Joint Pain Causes & Pain Relief Treatment Options

A person who has faced a joint pain will know the kind of troubles that one has to go through during the pain. It can be very depressing at times to face such a pain. The pain itself can be on account of any injury that may affect a ligament, tissue or a tendon near to the joint. Any injury can also leave its effect on cartilage, ligament or bone that is inside a joint. A joint inflammation can also induce a pain and therefore an effective joint pain treatmentshould be employed that can take care of all these aspects. There can be many aspects related to a joint pain, some of which has been discussed here.



  • Pain can be due to many reasons: A joint pain can be of many types and it can manifest itself at a number of locations within the body. A knee pain, shoulder pain, wrist pain or an ankle pain are all types of pain at joints and can be due to a variety of reasons like an injury, infection or dislocation due to mechanical shock. If it is due to any infection, taking a suitable pill might bring a joint pain relieffast and that can be the most effective way to deal with it. But sufficient care also must be taken to ensure that the pain does not resurface later.



  • The originating point should be targeted: Before taking any medication to deal with a joint pain it must be ensured that it works correctly at the originating point of pain. This point should be carefully understood because temporary relief from the pain can be achieved by using many types of methods, but it is very important to get rid of the source of the problem. Any medication technique that attacks the root of a pain is bound to give amazing result over a long period of time.


  • There should be no side effects: Another point which should be carefully taken into account is that the medication that is being used should not have any side effects so that after the joint pain is cured, the person should not get entangled with any other disease. A joint pain treatment should, therefore, be without any ‘rider’. A person will never like to be treated and cured from one pain and later fall to another.

  • Recovery can be useful for others: Using a medication when a person gets a joint pain relief that can be very encouraging for others as a lot of details can be shared by the person who has undergone the treatment. This can be beneficial for anyone who may need the treatment. Though this type of pain should not happen to anyone but then when a person undergoes the pain and the accompanying treatment, the person comes out with something that he can definitely share with others.


People can experience different types of joint pain anywhere and the pain can be very disappointing but there is always a way to deal with this type of pain. No quick-fix solution should be employed that would only help to make the pain more complex. One should only ensure that proper medication is employed so that the pain is effectively dealt with and the root cause is identified and cured.



To find the root cause, the 3E technology of treatment can be adopted. It utilizes three contrasting energy sources for the treatment, i.e. the bipolar radio frequency (RF) energy, low light laser therapy (LLLT) energy and the infrared (IR) heat energy. The bipolar RF energy is used to deeply penetrate within the joints so that the blood circulation can be restored to normal levels. The LLLT energy is used in case where muscle spasms are to be dealt with whereas the IR heat energy is effectively used to treat stiffness or pain by using 2 different wavelengths of light for deep heating to stimulate self-healing and increased blood and oxygen flow. This can be a very useful process for cure.


There are some ways to relieve joint pains only for some period of time . For permanent treatment you have to take serious step, go for regular exercise drink less water in night maintain your body weight and body fat. The other way is by taking medicine on daily basic. One of the best treatment  and other joint problem.

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