What is the Importance of Customer Support Software for your Online Business?

By Jason

The success of any business greatly depends on the quality of customer service. Customer satisfaction is one of the essential aspects of a company that is out to make sales. Without a stable online customer support system, your efforts to make conversions for a  better ROI (return on investment) may be futile.

Customer support live chat is a tool that businesses should have to deliver real-time services to their customers. In fact, 52% of customers are more likely to repurchase from a store that has live chat support. More statistics show that 77% of online customers want a real interaction with a person before making a purchase.

Here are the reasons why customer support software is important for your online business:

It Creates Convenience 

A study shows 44% of customers affirm that having a live chat agent available to them during an online shopping is one of the best features a company can provide.  A potential customer on your website is probably looking for information on products specifications. With the presence of a chat agent, their concerns can be addressed instantly by prompting their purchasing decision.

Instead of looking for your contact information, the customer just types their questions, and your chat agent is readily available to give out the needed details and other possible options. The chat software not just helps save customer time, but speeds up their decision-making which in turn most likely creates more sales.

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Saves Cost and Expenses

If a business website has a live chat, the agents can attend to multiple chats simultaneously. There is no need to hire many representatives to handle your customers. Compared to the cost of running a call center, a live chat can significantly reduce the operational costs by keeping the telephone bills to a minimum cost.

Increased Conversions Rates 

38% of customers said they decided to purchase something online due to an excellent live chat session. Having someone to talk to your visitors as they navigate through your pages can influence their purchasing decision.

Your sales agents have an opportunity to convert a visitor into a purchasing customer by offering them all the available information.  In fact, 52 % of customers are said to be more likely to abandon an online purchase if there is no one to offer quick answers.

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If your company has agents ready to engage customers online, you are likely to get higher sales from satisfied customers. Your conversions rates are expected to increase if you reach out to your online customers through live chat.


With live chat software,  an organization is likely to increase its conversion rate by 20%. Reaching out to an online customer can have a positive impact on their purchasing decision. For a company to deliver customer services to an online shopper, it needs to find live chat service providers and have functioning live chat services.

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