Success Secrets that make the difference between dreams and realization

By Walson

There is usually a great deal of admiration held for successful people. We all want to be in their shoes, be amongst those who have made it in their field and have become trail blazers and icons. But sometimes it seems the secrets to success are far from reach. No matter your definition of success or what you are using as a measuring instrument there are people you will surely admire and consider successful. There are definitely certain habits of successful people which anyone can copy, no matter their field.

However, we must admit that it is not always easy to really define what the secrets of successful people are or what makes the difference between having a dream and realizing that dream. Some believe in luck, fortune, fate and such things which one really has no control over. Therefore, there seems to be many ways to be successful in life. Truly there are some principles which successful people uphold and those principles make the difference between them and those who get stuck in the dream land. Learning these secrets to success and committing yourself to practicing them will certainly take you over from the side of dreamers to the success league.

Make the most out of your Time

You see, everyone has 24 hours and if you are honest enough, you will agree with me that you are a direct result of what you have been doing with your time. That is to say that time is an important factor of success. Proper time management is one of the most important secrets to success. There is just no way you can waste your time into success. No one stumbles on success. You cannot even be surprised that you are successful because before you get a taste of success, you must have been consciously investing your time and making every moment count. Respecting time and using it appropriately is one of the ways to be successful in life.

Everyone has 24 hours a day. Ask yourself the challenging question – what have I been doing with my own 24 hours and dare to answer honestly. If you can, you will realize that there are so many seconds that have been wasted, minutes spent in idleness and hours gone without commitment to any important task. Even if you have managed to keep yourself occupied for the most part of your time, is it possible that you have not really put your best in those moments?

Become more serious with how you spend your time and you will definitely become more prosperous and successful. You can start by making a plan for every day and every hour of each day. This will serve as a guide and help you make the best out of every moment. Like money there are basically three things you can do with your time. You can either invest it, spend it or waste it.  One of the secrets of Successful people is that they are always busy. That is why you find that one always needs to book an appointment to see them. That tells you just how serious they take their time and time management is indeed one of those important secrets of successful people.

So start doing yourself some good by avoiding people or activities that are unprofitable and add no real value to you or your dreams. Be conscious about this and you will soon be successful. Remember – spend time wisely, invest time, but never waste time. Learn to save the moment, the hours will take care of themselves.

Practice Discipline

Discipline is another very important ingredient as far as the success recipe is concerned. Practicing self -discipline is one of several ways to be successful in life. You cannot scale great heights without adequate exercise of self- discipline. Those moments when you don’t feel like working are common to everyone. But learning to master them is one of the most important secrets to success. We all have days when we prefer to hang out with friends, relax somewhere or just sleep even during working hours. The difference between successful people and those who just end at the level of dreaming is the ability of the former to put themselves under control and do what has to be done even when their mood or feelings seem to be saying something very different.

Self - discipline is painful. That is why many people don’t get past wishes on their way to success. It is easy to wish, easy to even make plans and feel determined. But what is not easy is following through on those plans and making sure they are executed even when the excitement of making them has faded away. And truly, most times than not, you will not be excited about the plans you have made or passionate about pursuing them.

If you are working for a company and expect to have a promotion by the beginning of next year, the desire may drive you to make plans, decisions and determine to do whatever it takes to attain that goal at the said time. Remember though, that there may be other workers who have the same ambition within the company or department. Thus the promotion cannot be left to desires alone. If perhaps the employer made an announcement that one person at your level will have to be promoted to the next level, I don’t think there is anyone who will not at least wish they will be the lucky one to get the position. But as they say – if wishes were horses, beggars will ride.

Wishing is easy and everyone can do it. However, you will agree with me that the employer does not care how much you wish the position is yours. He will care even less how often you talk about it. The boss wants to see who can make it to work on time consistently, complete tasks and assignments, show more integrity and commitment or go the extra mile. All these demand that you exercise a high level of that painful self- discipline. And guess what, most of the workers who were excited to hear that there is going to be a promotion will shrink back at the thought of the responsibility required.

Just understand that discipline will cost you, and it is a virtue you have to cultivate. It is also one of the most important secrets of successful people. Keep practicing to be more disciplined and you will master your own faculties and have them under your control.

Hard work

Hard work is very much connected to discipline and it is itself a success habit. Like the principle of self-discipline, hard work is inconvenient. To say the least, you could not possibly work hard without exercising self - discipline. But hard work is still a principle on its own and you will have to regard it that way.

That said, hard work means and demands that you do more than what is simply convenient. That you be willing to do what you may not want to. Without hard work you cannot complete your tasks or assignments on time or even do more than is required of you. Many lazy people actually think they are doing their best until they are stretched beyond convenient limits. Hardworking people are always improving. Always getting better and becoming more productive at what they do. When you check the habits of successful people that make them different, you come to realize that they are all hard workers. Hard work becomes part of who they are.

Successful people don’t have enough time to lazy about doing nothing. They are always occupied, always busy. This does not mean they do not take out time to relax. It simply means they have some level of clarity about priorities and would not let trivial things become principal issues.

Setting Priorities

Talking aboutdiscipline and hard work brings us to this important issue. Priorities are really more important than most people actually think they are. They determine how much attention, energy andfocus we give to different things in life including how much time we are willing to put in.

Successful people are very clear about their priorities and that helps them attain their objectives. It helps them make and keep schedules, follow through on tasks and see that everything is given just as much attention as it deserves. If you can properly prioritize everything in life, you would have learnt one of the most critical ways to be successful in life.

Family for example is more important than one’s job because at the end of the day, most people are eitherworking to take care of a family they already have or preparing for one they plan to have. If you want to be successful and you have a family or plan to have one, you must always remember that if they are not part of your success story, you have really not succeeded. Successful people know how to take their family along on the ride to success. Don’t be so caught up with work and making money that you forget the real reason why you are doing it.  

Watch your Motivations. They determine alot

People have different definitions of success. To one person, success may mean making as much money or amassing as much wealth as possible. Another person may look at success to mean achieving career goals and scaling heights no matter the financial reward associated with it. A doctor for example may consider success to mean the number of lives he or she is able to save each year. That is what motivates them to want to get better, to do better. They may not have a six figure pay check but they will be satisfied and proud about their motivations.

The truth is, our motivations are very closely related to our realization of success. They actually hold an important part of secrets to success and development of those unique habits of successful people. If a person’s motivation is to make as much money as possible, that becomes their definition of success and serves as the standard against which they measure their accomplishments.

However, a close look at the motivations of successful people will reveal one interesting fact; that most of them are really not motivated by money. Don’t get me wrong, they enjoy getting money as a reward for hard work but having money is not the drive. Successful people are those who have learnt to pursue their passions and to make that their motivation. To them money is a byproduct.

If you want to be successful, you must come to terms with the fact that as far as money is concerned, you really cannot have enough. The desire to have more will always seem to overwhelm you. But if you decide to see money for what it truly is – a byproduct for adding value to lives and positively impacting the world, you will come to a place where you can truly take delight in the things that really matter. That is what feeling truly successful is all about.

The importance of people

Successful persons know and honor the value of people. Many people who want to be successful regard people as instruments or tools they can use to get there. This is especially true with people who define success by how much money they have or are able to get.

Successful people on the other hand have come to see that people are not tools for success. They are the true definition of success. Honoring and respecting people is a wonderful success habit you must cultivate. If you want to know how successful you truly are, try to see how many lives you are impacting positively. How many people you are actually taking along with you on the ride to success. How many people can really point to you as their inspiration to move on, to do more, to be more productive?

Remember that people are the true definition of real success and respective them as such is an important success habit. Money is a by-product and will definitely come. When a person grows palms, the aim is usually to produce oil. However, in the process of producing the oil, they inevitably get nut shells which can be used for fuel, chaffs and the kernel which all have financial value. The ultimate goal is to get oil from the palms. Every other thing is a byproduct. Consequently, you cannot become so carried away by the byproduct that you actually neglect the real thing. Keep your focus and priorities on the right thing, the oil. Understanding the importance of people is actually one of the most important secrets of successful people.

Learn to be patient

The obsession with quick money has gotten out of hand today. The internet especially promises many different get rich quick schemes. And again that is bad for people who consider money and wealth as their definition of success. The younger people are the most vulnerable in this because most of them have not had enough time or experience to know the value of patience or understand that it is an important success habit.

News flash! There is no shortcut, no easy way and definitely no quick rout to success. Real success has just one narrow way and that path is only threaded by those who are most determined. When you make plans and set goals, it is important to bear in mind that those plans are going to take time to accomplish. That is why every successful person must learn to exercise patience. Many have given up just when they were about to launch into another level because of impatience. Patience too is not something you are naturally born with. You have to work it out. You have practice patience and the more you practice it, the easier it will be for you to be patient and the more successful you will be.


Integrity is another important ingredient that makes successful people different. No matter what you do, working with integrity is a major requirement. Remember that your success as an individual is also related to the perception people have of you. Successful people are men and women of integrity. They are willing to make sacrifices that may be necessary to maintain an honorable reputation. In fact, sacrifice is one of the most famous habits of successful people. Check any successful person and you will definitely see the scars of sacrifice from past experiences.

Have moral and ethical standards that define and portray who you are. If you are in business for example, there may be moments when shady deals may be a shortcut to success. Those temptations always show up every now and then. Customers too will always figure out what kind of person they are dealing with and if they cannot trust you, chances are you will be losing them and prospective customers sooner than you think.

Avoid shortcuts or doubtful ways of getting things done. This brings to mind some principles mentioned earlier. Exercising patience and setting priorities can actually help you keep your integrity in the most difficult situations. When you are clear on what is most important and are willing to wait through the right process to achieve it, you can more easily hold on to moral and ethical beliefs.

Making Plans

People who only wish rarely settle down to make plans. But that is exactly what they should do if they must take a step closer to success. There are two reasons why plans are vital to success. The first is that plans help you stay focused and guide you through definite steps towards attaining goals. It is common talk that failing to plan is planning to fail, and that is very true. For those who frequently give up, plans can be a source of encouragement by letting you see how close you are to attaining your goals. Thus, you will definitely feel more enthusiastic about putting more effort to make progress.

Making plans is also important because once you have set them and start off working on those plans, you are bound to make progresseven if you do not ultimately accomplish what you had in mind before you started. Thus plans are a good tip to avoid stagnation. 

Successful people have and seek to realize their Vision

Every man’s vision of himself or his career is vital to the attainment of success. Vision is simply what or where you see yourself, your career, business or company in the future. The strength and extent of your vision determines the heights of success you can attain. Therefore, how far you can see will definitely tell how far you can go.

Every business or individual ought to have a clear vision statement. Your vision should not be exclusive to you. A vision statement is especially important when you are dealing with a company or corporate body. Your success in this case will be closely connected to that of the company. Since the company has a vision of its own, it is important to make sure that the vision statement is clearly spelt out   

Building and working with a team

Team building and team work are an important part of success no matter the field or area of life where you find yourself. No one is sufficient in themselves. At one point or the other you will need to work with people to achieve a common goal. As such you must learn to build a team or at least work with one. Team work is usually glaring when we talk about larger settings but even on a small scale, achieving goals will definitely demand that you learn how to work with people. In this regard, personal interest or egocentric attitudes are out of place. There is no ‘I’ in TEAM. Success in team work entails that each member of that team looks out for and works towards the common good.

If you have the opportunity of meeting a few successful people and asking some question in relation to their success, you will definitely find one thing common amongst them; that though they may be from different works of life, they have all learnt the secret of bringing people together and joining them to work for a common good. Amongst the many habits of successful people is their ability to spur others up and bring out the best in them.

Making investment (never put all your eggs in one basket)

Business men and those who directly deal with money will be more familiar with this last principle. As you prosper from one face of whatever it is that you do to another, it is important to look out for opportunities to spread. To take over new areas and make new investments. Make up your mind to never depend on one investment. Investing in other areas or simply expanding what you are already engaged in is also an important part of making more impact, touching more lives and spreading the influence you already have to cover a wider area. The most important ways to be successful in life actually help you prepare for this aspect.

Follow these habits and principles of successful people and you will surely join them on the other side of life.

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