Bitcoin Casino. Top 5 of the most popular.

There are more opportunities for Bitcoin gamblers every day. Bitcoin gambling websites are offering the same games as traditional online casinos, in addition, they have much bigger opportunities to operate your funds. Bitcoin casinos become popular only for a recent few years, but they have already taken leading position instead of traditional gambling operators. Gambling entertainment on Bitcoin can be conditionally divided into several types.

Bitcoin Gamble Coins

Slot Machines / Slots

Everyone loves slot machines, and in the BTC casino industry there are thousands of slots available. Almost all best gambling websites offers dozens of various BTC slots with a wide variety of reward options for customers, including progressive jackpots. Nevertheless, the key point that attracts fans of slot machines is Bitcoin payment system.
Most of Bitcoin slots are offering payment percentage higher than other gambling sites and makes offline machines similar to “legalized robbery”. Some sites offer up to ninety-nine percent of the winnings on online slot machines, making gambling on Bitcoin especially popular. For users who prefer classic slot machines, there is no better option than visiting and playing the crypto currency casino.

Black Jack

Blackjack, is the second most popular gambling Bitcoin game, after slot machines. This game is presented in several variations on the Bitcoin markets. Blackjack fans can choose a lot of game outcomes and get better chances to win than in any other regular casino both online and offline.


Bitcoin Roulette

One of the simplest gambling games on Bitcoin is roulette. It is the most popular board game, except only blackjack. BTC-Casino offers a variety of roulette types, including American and European. There is no need to repeat that in the roulette users can choose several rotation outcomes and get better chances to win than in any other gambling website.

Live Dealer Casino Games

Live Dealer Casino have gained wide popularity in the past few years. This trend has Bitcoin gambling variations too. Online games such as blackjack, roulette and baccarat are available to play with real players in a number of Bitcoin casinos. Live game allows players to get an unforgettable pleasure, make bets according to the current rules, and also perform all the actions on live stream. At the same time, a live game is an interesting way of communicating with other users, giving the opportunity to find friends and like-minded people.

Other games

The above given games are the most popular choice among players, but the Bitcoin casino does not stop with these options only. BTC offers a complete range, including video poker, poker three cards, dice, casino wars, and a long list of other games. Bones and lotteries are very popular and available on numerous sites.

Provably Fair

An arguably fair game is a revolutionary way to determine a fair game, not just for Bitcoin casinos, but for any other online gambling sites. Participating in gambling for bitcoin, all players have the same chance of winning. Using special technology of hash encryption, users can easily make sure that the online institution has no control over the game, especially inflating rates.

In each game, the technology "Provably Fair" is implemented differently, however, the general concept becomes widespread in most major Bitcoin casinos. Users can check that the game is played honestly by entering the bet identification numbers and other information that can vary depending on the conditions of the Internet portal.

The technology "Provably Fair" is a revolutionary way to determine a fair game, because it is instant and reliable. Players immediately find out which of the users tried to play a dishonest game, because each bet can be independently verified.

Compare these data on gambling to Bitcoin with similar technologies from other online and offline casinos, and you will understand that our technology is advanced to a level better than others. Independent research has shown that when disputes arise between users of other resources, it takes weeks or even months to investigate. In every game, dozens of players will be tested, and this takes time, and not a little. In addition to the time for the investigation, you will need to spend a lot of money.Gambling for crypto currency thanks to the technology "Provably Fair" can be checked at any time. You do not need to conduct a lengthy investigation when suspicion of a certain player in cheating, just check the bet with our service. You instantly receive an answer, just like any other user can get similar information about your bids.

Bitcoin Gambling License

Those who make online bets for years, are accustomed to seeing licensed prints on most of the favorite gaming sites. Depending on the country in which the site is located, the requirements for licensing may differ from each other. In some countries, regulatory authorities have strict requirements, while in others - licensing is only a way to collect additional revenue in the treasury and there is virtually no oversight of the activities of gambling sites.

Licensing is extremely common when it comes to simple casinos, but few gambling based on Bitcoin is currently licensed. This is more due to the novelty of the bitcoins in the gambling market, and not because the sites are not safe enough for licensing.

Licensing is not really as important as most players think. In many countries, there is little to be done with the help of regulators when there is a dispute between the site and the client. In most cases, customers have to rely on the mercy of operators.

Even highly regulated authorities end up failing in an attempt to protect players. In 2011, the US Department of Justice was charged with PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker and CEREUS (Absolute Poker & Ultimate Bet) for violating UIGEA. They were forced to return deposits to their customers almost immediately.

PokerStars handled the findings in less than a week, but Full Tilt and Cereus had a pretty big delay before they declared themselves bankrupt. At that time, Full Tilt was the second largest poker site in the world, which received the prestigious Alderney Gambling Control Commission license.

In the end, the players managed to get their money from Full Tilt (although almost three years later), but those who had money invested in Cereus - they were out of luck. However, this story is presented here in order to show you that even the best gambling houses can fail.

You can meet unscrupulous performers in any industry and provide services, so gambling on Bitcoin is no exception. Players must do their research on the reliability and respectability of the gambling house before the transfer of BTC funds to Bitcoin Casino. Known sites with a large track record should become your reliable friends. The experience of the functioning of the site is what you should pay attention to, not the availability of a license certificate.


Bitcoin is a revolution in the gambling world for users. They contribute and withdraw funds absolutely anonymously and without any government intervention, but also the percentage of payments is one of the best on the planet. In addition, you can mention here the technology of provably fair games, which gives confidence to customers that they will not be deceived, and you will understand why the online gambling games for Bitcoins were simply the best!

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