Home decoration in south Indian style with home decor

Home decoration in south Indian style with home decor


Decorating a house is not only about buying expensive accessories. You can also give a play of texture to your home. For example, for walls, you can add paint, wallpaper to wall decorations. You can also display decorations from home decor. For example, from Medan, there is a famous also cloth. Then you can add this fabric to the wall by displaying it. This, of course, apart from being a decoration, can also be an attraction and a story for you.  

In addition to adding new accessories, you can also update the old accessories. For example, the chair is too old and it’s time to update the sofa, or there are parts that need to be repainted. You can save more in decorating your home when you choose to repair existing accessories instead of adding new accessories.
Try to prioritize quality over quantity. It’s useless if there are many accessories if they are not maintained and the decor becomes irregular. We recommend that a little but can beautify the atmosphere of the room but of high quality so that it can be used more durable.
Flower decoration for home entrance
Traditional colam or rangoli. Kolam is a painting form traditionally drawn using rice flour or chalk flour in southern India. It is a geometric line pattern made up of curved loops drawn around a grid of dots. Ladies paint them in front of their homes, as they are believed to bring prosperity home. You can also use candles and other rangoli colors available in the market to make them.
Use of Copper Objects – Copper antiques are an essential part of home decoration in South India. Place all your brass antiques on one table, you can also put flowers for a colorful look. Idols of God Ganesha, bells, lamps are becoming more and more popular.
How to decorate a house with your own hands with soy wax candles
In a world that always tells you what you should buy, what you should eat, and even how you should feel, it’s hard to keep up and decide what you really want. But, life should be full of pleasures, not obligations, and we set out to help you keep this philosophy of life. Therefore, when you are thinking of redecorating the house or a room, you need to pamper yourself with new furniture items or small accessories suitable for the house, which can animate it instantly.
A home is a place where we come back from the many activities that we have lived all day. Therefore it is important to make the house feel comfortable when inhabited. One of them is the addition of home accessories to beautify the interior appearance of your home with soy wax candles. A home is a place for us to rest after a tiring day with outdoor activities. Home should be a comfortable place that makes us feel at home in it. For that, we can decide to decorate the house beautifully so that the house looks more attractive.
If the house is well-organized and also attractive with decorations, of course, we will feel more at home in it. There are many kinds of home accessories and they don’t always have to be expensive. Although the price is cheap, as long as the quality is not a problem. Home accessories can also be chosen to provide comfort to the occupants of the house with the home shop. Adjust the accessories to the place where they are placed so that they can provide maximum function. BP-Guide will provide tips to beautify your home as well as a series of interesting recommendations for you.
Home accessories are mandatory so that the appearance of the house is not monotonous. You can add according to the conditions of the room. Besides that, it’s also not wrong if you arrange home accessories symmetrically. For example, for ceramics, you can choose a diagonal pattern. This is certainly able to make the house memorable and unique. Next, pay attention to the state of the asymmetrical space from all angles and determine the focal point to decorate.
We are a luxury home decor brand. We offer an eclectic ensemble of classic as well as contemporary home décor products, blending elegance with minimalism and trendiness.
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