The Fundamentals Of Book Editing - 5 Easy Steps To Edit Your Own Book

The Fundamentals Of Book Editing - 5 Easy Steps To Edit Your Own Book

Even if you decide on hiring a book editor, It’s never going to hurt to take a chance at self-editing your books first. Here’s a mini checklist on how to easily edit your book in five steps!

1.   Wait A Little Before Getting Into The Editing Process.

If you have completed your book, starting out on the editing process right away might not be the best thing to do.

Give yourself a few days to get your mind off of the stress of constant thinking and writing. This way, your mind will get time to build up a reader’s perspective.

If you read your book through a reader’s point of view, you will easily point out potential mistakes that might have been overlooked earlier.

A few days will give you the necessary distance to start perceiving your work as a reader. Waiting a few days might sound a lot but it is a very helpful process in pointing out minor mistakes that can be very daunting to the readers.

2.   Start Self Editing

If you start self-editing before hiring a book editor, this will help you in not only becoming a good editor but a writer as well. You will be able to point out potential mistakes and discover where you have been wrong.

This will allow you to prevent these mistakes the next time you write. Self-editing your book will help you become well versed in different grammatical rules and discover the right ways to structure out your story. 

3.   Move Scene By Scene, Chapter By Chapter.

You need to ensure that every chapter and scene contributes to the one before it and the details are convincing for readers to continue reading.

It is important to examine each chapter carefully to ensure that it serves a purpose. Try to make your chapters more connected and enticing for the readers.

Tweak your chapters, shift them around and play with them unless it starts sounding right. Go through your book and check the prose and perspective of each chapter to ensure it stays within the rhythm of the book.

4.   Take Help From A Beta Reader.

If you are new to book writing and are unsure of what mistakes you might have made, take help from a beta reader.

This is important when you check prose and perspectives. A beta reader can help you find out whether your book has a consistent narration, if the prose style matches the character’s perspective, or whether the book actually shows what it is telling.

Beta readers can go through your book and give you honest feedback. They will point out inconsistencies and guide you how you can write it in a better way.

5.   Hire A Professional Reader.

If Self editing worries you out, you can always hire a professional book editor to do the work for you.

Abook editor has expertise in editing and would be aware about all the aspects of book editing. It is that critical voice who can guide you on what you are actually missing and How to tie everything together to produce the best book ever.

Why Do You Need To Edit Your Books?

It is very crucial to hone your story writing skills and character development skills to write an enthralling tale that grabs the attention of readers right from the first page.

Book editing ensures grammar, syntax and spelling correction so that minor mistakes do not throw away the attention of your readers. If your book is not properly edited, these minor mistakes can turn off the attention of your readers, forcing them into thinking that the book has not been written by a professional writer.

Editing can make a good novel great! Many authors confuse their readers with awkward phrasing, grammatical and syntax mistakes, distracting them with careless typos and punctuation errors.

A well edited novel will have the power to reach a reader’s emotions, attract attention and seep into their thoughts.

Remember,  A good quality book will always sell better than a cheap, unappealing one.

Miles Archer is a writer, editor & Proofreader at Ghost Book Writers, all in one book writing, marketing, & publishing agency.
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