Severe & unusual PIERCINGS

Underneath we’ve listed a number of the greater uncommon piercings we’ve ever seen, and we’ve covered someexcessive body piercing pictures so you can see what those precise piercings appear to be, too. since our extreme piercing list simplest includes the various many uncommon piercings human beings get, we will proportion your feedbackhere. you could additionally add photographs of your extreme piercings in our frame Mod picture Gallery to percentagethem with our on-line community.

Achilles Piercing

A deep Achilles piercing doesn’t truly go through the Achilles tendon; it is going via the “sweet spot” in between the Achilles tendon and the ankle and leg bones. As with other deep piercings, Achilles piercings take a long, long term to heal. they can regularly appearance swollen, pink and irritated for years. This isn't always a piercing for the faint of heart!

Uvula Piercing

In case your anatomy will accommodate Achilles piercings, you need to be organized for lots extra than the initial ache of the piercing and discomfort in the course of the early degrees of the healing system. If achieved incorrectly or stretched an excessive amount of, Achilles piercings can restrict motion or absolutely inhibit your potential to stroll. If completedcorrectly, you’ll want to follow a non secular aftercare regime for as much as a 12 months or extra.

Uvula Piercing

Your uvula (officially “palatine uvula”) is the smooth tissue that hangs down at the returned-center of your mouth/front to your throat that may cause you to gag or vomit while touched. Uvula piercings are uncommon ordinarily due to humans’s sturdy gag reflexes. The uvula’s normal reaction to the touch can preclude the real piercing manner and purpose troublesafterwards if the jewelry constantly triggers a person’s gag reflex. the opposite capability difficulty with this piercing is which you’d be distinctly in all likelihood to swallow your rings if it got here loose. typically circular barbells or captive bead jewelry are inserted in uvula piercings.

Tongue Frenulum PiercingWeb Piercings

There are webs of skin all over our bodies. They’re in among our lips and gums, hands, feet, and different places whereinconnective tissue is needed to stabilize two adjoining frame parts. The proper term for such connective tissue is “frenulum”. Frenulum piercings are a number of the extra popular unusual piercings.

You could probably get an internet piercing in 3 distinct spots on your mouth by myself, as long as you've got sufficientconnective tissue to (a) pierce and (b) assist a sensitive piece of jewellery (normally a CBR or a round barbell):

Smiley Piercing – A piercing of the smooth tissue connecting your top lip and gums


Frowny Piercing – is going through the flap of connective tissue between your decrease lip and gums


Tongue Frenulum Piercing – Piercing of the tissue connecting the decrease smooth palate and underside of the tongue


A few human beings also pierce the webs in among their palms and feet. The maximum commonplace hand web piercing is of the pores and skin in among the index finger and thumb.Hand web Piercings

Unusual Genital Piercings

For ladies, some of the more uncommon genital piercings encompass:

Fourchette Piercing – A piercing of the back edge of the vulva that’s comparable to a male guiche piercing

Triangle Piercing – A piercing that passes through the base of the clitoral hood and beneath the clitoris (basically a deep piercing version of a horizontal clitoral hood piercing)

Ampallang Piercing – A piercing of the pinnacle of the penis from facet-to-aspect, achieved much less regularly than frenum and pop piercings, due to the fact it can be intensely painful to get and uncomfortable for partners in the course ofintercourse

Anal Piercings – A piercing of the anal rim that males and females alike can get, however that few do relative to differentpiercings

Corset Piercing on the side of the BodySurface Piercings

Floor piercings have been steadily growing in recognition, so the idea in standard isn’t definitely uncommon anymore. but, there are nonetheless a few particular piercing placements and configurations that fewer human beings get, which include nasal bridge piercings, neck piercings and corset piercings. Corset piercings can be accomplished by putting twocolumns of captive bead earrings along each different almost everywhere on the body and lacing ribbon or a string through them in a crisscross sample. They’re greater typically achieved on the again, however they also can be placed on the calves, the front of the neck or anywhere at the body in which there may be enough soft tissue to place two columns of jewelry. Neck piercings are extra often done at the lower back of the neck, but they also can be executed on the the front and aspects. To analyze extra about surface piercings, take a look at out our Dermal Piercing & surface Piercing FAQs.

Other severe Piercings

Since almost each a part of the frame will be pierced in a few way, there are nearly limitless alternatives for greateruncommon piercing placements. also, once in a while a ordinary piercing can be become an severe piercing just because it’s been Pierced multiple instances (suppose quadruple tongue piercing) or due to the diploma of stretching a person has executed. right here’s a super example of a person who’s taken a few extra ordinary facial piercings and became them into severe piercings,


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