What are the benefits of being a crypto-worker?

What are the benefits of being a crypto-worker?

Benefits of crypto worker

The ecosystem of cryptocurrencies has grown exponentially in recent years. Along with this growth, there was an increase in the need for qualified developers to create and maintain blockchain-based solutions that are increasingly present in everyday life.


This first of May, International Workers' Day, it is pertinent to know what the blockchain technology sector offers as a work niche, which, unlike the trades that are in danger of becoming extinct with the digitalization of the world, grows exponentially with the adoption global of this technology.


According to  AngelList , more than 590 startups are requesting workers for technical positions in their companies based on blockchain technology . These companies usually offer annual revenues that exceed, for the most part, $ 120,000 . In fact, a year ago it was estimated that the annual salary in these types of jobs could reach $ 650,000.


Among the offers in this job board for the technology industry include giants of the ecosystem, such as the exchange house based in San Francisco (United States) Kraken and the blockchain consortium Ripple. Both companies are looking for software engineers, specialized in the area of crypto - payments ,  for Kraken,  and in  Java programminglanguage ,  for Ripple.  The payment offered for these jobs ranges between 100,000 and 150,000 dollars per year.


It is important to note that the pay offered for each project may vary; what is mainly due to the financial conditions of the contracting company and the complexity or specialty required by the task. For example, the team behind the micropayment network Metal Pay is looking for a Backend developer for its project. A job where they offer between 140,000 and 150,000 dollars per year.


Likewise, platforms such as Bitso , the Mexican exchange house, offer between $ 40,000 and $ 70,000 for the work of Full-Stack Developer , a professional with high technical knowledge of both the Backenddevelopment and FrontEnd. This job, like the others, is face-to-face. However, AngelList  published , among a list of benefits of working with a blockchain startup, that these companies have policies that favor remote work by 22% more than the rest of the sectors for developers.


Another benefit highlighted in the AngelList research is that linked to income. According to the data collected by the job exchange, companies that work with blockchain usually pay between 10 and 20% more to technical  and non-technical jobs, compared to similar jobs outside the blockchain industry. A monetary panorama that talks about the high levels of investment destined to the creation of projects related to this technology in the last two years.




Almost a year ago, the Bitcoin ecosystem experienced "the ICO fever" , a stage in which hundreds of Initial Currency Offers began to be launched with different proposals and uses. This process of constant development caused duplication of job offers related to this area, reaching 2,500 positions for technical functions and 1,000 for non-technical functions.


This massive increase in the hiring of developers means that the more adoption and development accrues on what refers to blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, more professionals will be required dedicated to this type of projects, which not only consists of engineers or developers, but also a wide range of range of professionals dedicated to business administration and advertising and marketing.

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