Ten ways exercise can help you stay young and energetic

In the midst of all the health talk and advices one gets around on how to stay fit and healthy, there is one which is very important and which anyone can engage in despite their sex, age, financial status or even schedule – Exercise. The number of fitness exercises and instruments necessary for body fitnes can give you a clue to just how important exercise is to staying young and energetic. Not to talk of health benefits of exercise which have caused many to get active. Women, men or children, people are very interested in how they look and the things they can or cannot do. Let’s look at how exercises can help you stay young and energetic.

Exercise and the look of your skin

Nothing reveals aging like the look and feel of your skin. Some day you will realize that the smooth beautiful look that your skin once had and which you and others often admired isn’t the same. There will be more wrinkles and probably acne than usual. Then you begin to wonder how to stay fit and healthy or what you can do to reverse the situation. Well it is the natural phenomenon we must all go through. Aging is natural but it just doesn’t have to happen so fast. At least you will like to hear someone tell you they were surprised to find out you are actually fifty because from the way you look, they could stake a million you have not even gotten to your thirties yet.

While some people have a naturally slow aging skin, others may need a little tip here and there to slow down the pace. And nothing plays that role like exercising. For one thing, your body looks great when there is better flow and circulation of blood. That is simply because better blood circulation means even the cells on your skin are better fed with nutrients that are necessary for maintenance and smooth functioning. If that happens well, you can’t help but realize the positive effects on your skin and that is one of the health benefits of exercise.

Now this is the part of it you may be well aware of. There is a link between proper waste elimination from the body and aging process. That is to say the more waste is eliminated from your skin as sweat or other forms, the better cells – and that includes skin cells – will function. Elimination of dead cells very close to the skin actually makes your skin look younger and smoother and this is enhanced by engagement in physical exercise and health tips. Even your vital body organs like the heart, kidney and liver function better and have an important role in making you look and feel younger.

Exercise and posture

As we grow older, that strong, firm and vibrant looking posture we once carried about tends to be more lean and weak looking. It is simple. Younger people normally look stronger than those who are more advanced in age. That is why older people need even more bone strengthening exercises. The simple secret or reason is stronger bones and muscles which hold up the entire body mass straight and firm. When you grow older, that changes. And even before you need walking aid, or experience a curve in your posture, you actually get to the point where you feel weaker. Standing or walking for longer distances becomes a burden. All of that can be reversed if you take advantage of the health benefits of exercise.

However, if you are more committed to ensuring that your bones are strong today and actually growing stronger by the day, you slow down the process before experiencing that feeling of being old. Many people know all about exercise and health workouts and their relation to muscles but they fail to realize that an even more important thing occurs as you engage in physical exercises – the growth and strengthening of your bones. Your bones, like your muscle become stronger as you continually engage in physical exercise and health related workouts. Bone cells too have to feed and grow and bone strengthening exercise helps the process.

When you engage in activities like swimming, cycling or other bone strengthening exercises, your bones are not usually very active but the connection they have with your muscles and the tugging and pulling against bones by the surrounding muscles make them firmer. Remember your muscles are even more closely related to your stature. Physical exercise and health enhancing workouts build and strengthens muscles, making them firm and giving them a studier, younger look.  These all work together to enhance body posture and makes you more vibrant.

Increases activeness

The younger you are, the more active you will be. Older people seem to hold the notion that physical activities are for the young and therefore ignore the numerous health benefits of exercise. That is far from the truth. What is even more misleading is the notion that even if they get engaged in any form of physical exercise and health fitness related activities at the age of 65 or more, it will virtually all amount to nothing. In actuality, whether you just want to be more active around the house, at work or in bed, you can if you understand how regular exercise helps you in this area and engage in it more often. For the elderly though, bone strengthening exercises may be the best option.

Exercising is usually used to mean or refer to being active. There is a slight difference in that though one may be unintentionally active, exercise is usually for a definite purpose. Cooking is a way to be active and so is sex but these are not necessarily considered exercises. That said, consciously committing yourself to activities like jugging, running, or going to the gym can make you even more active with chores around the house or sexually.

In considering how to stay fit and healthy, physical activities as earlier stated increase blood circulation around the body. That implies that as a result of regular exercise you get more nutrients and oxygen delivered where they are needed. This makes you feel strong and active. Blood circulation is directly related to sex drive. The very urge you get and activation of sexual organs for intercourse is simply the flow of blood to the right places in your body. There is even more research finding suggesting that having sex (within the confines of marriage of course) at least three times a week can not only help you live longer but also age slower and get stronger. That is probably why younger people most often look sexier than thosewho are older.

Regular Exercise and the brain

The way you think about yourself and your looks greatly determine how you look to others. It is even more important to be mentally fit and active than it is to engage in physical activity but both work together. Your brain functions better after exercise for the simple reason that it gets more oxygen and nutrients rich blood flowing to it when you exercise than when you don’t.

Consequently, you think smarter and feel younger. That is to say your brain power is increased as a result of physical exercise. There are several brain exercise which doctors and research studies advice that people who seek to know how to stay fit and healthy engage in. It is all for the simple reason that the better you think, the younger and more energetic you feel.

Fights off stress and anxiety

Nothing triggers and speeds up the process of aging like stress. And what is stress other than tension and pressure exerted on one’s mind and emotions. The other side of the story which will interest you is how stress is actually linked to and revealed on the skin.

Because your emotions are closely related to your mind and nerves, when stress and anxiety weigh you down, it shows off on your face and body. You actually look much older than you really are when you let stress or anxiety have the better part of you. That is why psychotherapists and even doctors tell us to ensure that we smile often. Talking about smiling and being happy (which are not features of worried and anxious people), they release hormones which directly affect the aging process or at least its visibility on the skin. Scientist say when a person smiles, they stress up far less facial muscles than when they frown or are unhappy. No doubt people who are frequently angry and frowning usually look far older than they actually are. The tip is to do yourself a favor and remain in a position where you can be more relaxed and smile more often.

Now the question is; what is the relationship between physical exercise and the aging process? And how can it answer the question of how to stay fit and healthy? To answer that we have to look into some of the advantages of physical exercise. One of which better blood circulation as already mentioned. Another advantage is its contribution in building the bones and strengthening muscles. Even the way you think and feel about yourself is better when you can exercise more often. The feeling of fitness alone gives you the impression that you can stand up to and conquer whatever is up against your peace of mind and happiness.

Increases strength and energy

You want to be stronger and more engaged even as you grow older because strength and vibrancy are associated with youthfulness. On the other hand, your body just naturally grows weaker and feebler as years pass. In order for you to take advantage of exercise to feel and look more youthful, you must understand that being strong is a function of committing to regular exercise.

Feeding the body with all necessary nutrients and engaging in bone strengthening exercises is vital. so is feeding your muscles and bones with regular exercise. You don’t need to lift weights. Just engage in whatever form of exercise you are ok with and do it consistently. In little or no time, you will realize that you are not only stronger but can engage in activities which seemed impossible to do before.

Kicks off metabolism

Metabolism is about various processes undertaken by your body in order to effectively transform food to energy. Naturally there are several things which will influence your metabolism like age genes or gender. These are things you cannot help or change though you can actually play a role in speeding up your metabolism. One of the most energy consuming cells in your body are muscle cells. They exceed even fat cells in burning calories. That implies that working out is a great way to trigger your metabolism and burn calories.

But age comes with reduced muscle mass and that places more emphasis on the need for exercise because the less effective your muscles can work, the more important it is for you to assist them. Less muscle activity means slower metabolism and the older a person is the less muscle activity they have. Exercise is the thing that fills the gap and makes metabolism easier.

Exercise is a great way to replace fat with muscles and more muscles imply that you can burn even more calories while you are at rest or inactive.

If you have been suffering from the sleep difficulty called insomnia and have tried all the pills out there to no avail, chances are exercise may just be the missing link.

More effective immunity and Detoxification

The body’s lymph system is a connection of about 500 lymph nodes which work together to make sure that waste materials are properly and timely sent out of the body. These tissues are assisted by surrounding muscles. When you exercise, contraction and relaxation of your muscles trigger these nodules of tissues and activate them to function more effectively. The result is that you send out sweat and other forms of waste from your skin and system which gives you that cool strong feeling of youthfulness and vibrancy.

As far as the immune system is concerned, increased circulation of blood (which we have already mentioned is accomplished by exercise) goes a long way to assist in the formation of white blood cells. As you most probably already know, white blood cells have as main objective to fight of diseases and infections that may attack the body from time to time. Consequently, frequent exercise helps you eliminate the sickly feeling that negatively plays on your health, strength and physical look.

 Summarily there is nothing more remedial as far as maintaining the body’s proper functioning is concerned than exercising. Not even just following nutritionist advice and eating the right things will do the job. Doctors and health professionals advice that people get more engaged in workouts and exercises to keep fit than taking hormones or other so called magical drugs that are supposed to make you look young in a few days or weeks. It is common sense to know that loading your body with enzymes and drugs that promise to do what exercise is designed to do for you will prove futile in the end.

Usually those who try to hold up and keep fit by the use of drugs end up losing it at a certain point because those drugs could have some shortcomings or after effects. Many people don’t like the issue of exercise because they have gotten the idea that exercise must be vigorous and painful for it to help you. That may be true for some people who want quick changes. But as a rule of conduct, not necessarily. You can decide to start with thirty minutes walk or cycling everyday around your neighborhood when you return from work. Just be consistent and diligent in little sessions and soon enough your will be loving it.

Some great Exercise tips to help you through


As lame as it may sound, walking is always an exercise but more so when you leave your house every morning or evening with no specific destination, just for the sake of exercising your body and mind. In this case you should not be strolling. Walk fast enough to put the strain on your muscles but be careful not to run out of breath. Walking as an exercise is great especially for people who have gone for ages without any deliberate physical exercise and intend to start pretty soon. It preps your system for the new routine. Normally when you stay for a while without exercising, your muscles ache for few days if you abruptly get into rigorous exercise. So walk for a while before getting into more demanding exercises. Start by walking at a quick but comfortable pace, then increase the pace daily or with subsequent exercises.


Once you are very comfortable walking as fast as you can, it is time to take the exercise to the next level. You could decide to jug the same distance you use to walk or double it. Remember the trick is to be more comfortable with every exercise so that it is more fun than work. Consistent discipline in simpler exercises prepares for activities in the gym or playing a game.


Squats are the perfect exercise to work your leg muscles and waistline. They are also pretty simple to do and can be done right in your bedroom. There is a wrong and right way to go about it though, so check up expert squat lessons and follow videos if necessary. The great thing with this exercise is that most people can do it and despite the fact that you will be very stable, the effects it has on your look and feel can be seen after a few days if you can do it right and consistently.


This is where things get even more interesting. Most people know dancing to be an art but it is also a form of exercise and very effective when done professionally. There are specific dance moves designed to meet your exercise needs. The best part is that this is something you will love to do because it is fun and extremely relaxing to the body and mind at the same. There are several dance clubs dedicated to helping people who prefer dancing as a form of exercise. If you can’t find one to actively participate with, you can still download videos and follow the tutorials at your convenience.

For those who are not comfortable dancing or who just don’t fancy the idea of dancing as a form of exercise, don’t bother about it. There are other forms of exercise you can get engaged in to help you make it through.

All the exercises above are better for those who have gone for a while without exercise though not limited to them. Apart from these you can hit the gym, play basketball, football or tennis which are very active sports.

Usually people go without exercise for a long time and suddenly they find out that they seem to be aging quicker than expected. The tendency at such times is to rush into very rigorous exercises and health enhancing workouts of desperation. Most of the exercises chosen at such times are ill advised and may result in harm rather than good. Secondly, when a person rushes into very vigorous exercises after a long time off, the pains that may result from the fact that the muscles and entire body is trying to get comfortable with the sudden change may drive them to give up too soon. And we ought to remember that exercise is one thing which should be done regularly.

The key matter or point of focus is not to be intense, it is to be consistent. For example, you should not lift weights  that are way heavier than your own body weight. Secondly, ensure that when you do lift weights, you do it in such a way that the impact is distributed as evenly as possible through the body. The health benefits of exercise are realized when it is done wisely and not out of desperation.

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