal issues, nasal polyps, asthma and many other deformed nasal structures.


A traumatic situation of your nose can also deform its internal structure, leading to an abnormal nasal passage and affecting your sinus. Such patients are more likely to suffer from chronic sinusitis due to the change in the posture of your nasal cavities and its surrounding structures. Many patients suffer from chronic sinusitis due to some deficiency in their immunity. However, such cause for this disease has been rarely found.



Treatment Options for Sinusitis


Your ENT specialist can provide certain treatment options and measures to keep signs and symptoms of sinusitis at bay. Such measures include various steps as follows:


Warm packs 

Symptoms like pain and burns below your facial skin can be reduced by using warm packs. Doctors can suggest you to apply warm packs around sections of your face where you feel discomfort or swelling. These packs can bring a lot of relief for a longer duration. Although, it may not permanently fix the problem of chronic sinusitis.


Inhalation of certain medicine or oils 

Pour some drops of oil or certain medicinal components in a hot water bowl. Inhale the steam generated through coming from the hot water. The steam helps to open up the congested areas of your nasal passage and allows you to breathe well. This step can relieve you from congestion issue, thus reducing irritation and discomfort caused due to the same.


Nasal irrigation 

Doctors can suggest you some of the efficient home remedies that can clear out the nasal blockages. Saline water or salt water solution can be used to clean and rinse the nasal passageways to remove blockages caused due to the formation of nasal drips. A temporary relief can also bring a lot of comfort throughout your day.


Pain killers 

Pain killers are prescribed to you to ease the pain caused around your nasal and facial regions.



Decongestants in the form of tablets or sprays can also be prescribe to you in order to drain out the sinus fluid. These medication helps to reduce swelling and pain caused around your sinuses.



The above mentioned treatment measures can be followed by those patients who are suffering from acute sinusitis. These measures can decrease the symptoms of acute sinusitis to an extent so that you perform daily activities in a better way. However, for chronic sinusitis, these symptoms are quite severe and cannot be handled with such measures for a longer duration of time. Therefore, for such patients, surgery is an optimum option to get rid of sinusitis at a chronic level. Negligence of chronic sinusitis can cause a lot of trouble in your day to day life. Hence, surgery is can fix your problem permanently.


Sinus surgery can be performed using various traditional as well as modern methods introduced in the medical field. Some of the most common types of sinus surgery include Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS) and Balloon Sinuplasty. In both these types of surgery, surgeons use minimally invasive operative procedures to deal with your sinusitis. Based on what exact sinus issue you are facing, doctors decide which kind of surgery method should be used.


Many ENT hospitals in India provide both FESS as well as Balloon Sinuplasty surgery in the Ear Nose Throat (ENT) department. Cost of FESS and Balloon Sinuplasty at various ENT facility in India varies from center to center depending on the services and facilities offered at each center. Ensure that you discuss your sinus condition with your ENT specialiest and go for the best treatment measure that can improve your health in a better way.


This article gives you a complete idea about what sinusitis is all about and what are the most common symptoms seen in a sinusitis patients. Consult with your ENT doctor and ensure about the type of sinusitis you have. This might help you understand about health tips and treatment to be taken to get rid of such an abnormal health condition.

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